Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Happy Canada Day!

June 29th


Finally 10 pm and cool enough to sit outside! No lights on so hopefully no bugs etc?  Lasted 10 minutes then dogs wanted in, still too warm for them!

June 30th


This plaque is not mine nor do I remember where I found this image, sorry! BUT I think it definitely speaks eloquently for us!!! The following Canada quilt blocks are a few I've chosen to honour Canada Day from my one day to finish "52 blocks in 52 weeks" quilt?

Well not sure where this hit but it was one big sharp crack on the TV before it blacked out and said lost satellite press source, did so, nothing changed so I shut it off!  Then the rain lightning and thunder started.  Hmmmmmm hope it lets up so the dogs can go out!  Also glad my car is protected if it hails!

Ohhhhh I'd love to try this out!!!

July 1st

Oh oh me and TVs don't mix well, but honest none of us did anything to the remote or TV.  Well the picture is back but no sound.  Glad I've my Tablet with my own music, Stingray Jukebox Oldies app downloaded plus SHAW TV via WIFI that I'm using.  Plus while sewing I've my audio books on my phone to listen to, dogs have no choice, at least it's sound!

I'm a happy camper sewing with my Canadian maple leaf made up of the provinces names t-shirt on!!!  So HAPPY CANADA DAY to friends and family!!!

Monday, June 29, 2020

June 29th

Well it's official!  I'm a SENIOR, in age at least! 

And since I've managed fairly decently so far, I've increased my savings monthly deposits plus arranged for monthly loan principal payments to be made too from my AOS!  Would be nice to go on vacation cash next year, that is if Covid-19 takes a royal hike out of this world!!!!

And the following logo best describes me, camera in hand!

Stupid me, stupid me, stupid me! πŸ˜–πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜•

I was heading downstairs, walking thankfully or it could have been worse, to switch clothes into the dryer and missed the bottom step and wiped out on all fours till knee, wrist and shoulder gave and I rolled!  Good thing the dogs stayed and didn't think it was play time or I'd still be down, maybe for the count!

I'm OK, bruised ego, skinned knee through my pants and jammed big toe that hurts worse. Probably will feel worse tomorrow or Wednesday! πŸ‘πŸ€—  Guess no walking for exercise for a few days!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Catchup - June 22nd - 28th

June 22nd

OOOOHHHHH I hate what those canker or black worms are doing to the trees!  I'm all for spraying for them, mosquitoes or whatever the heck tries to invade!!!!!

Well Edna and I again walked Sturgeon Creek pathway about 5 kms (forgot to click off when finished so have auto included in the 7.71 km tracked)!  It was an awesome evening and tonight I even got to meet the carver who makes these awesome reindeer pieces hidden amongst trees and in the creek too!  He said there are in total 45 reindeer in all pieces - I've not counted!  Just so amazed at his creativity and I could tell pleasure in seeing them enjoyed by passersby!

Well here's another special order for 5 large, supposedly plain red, black, purple, orange and blue - but plains are few and far between in my stash.  So might be a couple extras???  Ummm not the case, all spoken for.

Well we tried to walk but it started to rain so we quit.  Today we met the man making these reindeer decor and he said thd canoe got sunk so maybe a raft next?  And we saw two new ones too plus bagpipers practicing!

June 26th

This morning I finished off, the back at it MPQ Applique BOM, Block #6.  Here's the first six all together.  Six more blocks to continue working on, hopefully completed for unveiling at the restart of guild meetings this fall!  Well all 7 masks were taken upon delivery and the loner mask also finally delivered.

June 27th

Finally I get to visit today this crew!  Last week Taunya's two pups!  Now who will be next for a visit at least?

Here's something for those peony lovers (wish I too could enjoy the blooms)!

Ants love PEONIES.  A friend just told me how to chase them away so they don’t come inside with your beautiful bouquets.  “The trick is to sprinkle powdered pepper on the flowers, wait a few seconds and then shake the blooms upside down.  The ants don't like that and they run away.  I do that outside before I bring my bouquet inside the house.  Never had any problem.”  Thanks for passing this on Janice Allen Potvin.

June 27th

Recently I've participated in our 2019-2020 MPQ Mystery AppliquΓ© BOM Project, Florabunda, 2010 pattern by Erin Russek.  She has shared the remaining 4 block patterns with all participants and also offered the Miss Hannah centre medallion pattern free to all 19 members who completed all 8 blocks, unfortunately I was not one of them (only 5 blocks completed) out of 46 participants.  I've used the back basted needle turn method and can't believe how accurate this technique is, moreso than the plastic pattern overlay I've tried.  Honest I am continuing now that my Covid-19 mask sewing has dropped off and complete my 12 blocks for our hoped for start up meeting in September.  This project was possible by the leadersip of Inez, Marion and Tracy, all awesome quilters, who demoed various applique techniques one Saturday to give us an idea of which to choose, thank you.

Florabunda 2010 by Erin Russek with Miss Hannah centre medallion.

I'm not sure I heard of this, I was just finishing high school when it was implemented.


June 28th

My 'staycation'!  It's awesome now the heat has receeded, but not sure how long they'll stay out.  Won't stay long!

Ohhhhh GOSH I MISS my road trips with girlfriends!!!!!

Ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh!!!!! 😍😍😍