Monday, December 31, 2018

What a Way to End 2018!

What better way for me to celebrate New Year's Eve than enjoying a day shopping with Sylvia and Pat in the morning and Edna for Tim's in the afternoon!  Then tonight treating myself to Santa Lucia Special pizza delivered and Copper Moon chardonnay while watching Canada Russia hockey and later on Winnipeg Jets at Edmonton Oilers!  WOW!!!! 💞👍🏒🥅



Happy New Year!

I'm wishing my family and friends a 2019 full of what your heart desires!  Love and hugs from me!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2018


I was at the Grace Hospital to visit Auntie Adeline, recovering from a stroke she suffered during her stay with her daughters in the city. She's partially paralyzed, the left arm and leg, but her toes and foot has recovered a bit of movement.  I had a nice visit with Rosie and then Auntie alone.  Will see how cold it is NYD to stop by for another visit.

BUT while there to get an orchid bowl for Auntie at their lovely and well stocked Gift Shop - noticed it has 40% off on all Christmas decor.  AND guess what they have?  Yep my Let it Snow wood hanger and even one Baby It's Cold Outside too!  I picked up the battery light up angel and here she is off and also on!  Beautiful!


Posted by James Dean Waryk.
Granville Street, Vancouver, Canada, 1901.

Then last night I was dazzled by what I thought was Northern Lights!  Look from your backyard Taunya!  I wish I could have stayed out longer but my fingers were freezing!

Then I noticed this comment from a friend in my post.  "What area of the city Rose Anne? Facing which direction? Lots of discussion on CJOB this morning.  Called ice pillars.  Caused by ice crystals on a cold calm night.  People could see them in every area of Winnipeg by the sounds of it.  Very nice picture you took."  My reply, "I was dog sitting around Kenaston and Grant deck facing north but pictures east of downtown.  I thought it weird seeing them over the most lit up area of the city.  So different from the northern lights!  Learnt something new!  Thank you Ruth."

Here I really thought this week I'd finish off Taunya's two duvet covers, on the go since January!  The first day was moving in, grocery shopping and settling in and the Sunday I sorta vegged out and set up my machine etc.  Guess I should have made a more determined effort as I need ONE MORE DAY and I'd have the wildlife snaps sewn on and both covers specially washed to protect from colour bleeding hopefully in future washes!  Well I'm back in a month's time and they will both be totally finished and stuffed for final pictures.  But here's the Canada duvet sewing completed but not stuffed!  I'm very happy with how they are both looking!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Feeling Amused, Pooped and Amazed!

Well it's just like little kids here! One has something, the other wants it and they are sneaky at getting their way! The one who doesn't have it just up and goes outside, natually the other follows shortly. Then the instigator comes back and claims the unoccupied place! This has been going on at least an hour and I'm thoroughly entertained! 🤗😂👍

Okay Dear Lord please no more snow and less blowing winds at least till new year! Three times to clear the paths and half of the driveway is taking it's toll on this aging gal! By the time I finished cleaning and moving the car, heading back in I see the shovelled walkway blown in again, SHEESH! Definitely comfort food for lunch again, the second time for fried balogna and eggs! While cooking I see the birdfeeder swaying in the snow and the chimes flying mightily that they are barely chiming. Then I'm felling a draft and look at the doggie door and its flapping away before the magnet catches. WOW!!! Hope I don't have snow inside today too! This last gust knocked over Steve's ashtray - guess I better get those butts before the dogs do! What next - nothing please Lord! 🤗🙏👍

A special thank you to Inga Madsen of Denmark for this beautiful exquisitely tatted Angel and the pattern from the Fringe Tatters exchange i was part of this month! I just LOVE angels and snowmen and have MANY in my collection, some I've made myself! I'm sure I'll be making this one for gift giving to family and friends for next year!

So been trying to finish off the duvet covers and watching Juniors and Jets Hockey games.  Wonder how much snow was bliwn around out there, guess I'll find out tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

These are a couple of messages from past years that I just could not resist reposting!

Yesterday, I was feeling anxed for Fred as he's still slightly limping.  I noticed Sunday and thought maybe he slept funny or got a twinge from romping after something in the back yard and thought I'd keep an eye on him.  So after the morning still the same, I checked with his Mom, then gave him some 81 ASA and he's back to napping.  I'll keep an eye on him! Previously he didn't settle and kept coming to me for pets.  Maybe he's sympathetic for my aches? 🤔👍

Ohhhh I was very relieved this morning when Fred came romping in from his duties right into the kitchen waiting beside Zero for breakfast.  He wasn't doing that since Saturday.

Today it was a quiet day with the dogs, then I made a green bean casserole to go and after feeding the dogs I went over to my niece Pat's for turkey supper!  It was very quiet compared to other years and early night back to the dogs! Now relaxing with wine, movie, and some hand sewing.  🤗 Oh and I also got two new pictures of Astro from Pat.

My great great nephew, Astro!

My great niece Amanda, Justin and their baby Astro!

Sunday, December 23, 2018

More Snow!

Dang it Taunya had to leave this for me - my two favourite flavours in coffees and lattes - and it's moisturizer! I better not use it or I'll be back to chewing my nails!!!!! 🤣

It looks like Mother Nature wants Manitoba back into "winter" all in one weekend!  Oh well at least the temperature is descent!  Also to punish me for apartment living!!!

Earlier it had stopped so decided to clear the driveway before I'm buried at this rate!  See yesterday I just did a path to the car - well that 3 inches (visible under my car) became like 6-8 inches and thankfully easy to push rather than carrying. 

OK which of my girlfriends said shovelling was exercise!!!  To me this is bloody torture especially on my achy body from the fall Friday - yep I'm feeling it!  😃  So when finished, came in and made myself a fast n comfort lunch - fried bologna, eggs n toast with peanut butter, even shared a small piece each with the dogs!  They were really good and waited till I got up from the table before coming into the kitchen - WOW!!!

Then I look outside and if I had any energy left I'd have gone for a walk in these bountiful heavy flakes!  Thankfully this tapered off again!

Click on the picture, expand and see the big flakes.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

My Messages and Today

I've realized my messages weren't clear with the font and size I used!  Sorry.

On the e-card

On the 2018 in Review - A Photo Sampling

OK never fails with my winter pet/house sitting - I always get dumped on! At least this is minor AND today I've finally gotten a pair of boots I pray won't create blisters!

Hope I'm lucky this time! 

I cleaned some of the snow on the deck. 

Fred waiting for his chance to rob Zero of the tennis ball. 

The tug a war begins! 

Then tackled the front partway only. 

Also look at the lovely flowers I get to enjoy while Taunya and Steve are away! And again she's spoiling me! Thank you, I'll enjoy Fionne MacCools again or maybe someplace else. DANG IT, its snowing again!!!!!

My card.

Well even with some snow clearing yesterday's aches are OK, thank goodness!  But everytime the dogs come in their backs are covered - thank goodness they don't shake it off once inside, just lay on their blankets.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Birds Hill Provincial Park With Janice

OMGG I don't know what I'm going to do if our COLD OR FRIGID winter temperatures return as I'm having a ball outside in these mild temps!!!!!!! 😎🤩☃️💞 Well I could have done without the rain past two days and maybe I'd not have fallen today - OHHH my right side!!!!!!!

I picked Janice up this morning before heading to the beach area for a supposedly groomed pathway around the lake and through the bush area! Yeah right on!!!! Well with that rain it was very slippery and had to walk on the edges of the tracks very carefully sometimes! It was awesome and twice I was surprised when my tracker said the km walked as it felt like we'd just started out. I quickly retracted my statement as I know Janice would have us going around a second time!!! It's all Nature's fault as I was enjoying myself muchly! Then the birds entertained us, even landing on her hat and stirring up my hair a few times flying by! But I sure could have done without the wipeout but thankful near the end, landing hard on my right hip and jarring my shoulder, even cracking my thumb nail in two places through my suede mitts! I'm not sure of the total distance and time we walked as my phone ran out of power and shut off.

5.85 plus km or 9,550 plus steps just over 2 hours - felt like a marathon on that ice and hills too!  Janice thinks it was near 7 km.

The crazy flower child with me!  😘

It was bright out there but sure doesn't show here!

The sign on the left side said LARK!  Hmmm sure felt like she was dragging me out on a lark for sure!

Love that red grasses or shrubs!  Janice's picture.

Awesome red pines.

My "tree hugger" friend!!!

They were waiting for us to have a seat!   It's true!


They were just crazy! 

And aggressive to other birds! 

A blue headed one on the right?

Communing with nature and having a ball! 

This was an awesome red pines trail but should have stayed upright here! 

Then we drove over to Pineridge Hollow (Janice took these pictures) for soup, salad n hot chocolate/chai latte and the pigs n goats entertainment before taking a peak at the store (disappointing as they've changed their merchandise and not to my liking now) before heading back.

These and the pigs were entertaining.

Great sausage soup and gouda salad! 
It was awesome here even on the verandah with heaters!  We were dressed for our walk, so good!

Well talk about a surprise when passing the Norquay Bldg and seeing my former staff out front playing the annual street hockey even with the retired Mike Lesiuk back for the fun! Awesome!!!

Good to see you Mike!