Friday, March 30, 2018

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Purging Still!

Yesterday I cleaned out another two huge boxes that couldn't close and a wagon full again to haul to shredding, book sale and recycling.  Who knows I just might have open house this Christmas?

Then today i picked up Barb for Boston Pizza lunch and took her to Party Stuff for her son's 18th birthday celebration stuff!  Awesome for some friend time!

I just be sick as I've not done this much work purging etc so many days in a row!

YAHOOOIIEEEEE!!!!!  After my outing with Barb I returned home, did a load of laundry, packed clothes for tomorrow's dog sitting session, and started dishes but got sidetracked.   I went through the two boxes of bathroom stuff that was moved into the bedroom in October when bathroom repairs were done and now all I kept fits in the undersink cabinet.  YEAH!!!!  Again more added to the garbage bag!  Now relaxing before I start organizing what sewing stuff I need to move over too!  Sometimes I think this pet sitting is too much work!  🙃

Sunday, March 25, 2018

I'm Published Again!

I'm feeling very excited that I've been published once again.  This time for my beginnings in bobbin lacemaking in the "Canadian Lacemaker Gazette" Vol 32, No. 3, Spring 2018.  Thank you Jocelyn for asking for my story.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Another Jam Packed Day!!!

I've been purging this past few days and am very pleased with myself.  Not that it looks like I made any headway but I can see the difference.  But dang I'm exhausted!

So yesterday I:
1.  Walked to the bank and library
2.  Met retired friends from work for lunch
3.  Gave Pat a ride home n picked up my Avon
4.  Dropped off sold raffle tickets to conveener
5.  Cooked supper
6.  Purged more
7.  Two bags for Sunday's mtg of books n magazines for lace ladies plus threads

Today after doing my hip/back stretches I:
1.  Packed purged boxes n bags into car
2.  Dropped off basket donation to conveener for Quilt Show
3.  Dropped off 2 boxes of books n magazines to fire hall for Children's Hospital Book Sale
4.  Picked up Edna and lunch at Sal's.
5.  Dropped off 2 boxes at Thrift Store
6.  Dropped off coffee supplies to Val for April mtg I won't be attending
7.  OMGG the Outlet Collection Mall is PACKED but Edna and I walked 5.8 km.  Never saw it like this before.
8.  Dropped off bag of work clothes at Clothes Closet - thankfully choir practise was on and doors were open
9.  Stopped at Vic's Fruit for items
10.  Dropped off recycle at Grant Park
11.  Stopped at Wal-Mart for items
12.  Checked @ home and found my missing tote bag n water thermos
13.  Dropped Edna off at home
14.  Dropped off empty ink cartridges @ Staples
15.  Stopped @ Teak Furniture to see about my chair as they are closing hopefully end of May - for sure June 30th - still out of my price range but OHHHH I wish!
16.  Home and not doing a thing tonight!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Ohhhhh my tiredness from yesterday's rushed packing up and moving back home continued into today.  See the roads were great from Swift Current to here and Joan and Harold made excellent time and arrived 6pm instead of 8-9ish.  Needless to say I wasn't ready for the first time and talk about embarrassed but thankful most was cleaned.  Harold even brought me an Okanogan winery Ice Wine -  WOW!!!  Thank you!

Then today I cancelled a proposed walk as I ached badly and walked to the Library then met Pat for lunch at Cafe 22.  After that got my battery checked by CAA for free and it's good but to recheck in the fall.  Then picked up Edna and drove around on a wild goose chase for sticky cinnamon buns but had to settle for Tim's coffee n apple fritter instead.  Then home and started in on going through my messy bookshelf in the livingroom.  I purged a good box plus a bit getting ready to ship it out the door to the Firehall for the Children's Book Sale happening soon.  They are now all sorted by category and magazines grouped and by dates.   Whenever I get the bookshelf in the sewing room cleared I can move the quilting ones into there and then have room for my other books all in one place.  Also have some stuff for recycling and also for shredding - all taking up space where space is limited!  LOL!!!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Small Wonders mini

Finally I'm seeing progress and feel that maybe this will be finished for month end MPQ Quilt Reflections Show - Challenge Auction.  Tomorrow will be assembly and borders hopefully!

12.5" square top looks good.

Mess of seams!

I decided just the 1" dark border was not enough - so I trimmed it down so it'll be a 1/2" dark inner border.  Then I cut a 1.5" medium blue snowflake border and now trying to decide if it needs another say cut 2" dark blue finishing border?  What do you think?  Thank you.

Finishing with medium blue?

Top right with dark blue finishing border? 

Source of my pattern.

Friday, March 16, 2018


Not enough I'm walking daily about 10 km - no I need back lane clearing to come by and leave an ice ridge solid and heavy in front of the garage to clear out.  Come on it's only a few more days - could they not have waited?  AND it's not as if they did a great job - heck no there are still major ruts anywhere from 3" to a good 6-8" deep with water sluishing through but not going anywhere.  What a mess when it freezes!  The only good thing is they went by while I was out walking so got to it before it froze overnight!

Ohhhh and here's the beginnings of a new me!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Quiet Wednesday

Yesterday afternoon was sloppy so I put on his rubber PAWS and shoot I had to keep my wits about me as there was no stopping him - right through wet sand, water, icy and slushy patches - no prancing to find a way around!  Even climbed the 2 foot ridge and just about went over before coaxing him to come down.

Well today it was to be a bit chilly but again I found myself overdressed and thankfully I didn't put Katsu's winter jacket on!  It was awesome and he was having a ball deciding which direction he wanted to go prolonging his walk.  But the last three long blocks I noticed he'd slowed down which I was very glad too!  He did a brief crazy run around before crashing!  He's so CUTE!!!

Monday, March 12, 2018

A Jam Packed Day!

Well here is maybe an overachiever day even for me!  Katsu did the 3 shorter walks with me. The other one is our walking group along Kildonan Dr off Henderson Hwy.  Afterwards Pat joined Edna and I at Oakwoods for borscht too.  Also I did laundry today up and down the stairs a few times besides some shopping etc.  Yep a bit energized but also drained and knees a might sore!  Tomorrow will be a bit quieter as I won't have the group walk.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Quiet Day

Not much happening today except taking care of my aches in between walks and watching Tim Horton's Curling Brier.  Actually I took over their dining room and started sewing my donation piece for the MPQ Quilt Show challenge auction.  Hope I can get it done as I didn't read the instructions and here it's all Y seams which I HATE!  Otherwise relaxing.

After I don't know how many years I've finally gotten my Kenmore serviced.  It's been cleaned thoroughly by my sister periodically and friend Audrey Gatey a couple of years ago and so-so by myself off and on.  Well the baby sews like a dream and also in a straight line without the smidge of a zig zag.   So guess I'll postpone looking for a retreat type machine for now.  😁

Friday, March 09, 2018

My First Full Day With Katsu

The first picture was this one only patch of fog nearby on last night's walk.  Weird!

Well not sure where this Fog Advisory or the -28 wind chill was as it wasn't anywhere near our 9am morning walk.  Actually I was overdressed but still comfortable.  Both of us were enjoying the exercise on the freshly plowed roads and some sidewalks - Katsu sniffing to his glory and me enjoying the frosty beauty.  About 3/4 of the way around our 3.25 km route he slowed down and so did I - guess morning walks I'll keep shorter and enjoy longer afternoon walks.  I think I tired him out as he's napping - no running crazily!  AHHH!!

This was a first for me of being left waiting for lunch at Stella's on Pembina.  There I was taking up a table only to hear my friend was not going to make it as she had back issues.  I understand that and kinda my fault not reconfirming too.  I went ahead and ordered my lunch and it was delicious as usual.

OK so probably twice a week I'll track this distance when I'm walking with Edna besides the 3X daily walks with Katsu.  I'm hoping this pet sitting gets me back to where I was last summer!

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Now it's Katsu and I

OK Katsu is lots smaller but as you can see enjoys the snow too!  Good thing I've my ice grippers in my walking tote as I'll probably need them for our walks!  Soon off to the other house.

Ahhhhh poor Katsu he was crying looking for Mom and Dad and when he realuzed he was stuck with me he went for a bit of a walk before my appointment.  Then greeted me profusely up my return and settled on my lap.  Then ate his treat.  Hopefully a quiet day!

We're just back from our afternoon walk (my poor toe on this uneven snow ice) and I see he still has his usual go crazy racing around.   LOL!!!  He' pretty frisky for a 6 year old!

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

It's a Wrap!

Ooohhhhh not sure what's with me!  Must have some type of get me magnet in my system.  While standing back as all three dogs greeted and wrestled with Angie's crouched body till they finally settled some I was glad they didn't do that to me.  Then one of the pups came to me and accidentally stepped on my toe - OUCH!  Lucky he was too wound up to do much damage.  But as I was leaving with the garage door open Wheeler escaped and belined for freedom.  Only one problem - I was in his way so he knocked me on my ass feet in the air so quickly I pressed them against his neck and shouted STOP.  Well between Angie and I he stayed put and she got him back into the house and I continued home.  I'm feeling a bit sore on the side I landed on but not hurting and hope I'm good tomorrow too!  SHEESH - no more excitement please!  😉  At least Katsu is small and I'll keep the leash wrapped around my wrist so he does not escape on his walk and have my racing to catch him again!

March 6th & 7th

I'm loving my hair but do need a trim and styling but it's growing!

Weird how in the whole yard with 3 large dogs that there's still two patches undisturbed!   Then you look over the fence to the neighbours yard and it's in pristine untouched fresh snowfall condition!

Watching the Jets vs Hurricanes hockey game with the crew downstairs.  Jake in the corner chair napping, the dogs all on the floor then Bella joined me until Griffin started bugging her.  Then all on the floor sharing the antler chewing bones.  Finally Wheeler posed for an awesome portrait showing how much his head has filled out to match his body moreso!

March 7th

I'm damned unlucky or clutzy or both!  Here I was taking my stuff back to the apartment in the afternoon instead of later this evening.  I'm no more that 30 minutes in the door getting my sewing stuff together and this time not rushing for tomorrow's move when I gently kick my supposed broken toe into the chair.  DANG I swear it hurt like the first time when I kicked it hard!  I swear I need steel toed shoes!!!!  😆

Will be nice to sleep in tomorrow morning before packing up and moving to pet sit Katsu for the next two weeks.  He gets walked 3 times a day so will definitely wear off the extra pounds gained lately!

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

March 5th cont'd

Hopefully I'm going to keep working on these embroidery projects from 2017 Year of Stitches to completion this year!

He he he the pups went outside but Bella stayed napping.  When they came in they kinda begged for a treat and Bella got up for that.  Then the pups went into the living room and Bella went to the door.  I had to be quick to let her out but keep these "boys" inside. 😃  Wheeler was not pleased with me but too bad.  Then they all settled down again.

Well lights out and I'm under the covers and all three dogs going ballistic on me.  So to the front window I go to see what gives.  HEY the snow cleaners had half the driveway done before I could get out there to move my car!  Now it's taken care of till the next snowfall and hopefully after I'm gone!  😁

Monday, March 05, 2018

This morning!!!!

Good Morning Winter!  You're back!  For how long this time?  Snowfall not as heavy as last night.  I'm going nowhere today!  These are from 6:30am.

Well I guess it snowed more since 6:30am or blowing as I had to shovel a path down the steps as Bella just pranced around the deck and would not go in the yard.  It looked like a small slope with no indication of the steps.  Then I thought I'd better clear off the car so I could move it when the snow clearing service came to clear the about 8 inches out if the drive.  Not even sure I can get the bins to the road past both cars until clearing is done.  And now with the winds picking up the TV is a Weak or No Signal.  Good I've my phone and embroidery to keep me busy.  Definitely not going anywhere today.