Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Catchup - July 25th-28th

July 25th

AWESOME and so romantic!

July 26th

It was getting a bit warm out and the flies were bugging me, plus got bit by something again, so back inside! Obviously a cuddling day, while making my going to the lake food list! Ha ha ha!

Ohhhhh so close!

There they are again - telling me it's suppertime! So funny!

What a lovely visit yesterday with Aruna, my travel agent and friend, and a chat about travel plans as bookings for next year are starting fast she says! Going to have to see if my European River Cruise is still in the works or have to change plans? Our supper at JOEY Kenaston!

OHHHHH I got to see this cactus 🌵 bloom and still more for Taunya to enjoy this next week or so! That's it for tonight. Will see what morning brings!

At home after supper out - WOW!!!

Like 12 minutes later!!!

Cool down time!
See the start of turning back of petals? 


More curled back petals! 

July 27th

Oh oh smoke is very bad this morning! But the flower is still 😍!!!

OOOPSIE, messed the date up!


Barely see the neighbours!

WOW so this cactus basically blooms 24 hours and then wilts to nothing! It started opening about 8pm last night (see previous post with time frames). There's 4 hour till the 24 hr mark - will I be here to see this period of change? Who knows!

My last post of this lovely flowering cactus! So beautiful! I'm so glad I was at the right place at the right time!

July 28th

OMGG look what Taunya sent me! LUCKY!!!! LOVE seeing them together ❤💕💗!!!

See the wilted one that I saw flower yesterday! 

And she's letting me have a pot of successfuly transplanted growing cacti!  Thank you!

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Catchup - July 20th-25th

July 20th

Finally I'll have some relief! Thank you Adele!

Having an early Happy Birthday for Edna today! And totally enjoying being out and getting dinner served!!!

For my gardening friends n family!

July 22nd

UPDATE: it opened up last night, here's Taunya's pictures. 

WOW!!! I've not seen a cactus flower here! AWESOME!!! Will watch to see if it opens more.

Last night - Taunya's

Last night - Taunya's 

Oooohhhhhh mine better not break down then!

Hmmmm temperature is high, slight breeze, but it seems nice so I'm out for happy hour. Bubba just cooled down in the pool and came beside me, shook off before climbing backup on the chair. They are goofball!

Dahli won't let Bubba be!  Brat! 

Dahli lookout that will hurt you!!!


July 23rd

A late start, after a visitor, but awesome having breakfast outside in the shade WITH this coolish breeze! 

Thank you Taunya for the comfy chair!

Again, Bubba practically on top of me and Dahli promptly jumped down from the window to disrupt the nap! Brat! At least this time his feet weren't next to my waist, one backward hoof was one too many for me!

July 24th

Ohhhh Heavenly breeze! And this awesome swing chair, might get one whenever I move to a balcony apt.


It's so nice out I'm not going in!!!!!! After breakfast Christin dropped off green beans and a cuc for me. Then an hour after Mike, Jackson and their dogs came over and it was free for all playtime! WHY can't summer be like today period???? Dang the pups are looking at me strange, guess it's in time! 😒

Jackson with Zeda and Grady!

Quiet time and cool down!   First time Dahli was in the pool when I'm over! 

Now nap time!

I'm not sure about this but gonna check it out!

Friends are over and enjoying the cool evening for a change! The bigger dogs playing chase and the pugs running for help sometimes straight to me? Bubba is just too big for jumping!

Another cactus is going to bloom! 

Good night!

July 25th - am

Breakfast at the Pancake House with Sylvia was AWESOME!!! It's been way too long for this baby apple! ❤❤❤ A brief stop at Fabricland n Dollarama and then back to the AC. YUCK it's gonna be another warmer day!