Friday, May 27, 2011

What a Week!

This is being on vacation???

Last week was some purging and cleaning so my handyman could come and measure my closet for the shelving unit and also install my ceiling fan into the sewing room. Picked up two large clear plastic totes on wheels and started to sort my CQing pieces.

Sunday my niece made a spinach/mushroom frittata for both of us and then helped me short out a huge bag of charm fabric pieces. Then afternoon over to Darlene’s for stitching and visiting and also she made us supper – WOW – then taught me some PC games!!!

Monday I went over to Pat’s and had a mini stitching retreat with more of our fabric arts stitchers – great fun! I then sort of vegged out and sorted more of my CQing pieces (now 2 boxes and 1 bag emptied).

Tuesday I found out my Uncle Walter was in the hospital and not doing so good so in amongst my many errands basically all around Wpg delivering posters for our Lacemakers “Lace Days” I zipped into the hospital to visit him. Then off to the opposite side of the city and more errands before heading back downtown to change and meet three friends for my birthday supper (a day early) at my favourite Santa Lucia pizza (newly redecorated and very posh now). I can tell you that our male waiter just did not know what to do with the four of us and at the end complimented us on livening up his evening! WOW!!!

Then Wednesday up early to tidy up as the living room had been the dumping ground while cleaning/purging the sewing room this last week (and it’s still not finished). See Michelle was coming over for a day of tatting fun and we went for lunch to CafĂ© 22 – yeppers more pizza, but this time we shared a small one and a small Greek salad – YUMMY! After that back home to make some changes for our Lace Days tatting poster which took up the rest of the afternoon. So off home Michelle went and I then headed over to Angela & Bruce’s for a BBQ birthday supper! How’d I get to be so special???

Anyways it started off with Ceasartinis and crab dip n crackers appetizers. Then Bruce BBQd the chicken and Angela pulled out the earlier prepared potato salad (I LOVE HER’s and had two helpings), tomatoes n red onions n feta cheese with Greek dressing, orange almond spinach salad – WOW delicious!!! They said it was pretty average meal for them, but heck for me it was GREAT!!! Oh and white wine with supper and then we finished off with angel food cake, strawberries and whipped cream – UGH roll me back home for sure!!! And to top it off I came home with a bag of books – which I’ll relax with once I have this cleaning and reorganizing back to straights!!! I sure can see what this place will hopefully soon become again!!!

Thursday I thought would be pretty relaxing but no way Jose!!! It started with me zipping over to Osborne Village to check out a stitcher’s lamp that was up for sale and naturally with the flood conditions parking was a premium on that street next to the river!!! But I finally found one down the road some and had to backtrack to pick up now “my” lamp (has the arms for clamping your instructions and one with a magnifying glass and a tray to hold all your stitching stuff) which has a nice wide shade on goose neck extention. This one regularly sells around $350 and I picked it up for $100 – I thought it was a lovely birthday prezzie to myself and then in they tossed some Needlepoint Now magazines and Jean Hilton’s “Borderlines”, “Crystal Waters Ensemble” an intermediate canvaswork designed by Carolyn Mitchell (a class I wanted to take but needed to take first the beginner’s one which I did not like) all in sheet protectors and binder along with a Hardanger magazine. I think a great deal!!!

Then I zipped back downtown to meet quilter Florence for lunch and then back to my place as she was helping me to fold and sort out all the washed/dried fabrics so I later put them all into the two tall storage cabinets where they belonged – not on the floor!!! We took a break and dropped off three boxes of craft/Christmas items to Art Junction – a freebie recycle place and I had full intentions of NOT bringing anything home but I came across good condition half inch ring binders which I use for various class instructions and projects with various instructions sheets. So I’m set for a while now! We also stopped into the Good Will (Florence now likes this one too) and I came across two nice chairs for my sister – so after checking with Sylvia - back I go Friday to pick them up – they better be there!!!

Well back home to more fabric folding/sorting before stopping to help Florence cook supper (yep she did up the pork chops at my place!!!) – I basically prepared the salad and frozen veggies! That was yummy for an impromptu attempt!!! Then it was back to sorting fabrics and Florence said “SHEESH you’re a slave driver!” but I bribed her with a liqueur coffee if we could get this done and she just dived right in there! LOL! She even helped me move some of my living room furniture around so the window washer had access to the windows Friday morning. So we soon left for The Keg and had our ONE coffee (bribed her with more coffees again for another time if she helped more) and then I took her home and picked up her quilts for the Aurora quilt show coming up. I then zipped over to Walmart and they had large plastic totes on sale for $6.50 so got three more and a smaller one for my CQing threads to also act as a footstool for the time being!!! YES I’m exhausted but I still have lots to do before bed!!!

So once home I did up the dishes, put away ALL the nicely sorted/folded fabrics and YES they all fit into those two cupboards – some shelves a might tight but all in there without having to juggle shelves!!! Then back into the living room to pack up the battings into the two new tubs and also put Florence’s quilts into one for safe keeping this next week!!! Now the last task was to put my stitching threads into the smaller tote and sort through the last two boxes of CQing fabric pieces!

Sorry, no pictures as yet, but I promise once things are purged, cleaned and reorganized I'll post them!  Well it's definitely time to crash as mornings come early when you stay up too late!!!  I’ve been doing nothing but eating this week of vacation that is for sure and I think I’ll have to return to work soon to rest from all this manual work. LOL!!!!

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