Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Aunt Monica's Attic

This is where I'm purging larger pieces of my fancy fabrics and laces to!  Some are sewn up for the dressup birthday tea parties she offers in her shop, some donated for fundraising efforts and like this special one for sale - maybe for a family wedding or other such special event!  Some little girl will feel extra special in this beautiful dress that is one of a kind! 😍


Monday, June 17, 2019

Catchup June 16th - 17th

June 16th

An awesome jam packed day for me and it could have been more too!  First off to Angela's before noon to drop off some of my mini quilts for a project/event her Mom is part of in Teulon and have a coffee with her!

Then off to Diane's Celebration of Life at Khartum Shriners Hall and enjoy seeing her many beautiful quilts on display along with the stories of a spunky lady!  A life snatched from her family and friends WAY too soon!  Even met a couple of camera club members, including Jack, from years past, before my meeting Diane.

Afterwards I headed to Chief Pequis to join friends sewing up cancer port pillows!  Thank you Barb for having us over to help you out.  Chores go fast when shared with friends!  Also thank you Dianne for the bags of fabrics which I'm sure Monica of #AuntMonicasAttic will be very pleased to receive.  Then Barb, Kim and I went to BP for supper.  Once home I got an invite from Monica to drop by tonight, but I was already vegging out and didn't feel like going out again!  😊  Another time!

Another party dress by Monica and some fabrics from me again! I'm so happy to purge some excess fancies and help increase her birthday party dresses!

June 17th

Yeppers I'm so excited I can zip to the moon and back on my energy!!!!!! ☄🌝🌞 See I had registered to go to Cambridge ON for the Fringe Element Tatters group Tat Days - my first one! Then I found a roommate to split the hotel costs - that's book too! Then today I booked my return Airmiles flight online by myself (nervous as heck) and have printed off my receipt too! So I'm at a conference, visiting my girlfriend and her family maybe and hopefully connecting with some quilters out east too! Might even see some fall leaves??? OHHH GOD!!! I'm going to be sick now with relief that that's all done. I'm going out for a walk now to calm down!

After our 8 km walk around Assiniboine Park we're enjoying our coffee, chai latte and shared applejack!  I'm pooped and finally calmed down!

We got back to the car and near Polo Park before the Heavens opened up to heavy rains.  So much so that the towers of downtown were just about lost in the greyness in the distance.

Then headed back to Angela's to pick up more fabrics from her Mom who is purging too, for Monica's party dresses and Barb's Cancer port pillows.  Now home relaxing with my last Radler grapefruit!

Yeppers this is me! But gotta chsnge soon?

Catchup June 13th - June 15th

June 13th

Again thank you Linda and Patrick for these tickets for Vivaldi's Four Seasons at Westminster Church.  Again with Angela after a wonderful supper at Stella's on Sherbrooke.  These are from the main floor.

We're now sitting up in the balcony and WOW what a view!

Just as it started!



She won my accent pillow and looks very happy to!

June 14th

OMGG I am so very surprised with the tatting decorated envelope received from a Denmark participant within the current tatting exchange of the Fringe Tatters group.  I love Lis' presentation and the beauty of her tatting! Exquisite!  I especially love that somehow she's tatted my favorites, hedgehogs, ladybug and a beaded heart!  I've taken the frog (also sent me her designed pattern) from inside the card and will also remove those from the envelope and add to the beautiful card which is also my favourite colour - my forrest friends!  Thank you so very much Lis! 😍😘

June 15th

Now today is a breezy lovely summer day on the deck with the dogs in the yard!  Hope it doesn't blow any stormy weather in!  Had my SLS pizza, my grapefruit Radler, my book with my feet up relaxing!  Wheeler wants to play, Griffin wants in, but too bad, I even brought their water out too.  Finally they both settled for a bit and posed so lovely too!


Wheeler, better leave these slipons alone!