Friday, September 06, 2019

Next Tatting Projects

Ohhhhh I just found my next projects after the snowflakes are complete!  Now to just find the patterns!!!!  Some of these ladies are awesome as they also post the info too!

it is from Rosella Linden's book Celtic tatting on an ancient theme, it's not a very precise pattern and I think you need to know lots of basic stuff already but the ideas are lovely.

De Je Vu! - Simba

Sept 5th

I feel like royalty but at the same time de je vu as it's just about the same as their other house they fixed up in River Heights!  This was her parent's house where she grew up.

Ohhhh this is so beautiful and I'm very lucky Simba is still enjoying life so I get the privilege of looking after him here!  They've taken over her parents home and fixed it up to suit them! As you walk in the front door there is this formal livingroom.  To the left is the master bedroom.  To the right and behind is the dining room.  Just past that you walk into the spacious kitchen and step down into the family room. Do see the spectacular views out the windows, can't wait to see the wildlife venture past!  And finally the sunroom which is a sanctuary away from the bugs but still commune with nature!  I LOVE the ambiance and the beautiful renovations - what a turn around from it's original looks!  A lovely project!

Dang!!!  I've settled in, had lunch and now sitting in the sunroom (no Simba yet upstairs) and pulling out my tatting to work on, only to realize no patterns!  SHEESH!  Guess I'll venture home as it's perfect lighting etc here and would like to get the kinks out of the new pattern sooner than later! 😖

Hmmmm guess he thinks it's too cool today in the sunroom! Checked it out from the door and turned around! It's just perfect for me!

WOW today is just awesome.   First a Monarch saying Hello and ending with the deer sauntering through!


This year's fawn


Ohhhhh my am I ever having fun watching the deer!  There was even a larger boat with a water skiier in tow but the trees were in the way of a picture.  I wondered where the yearling was, well it showed up, guess the boat chased it out of the bush!

And look who's arrived checking on the deer!

Sept 6th

Good Morning!  The 🌞 is shining!  "It's another beautiful day in paradise!!!" as Lorne Martin used to say just about daily!  AND Simba is enjoying it too!

Hey those mushrooms weren't there yesterday!

Thursday, September 05, 2019

September Begins!

Sept 1st

WOW, another treasure!  Well done Monica!

I've finally found this frame at Winners that had a cord through it with three clothes pins to hang and change pictures in.  With some 2 sided poster squares VOILA it's framed and someday hung, but for now on my stand.  This was Len's 80th birthday party.

Having a quiet day, tatting, watching baseball on TV.  Plus enjoyed a scrumptious toasted sandwich for supper, even if over toasted slightly! 👌😋  OMGG Edna's garden tomato definitely will spoil me for store bought ones in my tomato, bacon and cheese sandwiches!  She and Angela spoil me!  Thank you! 😘

Sept 2nd

Lovely weather for a walk here with Edna, nice a relaxed pace and walked the perimeter. Michelle you missed an awesome one, chatting with live people too!

Gosh it's been four years since another Down Under treasured memory surfaces!  Thank you Maria from Hobart, Tasmania!

Craft Sale - Saturday, September 14th 
At 1630 Henderson Hwy (just north of Chief Pequis)
From 10 am - 3pm (I'll be around there opening and then again near closing - otherwise checking on the dogs)

I'll have some of my crafts and quilted items for sale (a few pictures below), sharing a table with my friend Barb who lives there.

Sept 3rd

Here's what I worked on the other day!  So pleased it tatted up A-Okay!  Onto the others over the next month or so!  Needs washing, starching and blocking yet.

Sept 4th

I too finally got there last year and want to take a friend there.  Guess I better boogie or it'll be closed!  So sad to see it closing but yet happy for the owner's fun times ahead!

Sept 5th

Today was a coffee retirement party for Cindy, got to see some excoworkers.  Then I walked downtown area errands before picking up Edna.  We walked with PPF group around Crescent Drive Park tonight.  It was warm but skeeters were out bothering me!

6,920 steps here.

Today's total steps.