Thursday, December 01, 2022

Catchup - Nov 28th-Dec 1st

Nov 28th

Now this is nifty!!!!

Nov 29th

Now onto the next batch of tatted items! The 'Tatted Tree' by Catherine Austin found in the "A New Twist on Tatting" book, a gift from Denise and Josef! I'm not keen on this pattern as each row is cut, tied and ends buried, BUT I found a solution by pulling off hopefully enough chain thread off the shuttle for continuous tatting so no beginning ends to bury! Any extra will be used for hangers! 👌❤️

Ohhhh a jam packed day after a sleep in, then a lovely lunch with Linda and Dianne at the Southdale Village Family Restaurant, awesome company and food as always!!! Thank you Linda for your handmade wreath (snowflake).

Then a round about on errands to Transcona, Birds Hill, Lockport, Henderson at Chief Pequis before picking up groceries and just getting home. Totally pooped!!!
I was so pleased with the Ukrainian artist's earrings that I texted her and asked for a matching necklace!

Okay here's the Beady Little Tree, pattern by Erin Halloway Moseley, I was trying to figure out but two attempts gone wrong and this one is closest. I'm calling it the BOMBERS Tree!

Nov 30th

I can't wait for Saturday for the sewing day at Keystone and hopefully meeting others there too! We sure miss our quilting retreats!!!

It's B A C K !!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

I always look when I drive by over the holidays!

Dec 1st

WOW!!! I returned the icicle lights as they were too big for my window to enjoy! I'll hang one of my oldies up! So the $40 returned I went a little crazy and bought kinda for two families what I thought was basic but some extras plus two small cuddly bears and also two of my kitchen hand towels too. I distributed the heavier items and have 4 recycle bags to cart to the Holiday Train food donations. At least Winnipeg Harvest better be collecting like other years we've gone, donated and enjoyed the free entertainment!!!  Thanks Cindy for joining up with me for this!

Wellllll, after my appointment and then shopping today, I settled into cutting out the pieces for the requested poppy hot mats. Then I stitched the tops and cut the heat resistant batting and backing, pinned ready for tomorrow's quilting! 

Then I cut out all the pieces for another Retreat Bag, hopefully sewn up Saturday at the Keystone Open Studio with Sylvia and Pat.

Not Edna this time, but she's doing good and recouping with her family spoiling her probably!   Now my feet are up relaxing!

Monday, November 28, 2022

Catchup - Nov 20th-27th

Nov 20th

Barb be thankful you're not there!!!!  We can have big snow dumps but I don't remember this bad!

So Edna and I are over at Sylvia's for a visit with finger foods and to watch the Grey Cup!!!
(No I'm not into football but Sylvia enticed me with potluck food and a night off from tatting!)

Nov 21st

Nifty putting the snow like base down first!

Here's one your parents may remember Barb?

Okay I give up trying to find my disappeared post!!!! It was a good see sawing just about nail biting football game but Winnipeg lost in the end! So sad they lost the 3-peat chance as that would have been an awesome achievement!!!

Today Pat invited the 3 mouseketeers for hamburger soup lunch (each got leftovers too) then the 4 of us checked out Marshall's with our 20% off coupons and then Sew Embroidery for some spray basting for all the projects we do! Then went to Tim's for coffee only to realize I left my wallet behind. So got the girls settled and I drove back (thankfully maybe a mile and wasnt stopped either way) for it and still my coffee was too hot to enjoy so took it to go! Yes we all found something and majority eligible for the discount. Awesome day shopping and weather wise too!

Nov 23rd

Now this is something! Not really for our winter climate though!

Today I brought my Safeway garden salad and Edna fried hamburger patties for lunch plus vinetarte. This morning I finished off the free motion quilting on one table topper and after lunch using the walking foot did the piddly stars in the corners of the other topper. Now it's back to Edna quilting and me back to my tatting angels. We'll get this one squared off and binding sewn on then I'll take it home and do the hand stitching to finish it off for her. This way both presents will be done before her surgery on the 30th! YEAH!!!


I totally LOVE this idea, even for outside!

Doable for sure!!!!

Nov 24th

For my USA friends!

I'm going to join in on this Facebook event. Thank you Brandy! 💞

Well I've completed the tatting with various beads of angel for Maija and hopefully assembled by Wednesday for her. The 6 on the right are silver lined clear beads, 3 in the middle are iridescent clear beads and the 3 on the left are clear beads.

Pattern by Wiki.

Well I wanted to check this out as Aunt Monica's Attic was going to be there but OMGG talk about a mass of people!!! I'm glad I wore my mask and half there did too! But it took a few minutes to see the free drink sampling tickets were more the draw there. So after a quick check for something interesting, I left after one small sampling which I didn't finish.

So as I was leaving the Casino, the Lucky Leprechaun machine lured me in! Well I had $5 to play with and minimum $0.40 bet, and talk about crazy, I kept getting free spins and after the last of the 30 free games I had $34.70 and promptly cashed out and left! WOW!!!

Nov 25th

The afternoon was shopping with Sylvia at Mook's 20% off sale then coffee/muffins at her place. Then I finished off with Cdn Tire.

In between my own stuff, helping Edna, shopping and craft sales I did finish off more angels. They are kinda similar and kinda different! 🥴 I played with different necks, heads and halos, so hope those Maija gifts, like them! 🥰 Also Sylvia said they are dancing and Edna said they are flying around in this picture! They make me happy saying so!

Next on my plate is hand stitching Edna's table topper tonight, then another day finding and prepping my poppy fabrics for hot mats! I've a sewing day Dec 3rd at Keystone so have a few projects on the go to finish off!

Nov 26th

Today Sylvia and I checked out the Winnipeg Embroiderer's Guild, Piece it Together Quilts Bethel Mennonite Church and Chriskindlmarkt craft sales - lots of lovely items a few bought, with a quick visit at ArtsJunktion and Cre8ery Gallery with a yummy lunch at the Capital Bar and Grill.

Tomorrow hopefully check out this craft sale and maybe some Ukrainian decorations? Will see!

Nov 27th

So strikingly simple but very effective!

I had a lovely visit early afternoon with Sylvia and Dianne at the Ukrainian craft sale, but didn't see you Barb, sorry to have missed you. It was lovely and I did find some items for myself plus a dozen perogies.

I'm not sure of the exact translation of the ornament, but I think it's 'Good Evening to you from Ukraine', the Snowflake mask is double layer linen and was a steal in my opinion! I love the recycled bag I bought at the door, great idea and carried my purchases in!!! Naturally I 💗💗💗 the earrings and ornaments and will not be using the braided bookmark unless I put it into a plastic sleeve to protect it.

Girls supper out at Maximes! Good vibes for Edna!!!  Our foods arrived!!!!

Sylvia's Philly steak

Edna's appetizer, borscht too.

My pork n tiger prawns souvlaki with borscht too!

Yes it is still open 20 plus years late. The parents retired years ago and the sons and daughters took over. The sons sold their shares to the 2 daughters and moved east to Montreal I think. The daughter I talked to said yes it's still the same family business and the place is still well looked after. 👌❤️

Ohhhh WOW!!! For years Edna and I used to search for a piece of apple in our Tim's apple fritter. Then within the last year we noticed a few pieces inside each! WELL today I'm wondering if I have the whole batch of apple pieces in MY own fritter??? Yummy!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Catchup - Nov 11th-19th

Nov 11th

Hmmmm I'm going to try and get to this one?

Beautiful image from the Royal Canadian Mint!

☃️ Well it kinda looks nice out there, after the storm. Just happy I'm not venturing out! That's a lot of snow in one evening/overnight to accumulate on my window sill!!! Plus the woman and dog were both trudging through virgin snow covered sidewalks! ☃️

Ohhhh just thought about ALL those silly geese who had not left as yet! I can just see them huddle down and ALL those lumps in the snow covered fields!!!!

Nov 12th

I love this!

Well these babies are out the door, these 4 are extras that might be spoken for and now onto winding shuttles for the Angels. They look lovely on my display stand, all visible than on my tree!

Ohhhh Sylvia and I saw these in the summer on our Churchill trip. Well this is what it looks like at the start of winter! Beautiful no matter the season! ❤️❤️❤️

My photos below.

This is brilliant for a porch type area, protected from 'winter'!!! ☃️☃️☃️

Nifty for those with children! And so many different ideas for this too!

Nov 14th

Another busy day, this time helping Edna sew up Christmas gifts for her family before her eye surgery! We're halfway done, so back tomorrow to finish off. I took over some taco salad ingredients and she treated us to Boston Pizza for supper! Once she started sewing I started my tatted angels and finished off one body just now. 

I need six by month end and I may make it as it does not take as long assembling as it does tatting! I just need more beads!!!

Nov 15th

I'm back at Edna's, quilted her bag fronts while Edna prepped her gifted stew for lunch! Now she's back to sewing up her bag and hopefully finished today! 💗

Well Edna finished off her bag she'll be gifting and we both love it!!! I even tatted 2/3 of another Angel while helping when

needed. Next week is finishing off her table toppers and then the pressure is off for her with these gifts! Now back to my projects!

Nov 17th

Well Oct 10th I posted this, "Ohhhhhh I'm having fun today with my version of a landscape postcard for this month's PFA swap!!!!! Hope it works out!" alongwith this first picture. 

Then life got real crazy for me with various rush projects and life in general that it kinda fell too the wayside.  

Then about a week or so ago I managed to cut the bargello strips and sew up the postcard backgrounds. And today I set tatting aside to finish of the free motion quilting of the foreground.

I also prepared the backs and even sandwiched them together. But then it was too late to finish them off, so that's tomorrow's job and mail off the swap item! It's late but I'm hoping once seen I'll be forgiven? 🙏

OMGG!!!! I was so tardy on this swap, I forgot to take finished pictures before mailing off! 😒😪 Maybe I can ask the recipient to send me pictures of front n back?



DANG DANG DANG!!! I just about crapped my pants driving home! Not funny as it also left me feeling like a heartfelt scare too!  

See I was at a red light at the fountains on York Ave and Memorial Blvd where there were 2-3 people and a person in a wheelchair hanging around. Just as the light changed the ones standing started to run away AND at the same time fireworks went off and upwards! SHIT!!! I'm still feeling stressed!!!!  Very disturbing for me!!!!! I was going to pull over and YELL at them but my insides felt scarey!!!  

This is a very interesting place to check out or take workshops/classes!