Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!!!

I'm feeling tired but once outside I'll pep right up for the day ahead.  There are at least 3 hockey games to watch plus dog walking and my favorite Santa Lucia Special pizza to pick up for supper and my Christmas gift of wine along with a cozy fireplace!!!  I thought this was appropriate from me who loves Snowman and snow!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

WOW Time Sure Passes!!!

OMGG this time last year was a very excitable and stressful day and remembering it brings some back but with relief too.  Thank you again Justin and Amanda for helping me then!


I just had a lovely visit from my niece - hemmed up her dining room curtains.  Then she dropped the bombshell on me and my heart and stomach are kicking up one hell of a fusssssss!!!!  OMGG OMGG OMGG!!!!   See Justin just accepted a silver 2008 Honda CR-V on trade and he's put my name on it as another staff person right away asked to buy it ASAP.  YIKES I thought it might take January at least before one is found.  Now I hope it's awesome and I can strike a deal!!!!   OH MYYYYYYY!

Feeling Ticked Off!!!

OK I'm very thankful the road is cleared and passable after the snow dump!!! BUT I'm thoroughly ticked that now I have a 4 foot ridge to clear to get to the road again!!!! Well I'm sure getting exercise and wearing off my Christmas indulgences!!!

Yesterday's - Dec 28th - Feeling Concerned

This morning after our long walk, I had to deal with the snowplows high frozen ridge on the back lane!!!  So I used the spade to loosen the pieces and then slowly the electric snowblower - but it was hard work and I was getting tired and kept dropping the spade missing the ridge.  The neighbor came over to help me but guess he had more force and shortly the machine stopped.  OH OH NOT GOOD!  So I finished off with the spade - thankfully I was about 80% cleared.  YEAH IT'S CLEARED and I can go shopping and meet Jan for lunch.

Back for a nice long walk with Katsu down Grant's cleared sidewalk and not dodging vehicles on the road!!!  This time we came home via the back lane and I could have CRIED!!!  The plow had gone by again and everyone was out trying to clear the ridges again!!!!   I deflated from the good vibes while walking in the sunshine.  But thankfully the same neighbor came over with his big blower and took care of my ridge for me so I could go check the apartment.  Now to see if the machine just overworked - if not have to ask Randy to maybe have his neighbor check it out before the next dump.  🐞

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Feeling Energized!!!

Well today Katsu chose to head to PanAm pool n clinic area so thankfully the two parking lots were clear and we did two rounds there before heading home.  He still did not want to go in so into the back yard he ran picking up sticks and catching those I threw.  Then checked out some scents and under the sun room before playing tag with me then he ran to the door - enough I guess!!!  NOT!!!  Once inside he tore around the kitchen living room at least 5 times growling and barking - I stayed in the landing to stay out of his way.  Then he decided to run the hallway, jump onto the couch and repeat 5-6 times still.  I just shook my head at this.  I stepped out to clean the steps so mail and papers can be delivered and come back in to find Katsu zonked out - that's his red tag not his tongue as I thought he'd had a heart attack on me but he was breathing and opened his eyes when I called.  Scared the daylights out of me I sure can tell you Joan & Harold!!!

Feeling Proud!!!

That I did it!!!  See I can shovel in small doses but this dump needed LOTS of shoveling here when my strength petered out.  Harold said if I got someone to clear there was the electric snowblower to use.   Well I gave up waiting for that guy I asked across Grant and ran out to ask four guys cleaning across the road but they said they have too many already even if I offered cash.  I understood and wished them well before heading for that machine checking out the switches etc and thought OK here goes nothing.  "You're probably saying nothing to it and I should have used it from the start" BUT I  never was allowed near the snowblower at home.  I pushed it to the gate, plugged it in and away I went being very careful of the cord!!!  WELL I DID IT!!!  Yep the front sidewalk and the front door walkway (have to shovel near steps yet) in the same time as shoveling the side door to front sidewalk.  That's it Joan Lien I'll be using this from now on but make sure I leave Katsu inside.  I'm resting till walk time then the last bit of shoveling.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Feeling Refreshed!!!

After a fairly brief walk ON THE ONE VEHICLE TRACK ROAD and back inside for Katsu while I tackled some of the snow dump.  Honest I carried him to the road after the initial steps he got buried in.  I'm maybe a third of the way cleared out AND not going anywhere by car - ACTUALLY not going shopping etc at alllllll!!!!!!  For someone who lives in an apartment I sure get my fill of shoveling every time Joan Lien and Harold go to warmer climes -you hopefully are enjoying your vacation!!!  The pics are probably the same usual winter activity for everyone but not for me!!!  😊  I'm having a late breakfast and we'll both venture out back to clear some more - thankfully it's warm at least!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Feeling Drained!!!

Well I think tonight was the shortest and fastest walk Katsu has ever done to my knowledge!!!  Guess the blowing ice pellet type snowfall was the driving force - wonder what tomorrow will bring?  Only 1.2 km @ 5.1 km/hr and in 13 minutes!!!  WOW!  Now for me to catch my breath and hydrate - I swear he's drained me period!

My Day!

I'm having a darn good workout daily walking Katsu 3 times a day and the two walks today I've not only worn off yesterday's meal but started on today's supper too come!!!!  Yesterday I made a double batch of Nalysnyky to take some to Barb's with veggie & cranberry stuffing & cranberry sauce to have supper with her family.  The other part I'm taking over to Pat's for supper tonight.  This place smelled good and drove Katsu crazy.  😊

Not sure if he senses snow is coming but he's in one heck of a frisky playful mood!!!  We walked longer even with the crispness but also he was jumping over the plow rows and sinking into the snow and once he came up with some bread - sheesh try getting that away from him!!!  Then when finally I guided him home he refused to leave the sidewalk but pulled me onwards half a block before he turned around.  Once in the yard and off the leash he bounded into the back yard to gather twigs and play chase - nope I'm too tired.  He stayed out another 15 minutes before shaking his paw and heading to the door.   I'm shaking my head at his antics!!!!  Now 15 minutes inside he's out cold on his blanket!  Wonder if he'll notice me leaving?

Christmas Eve and Day!!!

Merry Christmas to all my family and friends here!

Thank you to Barb and family for inviting me to join then for supper Christmas Eve!  The food, company and family warmth was very nice!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  I've MTS's Yule Log channel on - lovely crackling fireplace with holiday music - I miss this as Shaw just has the fireplace but no music!!!!

It was a very brisk walk this morning as Katsu had it in high gear again all the way with many jolts of running in between sniffing breaks!  Today I decided to break out my Jets tougue  ($9.99 at River Sports - no pom pom on top) as its windy out there and boy was I glad.

So off to Pat and Randy's for supper tonight along with my Nalysnyky and fresh cranberry sauce to share!!!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Feeling Pumped!

Well woke earlier this morning by Katsu so out earlier for a walk.  Then got my mini compressor out to fill the flat tire - zippo no  action.  So called CAA and my garage to see if I could drop it off - all a go!!!  It wasn't even 5 minutes and the 5-min warning call rang - out I went and there came the truck.  Another 5 minutes he had the screw out, plug in and tired filled up and ready to go - no need to go to the garage until it's buying new tires time!!!!  YAHOOIE!!!  THANK YOU CAA!!!!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Feeling Festive

WOW my friends and niece sure were nice to me this week!!!  First Wendy was my Secret Santa at Aurora and gave me a bottle of wine-Sewline marking pencil I need for my quilting class soon-quilting thread with it's own bobbin holder, then Linda gave me a lovely snowman she made from kids socks, then Edna gave me a blue necklace earrings set-magazine-vinatartta-Tim's gift card-and a lovely grey neckie/hoodie, then Barb gave the item I asked her to order for me from her friend-blue Jean stocking-and a cut glass base with blown glass angel-Snowman decorated ball-Tim's timbits Snowman ornament-and from her Toronto Bon Jovi trip she got me a Blue Jays keyring with the bat,ball,glove on it-love it, and just now my niece dropped off a pair of snuggly sock slippers and foot care cream to help clear up my heel cracks along with some cinnamon Chai tea YUMMY!!!!  Everyone has been overly generous and nice!  I've most of these items with me and added to the Joan's decorations - I think the giraffe is proudly showing off my stocking even if Santa can't come down this chimney to fill it for me!!!  Thank you.

OK back to reality and somehow tomorrow deal with my flat tire in the morning before my lunch with fellow retirees downtown.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Awesome Winter Day!!!

OMGG I just keep getting amazed by Katsu and this is the second time I'm looking after him!!!  At first he didn't abandon his window-couch-back perch - looking for Mom and Dad to return - then ran to me when I asked if he wanted to go outside!  He had a good brisk walk but did not like the gravel etc so I carried him over the road crossings.  Then it snowed more and the late afternoon walk was on a nice covering of snow and he was having a ball and didn't want to go my way or return home yet!!!  After my evening visit with Angela I came out to the car just covered and sidewalks at home a good 3 to 4 inches of fresh snow.  WELL as we exited onto the street Katsu started racing here and there yipping and pulling on the leash that I finally gave up and ran some with him but had to stop as he didn't slow down at all!  AND he definitely did not want to go home even though snow covered!!!  When we got into the yard I unleashed him and he TOOK OFF for the back yard jumping everywhere running around that I wished I'd had my camera.  😃  At least I kept him leashed going into the house until I could towel him off to let him loose in the house to once again running around barking.  He's stretched out sleeping right now.   LOL!

Am I gonna last two weeks of this along with snow clearing???  😊  HHHMMMMM!!!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Crafts and Relaxing!

Relaxing at my nieces with a fancy coffee - yummy!

I forgot to let you guys know what I finished off yesterday!

So the red ones were gifts for Linda Lefebvre Mullen and my niece and the remaining one for me.  The brown ones are for my friend Angela who wants it for all year so I said her's are "stars".

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Feeling Festive!

Definitely can't help feeling festive while visiting the Linda and Patrick's home during the holidays!  Linda made these lovely sock snowpeople and I got to pick mine and I made these snowflake/star hanging ornaments and she picked her's out.  It was a short and sweet visit!

One year I had the honour of cat sitting for them at this time of year and it's always so beautifully decorated - I'd sit in the living room and read.  I feel ashamed that my lovely decorations are still boxed but I'll not be home for a few weeks - I've my cards hanging!!!!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Feeling Pained!


I bought new lightweight Kamik boots and wore them a couple of times and they felt great.  So today since I don't have my midcalf walking blister preventive socks yet I wore my old trusty ski socks which never gave me problems.   WELL THERE'S A FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING!!!  Yeppers I've two blister starting spots on the balls of my feet and one busted blister on my right heal back.   OUCHIE!!!   Dang and I'm starting dog sitting on Monday and Katsu goes out on walks 3 times a day.  Guess I better go pick up those socks Pronto like tomorrow!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jets Game Day!

Florence shopped and I ran to the Library.
Hey I got a Jets zippered sweater or sweatshirt 50% off and now waiting for the game!!!
We're in section 222 real close to Jets goal.

MPQ Donation Quilts to NICU

Last night at the Manitoba Prairie Quilters guild where an unbelievable number of charity quilts for newborns were shown and donated.  Here is a blurb from Canadian Prairie Quilters FB by Susan Moxley Cote reported on the event.

"I belong to a group called Manitoba Prairie Quilters. At a meeting last evening, the group prestented 72 beautiful 40 x 40 inch quilts to the NICU at Chridren's Hospital in Winnipeg. Next week there is a parent's luncheon for the parents of babies currently in the NICU. Each family will choose a quilt for their baby as a Christmas gift. The NICU nurse at the meeting last evening said she thought she might receive 20 quilts and hoped for maybe 30. WAY TO GO, MPQ members!! The quilts were part of the Fold, Snip, Rip, Drop ,Pass and Repeat President's Challenge."

Sorry there wasn't a "share" button so I quoted it - hope that is OK.  And here are close ups of all the quilts plus my participation in this President's Challenge.  Once pictures are uploaded to the guild site I'll share my complete quilt and the group I was in.  They all are so unique from the same fabrics shared.  I even used my new Brother quilting sewing machine and with the help of my ruler was able to do some fairly even quilting.  Love my new baby!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Feeling Pumped!!!

After picking up my door prize that I was lucky enough to win at the St. Peters Anglican Church Cookie Drive and Crafts Sale this past Saturday.   I didn't read what was all in there when dropping my 2 tickets into the bag - just saw the two bottles of wine that I like and something gold which I think was the candle items.  So needless to say I was totally surprised when I called to arrange pick up that I won the BIG prize and sure enough it was in a box along with a large gift bag.  WOW!!!

So here at home I'm checking it all out and find two awesome GCs too - one for Chamois that I use and the other for $50 DIY framing - coincidental as I have a hand made bobbin piece I've been told to get framed - plus two pass to the WAG!!!  There's lots of goodies to enjoy and maybe share!!!

Monday, December 12, 2016

My Thermea Spa Adventure

Well I started the day without my walk but picked up Pat and met Amanda at Stella's for an awesome healthy lunch.  Then my adventure began at Thermea Spa!

OMG MANY TIMES OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!  Janice Palmer you were right - I LOVE IT!  If someone would have told me I'd be walking out in winter temps in a wet bathing suit all afternoon and not be frozen through and through I'd probably tell them they were NUTS!!!  Never mind walking down 6 or 7 steps into a "freezing" cold water pool up to my chin (4 times not just once) after the wet orange scented sauna sessions and actually doing two laps in the cold temperate water pool (I'm comparing it to Childs and Blue Lakes of what I remember when Dad took us to the beach - never warm water there) before relaxing in the hot pool - I'd probably say they were certifiable!!!  BUT IT'S ALL TRUE!!!  At 3 pm I was fortunate to be present when a worker did the ritual of three different purification(?) scents in the dry sauna and I stayed and enjoyed the whole session but had to get out when finished and took another dip in the polar pool - last one for me.  I totally enjoyed it but next time have to bring my water bottle as there's only one hut to get water and they have little paper cups only - I was not buying a water bottle there when I have a few at home.  We regrouped a couple of times in the Relaxing hut and even read some there.  So I've decided I'll be going back there more times for sure all year round!!!  Soooooo relaxing and yet envigorating!!!  Thank you Pat and Amanda for inviting me to join you two!!!  💞

The one thing I truly missed is not having my camera to take pictures of the frosted wonderland - didn't even mind the no talking, just whispering in pools!!!  I even checked out the menus and sometimes I'll stay and have an appetizer etc to replenish my energy levels.  😊

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Feeling Festive with Friends and Family!!!

I started the day off with a morning craft sale at the St. Peter's Anglican Church Cookie Drive with Michelle, Mary Anne and Mary from our Lace group.  Then headed over to Pat's for homemade pot barley soup and my mixed up Red Lobster biscuits and the mixed bag of cookies I had bought for dessert.  After cleaning up we pulled out the craft supplies and ALL OF US even the two guys made something.  There were lots of individual ideas floating around even one selfie sortof ornament!!!  When I saw Pat's idea I just had to make a smaller version besides the angel pattern idea I brought.  BTW there were two younger ones with glue gun injuries - one had a blister on ice.  OUCHIE!!!  Keirnan started and Audrey took over and made cherry cheese balls - yummy!  Yes a lovely fun time.  Afterwards I went to Cabello's and found lightweight good to -30C walking boots to help keep me warm on my winter walks.  Not fair having warm roasted nuts for sale at the doorway - they are delicious - I could not resist buying after the taste test.  Now home to relax and double session hockey!!!  GO JETS GO!!!

Morgan's at top and Amanda's below - works in progress.

Pat's and Audrey's works, sisters and my nieces.

Keirnan with Craig (Audrey's hubby and son).

Morgan's gingerbread (Keirnan's girlfriend).

Craig's angel and Keirnan's hanging ornament.

Audrey's banner.

Amanda's sortof selfie Snow couple, bearded Justin, glasses added later on.

My Marushka doll mini ornament.

Pat's Marushka doll table ornament.

A day's work and family fun.  Audrey's banner, underneath left to right, my angel, Amanda's Snow couple, my Marushka, Pat's Marushka, Morgan's gingerbread, Craig's angel and Keirnan's hanging ornament.  ALL LOVELY!!!

BRRRRRRRRR!!!! - Dec. 9th

OK maybe I should have dressed a bit warmer upper body like - feel like my Snowmen.  Will know better for Monday's walk with the group.   Today I walked the cleared sidewalks no problem till I crossed Stafford and that western side of Wellington Crescent was not cleared and after a couple of near ankle twists I took to the cleared road and walked facing traffic.  At least I could get my pace back and finish my 7 km walk.  But BRRRRRRR it was chilly and had to take my glasses off and raise the tube thingie balaclava wise!!!   LOL!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Feeling Surprised

WOW I thought the other years snow accumulations on my window ledge was something - BUT NOTHING like this storm dump!!!  It's kinda blocking out the light and still more snow today too.  Other times I still could see that green house - not this time unless I go higher up on a stool!  Yep this drift is 20" from the inside ledge and I know the outside is lower a couple more.  WOW!!!