Crocheted Items


I've been tossing up an idea for a Website and then created a second Blog and now my friend pointed me to "Pages" within my current blog. So hopefully this will work well for me and I'll only have one to look after!  So within this Page you'll find various pictures of my "extra" Crocheted creations for swapping, sale, etc, otherwise checkout Blog for the latest in my personal or creative life!!!  If you are interested please email me directly with your request.

Most of these are 1.5 to 2.25 inches in size and ideal for crazy patch or clothing embellishments. They can come in various sizes depending on the size of the crochet cotton and hook used. At present I have ivory/cream, white, wine, light/bright green and blue in the fine cotton thread; and also white, cream, gold, rose, dark green in medium cotton thread which still makes up nice sized items.




These are double layered flowers with beaded centres. They can be in the varigated or plain cotton thread depending on what I've on hand.

Now these crocheted items once received can also be decorated with beads and silk ribbon flowers and bows for a totally finished look.