Thursday, May 05, 2011

Lonely Island - Finished!!!

Yes I finally finished it but not without three major hickups!!!  I shuddered to think I may not have been able to finish it off so I could deliver it tomorrow morning before heading off for my quilting retreat weekend!!!  And it was going so good up to the finishing part!!!

So here is the progression all together - hope it fits the page!

Natural progression to the end result.
1.  first was the preparation of the background and adhereing the island
2.  then minimal machine quilting in the clouds and water
3.  then machine thread painting over the few purple coloured trees
4.  followed by machine outlining the middle ground trees for quilting effect
5.  and machine thread painting the rock cracks and adding the island trees
6.  ending with a couple of eagles soaring together on the highways of the skies.

Lonely Island

Yes, I truly do love this wall hanging!  And it just goes to show that one should really step back and think out the steps thoroughly before cutting!!!


Anonymous said...

That looks fabulous. Congratulations on finishing.

Dianne Leatherdale Johnson said...

That is super can't wait to see it in person