Friday, June 24, 2022

Catchup - June 18th-24th

June 18th

Look at this stupid nail on the thumb I got caught under the sewing needle screw months ago!  I cried from the pain!  It's finally grown out to the edge from before the cuticle where it was caught/damaged.  Hopefully now I'll keep my fingers out of there when removing pins in future.  Hope that hump grows out too and a normal nail forms again!

OMGG so much for enjoying the deck and protection from the sun! This happened in the last hour or two as it was good before lunch when I let the dogs out! I'm hopeless when it comes to ladders! Also I swear I'm a jinx!

It's 8:50pm and Wheels walks into the room plunks down and all three look at me spooking me out! By the time I grabbed the camera their interests changed! I'd sure like to know what they were thinking at that same moment???

June 19th

Talk about a similar taste in patio decor?Remember our walk Janice, Monika and Carolyn Aug 28, 2020?

Not fortunate to get all of us on the couch this time. Sam is not interested I guess! More keeping an eye on the neighbours!

They obliged after a treat!

At the RRX at the Quilts display with Lucy my hexies cohort! Beautiful display and congratulations to the ribbon winners!!!

Update: just letting you know I'm OK and whatever incident happened at the Ex was before my being in that area exiting for home.

So this is what happened just before I was leaving the park 7:30ish. Glad I stopped to enjoy my mini donuts or I'd been walking through there closer to the occurrence.

June 21st

Ohhhh it's been TWO YEARS since I met the little one who's turned into a slightly bigger "shit" who wants to be the boss!!!!! Hope you both stay upright while out relaxing!

So danged cute!!!

June 24th

I call it quits for tonight! I'm pooped plus achy too!

So from a thrift store find, Quilter's World, May 2015 magazine, I decided I wanted to make the scrappy hearts border found in Charming Butterflies by Holly Daniels on my second scrappy rail fence quilt top. BUT I totally did not want to play with HSTs at all. So I sewed 2.5" squares and 2.5x4.5" rectangles instead! Then I just trimmed to 1/4" seam allowance size. LOTS EASIER on me and I'll have mini cream triangles as leaders/enders to sew to other varied printed trimmings. If not me, then Adeline sure will get lots for her hand stitched projects!

My sketched out plan similar to the pattern.

My pieces

Using my trusty seam presser until I've a few for the iron pressing. 

All pressed and left is trimmed to size.

My rail fence quilt plan.  Darker cream 1" inner borders on each side of hearts - or maybe not - will see after hearts are sewn on.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Catchup - June 11th-17th

June 11th

Ohhhhhhh!!!!  My brother-in-law Len's memories!

June 12th

Finally another UFO completed! I bought this "quilt in a tin" JUST for the tin for my hand sewing project items! It's finally free of fabric and put into use.
And it's now gifted for Edna's new apartment!

WOW!!! Awesome Montana's supper with Florence in from Dauphin, with Sylvia too. Then a short stop at McPhillips Street Station where both Florence and Sylvia came out ahead and I lost $10.25 - they don't make money off us that's for sure!!! 😃

So it's been a lazy but productive weekend. First off I added the side borders on the Raggedy Ann and Andy panel, it's blue pieced backing, the gold 1.5" inner borders on the two rail fence scrappy quilt tops and finished off the piano keys 5" border on one quilt top. Then tomorrow I'll finish off with the 2.5" brown outer border on the piano keys quilt top. The other rail fence top will get a scrappy hearts wide border with the brown outer border.

June 13th

Well I finally set up my portable floor/window AC! What a relief it is!

June 14th

WOW, but I need thick cushions!

Holy shit that thunder crack was close.
It shook my apartment!!!!!
Pouring like crazy!!!!

That loud thunder crack 2:30ish was supposedly a hit on the lightning rod on Edna's block, Lions Place.  All is good and her son was there when it rattled windows etc.   But fire trucks arrived and they checked all out.  All was good.

June 16th

Well a productive day, various errands taken care of including stopping at Shoppers for some Hydrocortisone anti-itch cream for my bug bite allergic reactions! (Angie told me this, not ointment but cream. It works wonders!) I've used triple polysporin before and that worked but ointment is sticky. Well while there the pharmacy clerk told me about Mozi-Q chewable tablets you start taking before your outdoor event, then stop when back inside and it works. This I'll try out! So back to A1-Nutrition for my stash! Hopefully future outdoors will have less bug spray usage!!!!

It was awesome to finally gather with fellow quilters at the hall for the last MPQ meeting until September! It was a visiting evening, catching up and viewing some awesome shown n tell. I even introduced my sister to Lori Suss of Night Owl Quilting & Dye Works, a longer quilter, to chat about custom quilting in the future! This is Arley's beauty! WOW!!!

June 17th

Lovely 18C day outside. I'm testing my Mozi-Q and doing a bit of stitching! See the "Quilt in a Tin", I'm putting it to good use!

OMGG!!!! It's going to be 6 years and this baby is still not completed! I was sooooo frustrated with my Steam a Seam 2 (which I always use) on this project that it's shelved as each feather etc needs to be stitched down but first I need to tack the loose ones down or replace! I gotta finish it this year!!!!!!
And here's Sylvia's finished and displayed at the MPQ April 2018 quilt show.

Memory from November 6, 2016
This week I've started to build my HERON wall hanging and put together the water, head and body so far.
Then I continued with my HERON but so frustrating as the pieces keep coming up, the fusible is not sticking down, iron maybe too hot. So will need to reinforce the larger pieces to adhere soon onto the backing. SHEESH!!!

And today my table/couch topper has been shown off on the quilt shop's FB page.  Hopefully next month there may be a chance to get another on sale? 

Lastly Jeanette knows me good!

Friday, June 10, 2022

Catchup - June 9th-10th

June 9th

Relaxing at the Forks!  Tall Grass Prairie veggie sandwich n cinnamon bun with iced Chai latte!   Water is very very high!  Boat dock is over the river walkway!!!!!

What a beautiful day! I don't want to go home but wooden chairs are a pain! Next time I'll bring my car cushion!

June 10th

WOW it's been a year now that I completed this quilt top!

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Today was the last of our supposed Ontario escape done locally! I picked up the girls early and we headed out to Gladstone to lunch at the bakery, Friday is pizza day! Pat teased me about stopping for a photo shoot, bratty girl!!! I highly recommend stopping there on whatever jaunts etc. We even saw an Amish buggy and I was given permission to take a picture. 

Then off to Plumas to KickAss Country Store - Quilting Supplies - by appointment only. We were a might early so we toured Plumas and came across a lovely antiquey decorated yard with a craft she shed, so we stopped. YEAH RIGHT!!! I immediately got my first Mosquito bite and immediately swelled up.

Size of a loonie and 1/4" raised!!!  It's starting again!!!

Thank goodness I was preoccupied and didn't scratch as it welted up on its own! SHEESH!!! Sylvia too got bit and welted up! We also stopped at a garage sale where I took a picture of their pond etc but zipped through the garage as mosquitoes were after me! 

Yard decor!!!

Huge tree in Plumas. 

So onto the awesome quilt shop! This was Pat's first time at Wayne's shop and had a great time checking all the nooks n crannies! He enjoyed our visit and shopping sprees!

Then headed into P la P to MCC but Dale and Ted weren't there! Shucks!!! We all picked up some treasures! 

On our way back to the city we stopped at Nick's for supper and talk about overload!!! Delicious but too much for me!!! AWESOME day with Edna, Sylvia and Pat. Dropped the girls off, came home to unload and promptly stubbed my toe on a plastic bin (where it shouldn't have been) - damn it!!!! Feet up time!!!