Tuesday, December 03, 2019

CP Holiday Train

What a lovely evening for this event, standing on Panet Road for the Canadian Pacific Holuday Train to roll in! 

Hopefully it was a great turnout for everyone, especially for Winnipeg Harvest!  It was awesome to have Angela join Janice and I this year!  We missed you Marilyn!  You can see we three sure did!

My favourite!

Bye bye till you come again next year!!!

Sunday, December 01, 2019

November 30th & December 1st

Nov 30th

Yummy borscht and cheese toast again with Edna at the Oakwood Cafe!  AND carolers plus a pop up craft sale too!  Here's my pottery purchase!

Was there earlier with Edna and saw Linda and Patrick listening to the symphony performing here.

My purchases at Christkindlmarkt were few this year but could not resist a dolphins wooden ornament nor the angel with a heart that matches last year's trio of woodland angels.  And naturally another of my favourite gingerbread cookies and cherry chocolates, this time only one package.  The jam filled ones aren't for me.

While listening and sometimes watching the Jets hockey game I tatted my first metallic Angel, pattern by Inga Madsen, my previous Fringe Element Tatters exchange gifter.  Just wondering if I can find a large enough crystal like bead for her head and large enough sequins for a halo!  I really do not care for this Lizbeth metallic thread, at least this is an easier pattern to work!  Obviously I do not understand Danish so need some correction to my rows of chains and also slightly larger picots when comparing the two. 😍

My gift from Inga.

Dec 1st

Hmmmmm I read the article but guess I missed the shoeing dates!  I'm thinking I'd like to see this one! 

I played with my Oriental brocades(?) finally and trying to decide what to do with it.  Maybe add more and make a table topper?  There is a fabric in here that is reversible - so different - see the second from the bottom row, the striped one and the other side is the blue flowered third block same row.  I obviously like the reds lots!!!  They are so rich looking, who wouldn't like one!

Hey maybe my brother has tires lying around for this gate entrance decor?  Maybe to share with his daughter?

Well I've tried this lovely angel again using Lizbeth 313 Sand Dollar.  It did tat up easier than the 312 Irridescent metallic.  I need to refine the tatted head and do something different for the hanger.  This time I followed the skirt instructions but will go back to 3 rows each number to be similar as the Irridescent one.  It's an ongoing learning process for me!

That's it for the weekend!!!

Saturday, November 30, 2019

November 29th & 30th

Nov 29th

She's at it again!  Monica, your brain does not rest, I'm pretty sure!!!!

Delayed tatting a bit more and prepped for three orders of my wildlife pillows for Christmas.  So now back to tatting my Christmas bells and hopefully mailed off this weekend then to sewing again.

Nov 30th

Merry Christmas to my Fringe Tatter exchange recipient, it'llbe mailed off today!  Finally with a few setbacks my tatted bell is complete.  Even reopened my tiny but deep cut again - this time briefly!  After days of searching I settled on Christmas Bell by Jennifer Williams but had to tat according to the pattern to figure out where I'd add my crystals into which joins.  Maybe they are a bit big, a seed bead might have been better, but I like the end result!  This pattern has loads of cuts and ties which I don't care for.  Also I tried to make it with Lizbeth 312 metallic and boy was that a mistake and a major waste of time as halfway through I busted a join and had to start over with regular Lizbeth cotton.  But with the crystals I sure can see it on the tree reflecting the lights! 🤗🎄😍

OK what's this Colorado low sending our way now!  The sky looks weird for winter!