Saturday, February 22, 2020

Packing Up Day!

Feb 21st

Like this one too!

OMGG I'm always fussy cutting to get the right placement but matching up these small hexies took some time and repositioning before I was happy.  Next time I'm cutting the larger ones to size and sewing the outside columns together and matching the smaller cuts - less waste that way.  Since I've now bought and washed all the fabrics this week, next week I'll start cutting out the basic pieces and leaving the smaller hexies to cut as needed.  And then the sewing will begin on this adapted 5-yard quilt pattern - block size is 12" finished.  🤗🤗🤗

It's starting, partial payments have started too!

Second part is a few days here with Margreet De Reus!  I can't wait to finally meet you in person June 17th!

Last part before heading home is a few days in Shakespeare's home visiting with Jane Eborall, again finally meeting in person June 21st or 22nd!!!

Feb 22nd

It's packing up day and I'm very glad Fred seems more agile today!  Yesterday he couldn't get off the couch except sliding off it! 

I felt so sorry for him as his arthritis was acting up! Today he even came to me for a back massage and outside with Bubba too.

I love how they share the water dish after coming back in!

OMGG!!!  Zero and Fred just changed rooms until that interfering vacuum shut down!  Fred still does but this PUP backed up in front of it barking louder than the machine!!!  SHEESH my headache intensified until Fred took pity on me and headed outside!  It was funny, Bubba backing up still barking at the vacuum as he followed him out.  Mucho better!  Then I called Fred back in and he hustled and laid back down with his treat!  Bubba in the chair with me!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

More Packed Days!

Feb 18th

OMGG this pup is one heck of a character and chewing sticks always, never mind his toys! Tonight he's bugging Fred, trying to get the tennis ball from him!  If Fred looses it and Bubba grabs it, he lets it go, but it's too big for Bubba to hold for long and then Fred pounces getting it back!  Well then the game was on till Fred had enough, growled then Bubba took off doing circles around the house full bore!  Fred just lying there!  🤣🤣🤣 

Bubba keeps coming out chewing skinny sticks, like from a dried up orchid stick????  So I go searching, well the stinker is breaking up the laundry basket!  It's now on the high bed that he can't jump onto yet.  OK that's curtailed, now Bubba is growling at Fred for the ball!  SHEESH yep just like kids!!!!  🙄😜🙃 

I had enough, yelled, he looked at me, backed up and laid down and now napping, snoring too!  That was FAST!!!

Feb 19th

This morning I was not a happy camper!  Fred snuck by to the living room and at 4:30 started barking scaring the BJeeZus out of me, nothing from Bubba!  So got him back to bed but I tossed and turned waiting to hear Bubba wanting to go out!  Guess he wore himself out yesterday as he slept till 6 when he wanted out!  Then all back to bed but no sleep for me - UGH!!!

It's my fault today not Bubba's for his messing his pen, first time since Saturday.  My appointments went a might longer than I thought and I came back to let him out before picking up my new prescription!  Won't be doing that again if it can be helped.  So after supper we relaxed watching curling together during his chewie episode!  Both are napping again!  Maybe I should be too!

WELL, it looks like I just may get the two projects finished before Friday for Pat to take to Dryden for Sylvia to drop off for me!  And again guessed just enough binding for the project!  My hard drive still is not reconnected and I don't feel like tackling it right now so my label is by pigma pen!
17.5 x 22 inches - half inch finished HSTs, squares and row heights

Feb 20th

Good morning!!!  We all had a good night, mine after meds refilled!  This morning is hand stitching on my mini quilt, watching curling and the boys relaxing!

The Dryden Quilt Show Mini Quilt Auction piece is done!!!!  Now working on the postcard. Should be finished tonight. 😉

YEAHHHH!!!!!!  My Dryden Quilt Show postcard challenge is now complete and ready to be delivered this weekend!  PHEWIE, that's close as my niece is delivering tgem this weekend! 

Now to work on Winnipeg's MPQ Choice Auction piece!!!!

Monday, February 17, 2020

Packed Monday

The little stinker woke me 5ish as he had to go out!  Don't get me wrong I'm glad he did rather than clean out his kennel!  🤗  BUT it took over half an hour to get him back in.  So I shut off the 6 am alarm and Fred woke me 7:30 for his breakfast - Taunya he's eatin' all each time. This time I put Bubba into his playpen with a couple toys and I crawled back to bed till 9:30, still groggy and no wine yet!!!!  Ohhhh and when I go out with Bubba I may have started something with Fred as he comes out each time and nudges me to "come on I'm waiting"!!!!  😘  The first time he stood patiently by me and I reached down with both hands and massaged his neck and back gently while Bubba ran around.  Well it's stuck now!!!!  🤗🤗🤗  OK there starts the mess all over again!!!!  Oh oh he's back to chewing the quilts so distracting him!  He's tough!  Then when I took it away he attacked my hand!

This is sad, have found unique items shopping here!  Pier 1 is closing Canada stores!

He spent a good hour outside with Fred, before Fred came inside for a nap.  Bubba was barking at him to go out again and Fred barked back not moving!  It was funny as Bubba raced around, to the doggie door n back barking to no avail.  So I settled him with his teething chewie and now he's out too!  Good thing curling is on cause I'm not moving!

I just ❤❤❤ this picture!!!

What a thoughtful idea and use for ABC program maybe!  Might make a couple with some Canada fabrics left over from my own quilt?  🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Hungry bunnies!!!!  And both dogs napping unconcerned!

I wonder what's in some people's minds? That's creativity!

I Need A New Bum

Finally after the THIRD attempt I've completed the FMQing (for non quilters - free motion quilting) with the top section of my drawn pattern in tatters (design from Quilters Niche off Pinterest)!  Not my best quilting!  Tomorrow is time enough for the label and binding!  UGH!!!  My Chiro gave me a full roll of her table paper and talk about ease of removal without pulling 90% of stitches.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

More February Catchup

Feb 12th

Dang it was cold out! Katsu kept wanting to go but I turned him around.  We'll go out midafternoon again.  Napping in the sun!

Feb 13th

This is something I need to stitch onto a tote or two!

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!  Something I need to look into for sure!

Both relaxing after our slightly longer but still brisk walk a bit earlier!

Feb 14th

OKAY even I think this is crazy!!!  At 9ish it was -21 wc -35 and winds gusting to 65 km/hr!  Do you know what that feels like dog walking? CRAZY!!!  Temperatures were winter normal like but that wind when you turned around was brutal AND for some reason this guy thought it was time for a longer walk!!!!  It was MOI who put the brakes on and turned him homewards!  He's curled up napping!  Dang it was scary hearing these huge old trees creaking overtop and then seeing a large branch in front of us on the ground!  Also creepy, no one else out dog walking!  And Katsu does not like hearing the wind inside and scuddled over to me!

Here's what it is now! 

And then the temperature swing within the 24 hours.  Better calm down for the evening walk or tomorrow morning's last doggie walk!

Ohhh boy this sure is crazy weather!  This morning it was frigid with winds from OZ, tonight it's balmy warm and no wind!  It definitely was a mite longer walk for sure!

Feb 15th

YOWSERS, I'm leaving Katsu's today and look what I woke up too!  Not sure I can clean it up as it's growing!  YIKES!!!  Found the culprit, basement toilet leaking.

After two long sessions of sweeping and mopping up before I left when Emily arrived. After settling in with Fred and Bubba I heard from Emily that the issue is resolved!  YEAH!!!

What a day!  And it's not over yet but I'm relaxing with Bubba giving Fred some peace and quiet from him too!  I LOVE this recliner that's for sure!

We're both watching curling! 

Feb 16th

Ooooohhhhhhh I'm so jealous that Iona and Donna are back here with Ruth - not MOI!!!! Oh well I know I can't have everything so will wait till they are back and I can relive CUBA again through them!  ENJOY ladies!!!!

I love this!

Bubba's morning in between wanting to play wit Fred!!!  True toddler, maybe teething, scattered HIS toys around him!

Look who has been having a feeding frenzie. They know Zero is not here anymore or he'd be banging and barking to kingdom come!  I guess that tree will be a goner!

These don't care as much!

WOW, awesome compliment from this group! ❤❤❤