Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Catchup - Sept 3rd-5th

Sept 3rd

Here's one for the kiddies!!!

Thank you Cindy Vrtis for the lovely "Anything Japanese" PFA swap postcard.

Funny that it arrived after my European River Cruise and England vacation. So it continued with your "Japanese arm chair travel of Mt Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi and blooming cherry blossoms! ♥️♥️♥️

After the over-excitement when picking the pugs up from the kennel they've nicely settled down. 

Also lovely sunset!!!

Sept 4th

Ohhh definitely not the way start to the day!!! Fed the dogs, outside a bit and was going to stretch out on the couch. Should have done that!!!  

Since I was away a week, I brought my laundry and did that yesterday. So this morning, not quite awake, I went downstairs to get a change of clothes. But I forgot about the 2-3" last step and rolled off of it, landed on my bad knee, both hands and stopped with the left side of my neck below the ear against the door jam. Lucky I didn't crack my head against it, more like grazed against it. Yes I immediately assessed and think no serious injuries, at least I can move back upstairs and ice pack to the rescue. My right thumb seems very sore so will keep icing that today. 

So sweet, Bubba came laid down by me! 💞

He hasn't moved from my side! What a sweetie!!!

Now Dahli joined in, my tatting space is kinda cramped, they better not kick or the seed beads go flying!!! 😆😴

Dang it, Dahli escaped again on me and lucky me, the neighbour brought her right back! She's so fast! So I walked the fence and found a couple place she may have used and blocked them up for Taunya to reinforce. Yep and she went right to where I put the large log, too bad girl!

Well it's been kinda quiet couple days. I'm still sore so going to PanAm early tomorrow to get checked out.  

Yesterday I saw this lovely rainbow but we had no rain that day. But it rained steady overnight and drizzled the morning, just enough to wet the chairs so I could not sit out there!

Then today Sylvia met me at Pat's and we went to the Fabric Snob - zippo finds there and then Mooks - a few finds there but not our usual shopping. After that lunch at Wok Box before taking her back to Pat's to go home.  

Me back to the dogs and a good day till I saw Dahli with a short chewie, I was trying to get out of the couch without spooking her so I could take it away, but not soon enough as she coughed twice and I think it went down as it's no where in sight. She's been playing normally but I'm scared! Hopefully she'll upchuck but I'm not leaving till Taunya comes through the door! Sheesh what else can go wrong???

Stomperfest 2023

Sept 2nd

WELL yesterday was a very long day and end of my summer vacation too! Edna and I left the city 9:30am, headed to Plumas to stop into KickAss quilt shop and visit with Wayne! Then chancy cross country with an iffy GPS to Amaranth when I saw Momma bear cross the road ahead, slowed down and sure enough THREE cubs approached the road tentatively, two turned back into the bush but this one stood up, inquisitive!!! 

Then onto Reedy Creek area to the Asham farm where Stomperfest is being held. 

Arnold Asham and his grandchildren.

It was awesome and even had a delicious fresh pickeral fish fry for supper. There were no headliners but the music was good, even a band from Ethelbert MB. But for some reason no fireworks on schedule, not sure if it finally soared, we left at 10:45pm for home! I got home 2:30ish then an early rise!

Cliff Lake - Aug 29th-Sept 2nd

Aug 29th

Another day at the lake.  We tried to go to Whiskey Jack Tavern for lunch and meet friends and here they are closed Monday and Tuesday.  So back to the trailer and making lunch.  Another sewing day and napping before supper!  

I made an awesome one too, BBQ grilled chicken, grilled mixed veggies and Sylvia made coleslaw and small amount of ceasar salad before it spoiled!  BUT I forgot the potatoe wedges to put on the BBQ, so we'll have them tomorrow for supper.  

I tried showing Edna paper piecing and screwed up instructions three times!!!  Maybe Sylvia will show her a better way tomorrow!

These three are Pat's photos.

My photo through the trailer window.

Pat's photo from outside.

Aug 31st

Well today we sewed some after breakfast, then Sylvia, Pat and I watched the live-streaming of my brother-in-law's funeral service back in Dauphin, which was well attended. Then enjoyed a chicken burger and fresh veggies lunch before heading into Dryden to join Sylvia's friends for a supper visit. There were two major construction areas between Vermillion Bay and Dryden, but the camp owner told Sylvia about the back roads and we were just briefly in the long lineup waiting for the pilot truck to take us through before turning off. PHEWIEE, talk about a snakie winding hilly sometimes gravel road BUT no construction delays!!! We shopped a bit then to Tim's for coffee and relax a bit before supper. 

Florence and Roy took pictures of us in the restaurant and I took a group picture in the lobby. 

Then saw a helicopter landing next lot over before the 1.5 hr drive back to the camp in the dark on a wider paved but still winding hilly rock edged highway, speed was 80 km/hr and not even that in some places.

Sept 1st

WELL, Edna and I left about 10:30 am with nice overcast skys today and as we started out we were greeted by a huge eagle on that broken tree. As I approached to take it's picture, naturally flew away! 

We looked many times but could not spot the tree with the huge nest we saw last year, maybe those wind gusts this past year broke it?

So we stopped into Kenora for lunch with Adeline before hitting the highway again, this time just about a cloudless sky and sunshine. We got into the city 4ish, sorted out things then home to unload.  

Considering I left Wpg without my HBP meds I thought I should check it once rested. Not so good but took one ASAP and will check before bed again. I did call my Dr but he was away on vacation, won't do that again, I'll take the bottles next time.

Then I dropped off recycle stuff at the depot, got a bit of groceries and gathered what we need for Stomperfest at Reedy Creek tomorrow, hopefully dropping into Plumas to KickAss quilt shop first. It'll be a long day but Arnold Asham said this is the last year for it and Edna really wants to go.

Sept 2nd

Pat took this group picture before we left Cliff Lake.  

Then Adeline and Sylvia yesterday at Kenora on there way back to Winnipeg. 
Thank you for sharing.