Sunday, December 16, 2018

Gone to the Dogs!

This was an awesome surprise to see a real tree decorated PLUS the dogs posed too! Awesome job Angie! And Wheeler has been behavin' too! Ohhhh and this is hilarious! Wheeler went downstairs, Jake the cat following but stopped before the bottom, Wheeler wanted to come back up but wouldn't pass Jake who wanted to play or harrass him. Not sure why but Wheeler avoids Jake whereas Griffin plays with him. So after a bit I hear this sharp whining short bark, look over the railing and there's a stand off between a cat and a huge Bernese dog! Finally I took pity and shooed Jake from his mission and just got out of the way of Wheeler's charge up the stairs. 🤣 Then since it was a lovely afternoon I chased them outside, I stayed on the deck and played chase with Griffin while Wheeler stayed out in the yard barking and frolicking! Crazy I know!

And on the way home look what I came across!  GO JETS GO!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Janice's Birthday Continues

☃️ Yeah my baby has her new window PLUS it's all vacuumed even the hatch and her muddy exterior all clean and shiny. Thank you so very much Luc and staff at Pembina Auto Body and Glass! WOW!!!

Ready to let Janice Palmer lead me astray!

Janice's birthday celebration seems to be going on and on like the Ever Ready Energizer Bunny!  We're here at the Pony Coral at Grant Park with her friends!  It is awesome but I'm still stuffed 2 hours later!

He wanted his ear plugs from his mask then goofed around!

Don't ask me! 

Janice said I had to be in a picture too!

It was a great evening with just a mild headache the next day for a couple hours.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Beautiful Winter Day!

Talk about an awesome BIRTHDAY for Janice today and for a nice long walk too with a friend!  Thank you for the pressies too, gonna take the Jets sockets for slippers in Cuba for sure!

River Ridge Retirement condos etc behind Jan. 

She's a tree nut - what can I say! 

And this one isn't even the biggest here. 

This one has even been on fire and thankfully survived.   Crazy jerks! 

I LOVE this one! 

A beautiful day for fun times! 


Trees have ears?

Kildonan Park on the pathway bridge. 

Walked all the way to Rivergrove and Macbeth Parks before turning around.   Glad I remembered the way from our summer Pathfinders walks!  A place Janice has not been! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Bad Night, Good Day!

I'm so frustrated with people nowadays!!!  If it's not yours leave it alone!!!!  YES some idiots broke my driver's window last night and took my kleenex box n holder and two fist sized stuffed toys!!!!  What a friggin mess and nuisance!!!!  Guess I am thankful no damage!

Well definitely not my favourite way to start my day (missing out on our walk too) but at least it was upwards from then.  It took about an hour filing an e-report with Wpg Police, getting MPI claim filed, contacting my awesome mechanics at Urban Garage for advice on glass repair and contacting Pembina Auto Body & Glass for help.  Luc told me to just come right down and they'll see if repair could be today and if not they'll clean up the glass and cover the window with plastic so I can still drive tonight!  I could have HUGGED HIM as I was stressed and just fed up!  By the time this was done, my window was ordered to be delivered by closing so first thing tomorrow morning repair will begin and guaranteed ready by 3pm.

So it's like 1:30ish and I needed lunch so I picked up Edna, parked at home, walked to the forks for Tall Grass Prairie healthy food and walked back to get my car.  Then Edna suggested it was soon time to go to our quilting meeting, so after a bit of shopping for snowflake crystals, she treated me to A&W with coupons then off to MPQ.  It was nice to work on some hand sewing with friends.  Now relaxing.

This warming hut is wood and ropes!

I'd hate to be near the top when there's fog!

She's sneaky that Linda! 

☃️  I even had my "Baby its Cold Outside" sweatshirt on again as I was supposed be heading out for our walk this morning!!!  ☃️

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


WOW talk about a busy and feeling GREAT day!!!
FIRST, off paid the little that was left on my Cuba trip - so I'm really really going!
SECOND, shopped a bit in St Vital and at Fairweathers picked up linen waist tied loose pants $60 on for $10 and at Northern Reflections found two 3/4 sleeve tees $29 for $10 each - awesome!
THIRD, went over for my first fun visit with Amanda and Astro, now 11 weeks old, and had a nice time.  He's sure changed even in this short time.  They grow up too fast.
FOURTH, got to check out Sage Garden at 3410 St Mary's Rd and wished I'd had a yard and unlimited funds!!!!!!  I let the owner know I'd met him at Christkindle Market and just had to drop by!  He liked my sweatshirt and even took my photo for me!  I'll be doing this again!
THEN, checked out Ten Thousand Villages but resisted buying, Sobeys brief grocery shopping and NOW at home relaxing soon to watch the JETS!!!    !!!AWESOME DAY!!!!

He's checking me out! 

Not sure about this Mom!

Sage Garden @ 3410 St. Mary's Rd 

I couldn't resist! 

This display is all from Newfoundland. 
Going to have to ask Eileen about this!