Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Purging Update

Well guess you can say the boys enjoyed receiving their special pillowcases I sewed up! They all got their pillows and changed the cases right there. Addyson not to sure, but she enjoyed my visit! It was nice to see you all again and sorry John that I'm losing my ASL and did the no-no of not talking to you instead of watching Meaghan signing for you. Bad me!!!

Jadon, Landon, Mason and Addyson

Then I received a reply in regards to my previous purging post.  I felt so connected with the words my wise lacemaking friend Jacqui sent that I have to share them!  Thank you Jacqui!

"Good for you.  I wish I could get a bit more motivated to start downsizing again.  I have to be in the right mood to downsize or else I end up keeping everything.  I think it is called "spinning my tires while stopped"! 

Went out for dinner last evening and then lunch today and still feel full - this must stop or will put on more weight and still feeling a bit "fullish" since Christmas.  Why is it easier to eat than lose weight?  For that matter, why is it easier to spend than save?  Why have we not built up an immune system to every virus in the world by this age?  And the big question, why do we get dementia when we are at our most intelligent time of our life from all our living experiences?  Life is a challenge and I really thought the world would become easier as we got older - guess I was wrong!"  🤔

Then I spent the evening preparing my bobbin lacemaking patterns to take with me to Cuba for our down time while chatting with Jacqui.  See I'll have two teachers at my beck and call and hopefully get the hang of this while there!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

More Purging!

Well I finally got my act together and tackled the three large boxes of cake decorating supplies and orchid etc books I wanted to sell. It's pared down to one large box and extras on top. I'm donating lots, recycling some and garbaged others. So a little more floor room exposed. Hopefully more to go soon too.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Luxury Ended!

OK all packed up, dishes done, just to clean litter box, empty garbage and dust mop! Then it's haul all down to the car and go home to unload and put my feet up! And Hamish's home is back to it's original way minus Rose Anne's stuff! Looks so elegant uncluttered!

Table Runner Update

YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!! Yes I'm very excited and relieved at the same time that at home I found the matching fabrics to finish off these two table runners! Phew! Next step is to press them good, applique the stars, add the borders and then the quilting! That'll be two UFOs finished off soon!

That little piece is all that is leftover from a few metres I bought years ago. 

This one I've about half a metre leftover. 

Now onto a scrappy runner with leftover Christmas strips.

Friday, January 11, 2019

A Relaxing Day!

Very little sewing, a little walking and then off to meet my sister to watch NHL hockey teams Winnipeg Jets vs Detroit Red Wings at Bell MTS Place downtown.

Thank you Wayne for sharing your ticket and Florence for inviting me!  Enjoyed our supper at Boston Pizza and the walk through of the Shark Club!  Now lets play hockey!


My favourite player!

Brossoit #2 star

Little #1 star and gave his stick away.

And look who finally came for pets when I got back.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Another Productive Day

WOW I must be on a productive roll today again! Not sure if this dining table has been used for such stuff - I'm trying to be careful - plus my sewing has no effect on Hamish - Hmmmmm!

First off hemmed up my linen pants bought for Cuba and my lounging pants. Then while doing laundry I started on a UFO table runner - ran out of the background fabric, switched to another similar table runner - ran out again of background fabric but sooner this time, switched to UFO squares which I turned into coasters. OK that's it for today! I'll go home tomorrow and see if I have more of these two fabrics! SHEESH!!!

Needed about 15 inch strip.

Needed about 30 inch strip.

Maybe Some Scrappy Quilts?

Thank you Eleanor so much for the great ideas!  I'm wanting to use up some scraps and didn't have enough coordinating fabric so will hit the bargain bins at Home Sense for discontinued coloured sheets and matching flannels!  Awesome!  👏 🤩 💖

That's how I sewed my own very deep pocket fitted queen sheets from king flats for like $15 instead of the $118 for a set that still were a smidge small and poorer quality too!