Thursday, December 22, 2016

Feeling Festive

WOW my friends and niece sure were nice to me this week!!!  First Wendy was my Secret Santa at Aurora and gave me a bottle of wine-Sewline marking pencil I need for my quilting class soon-quilting thread with it's own bobbin holder, then Linda gave me a lovely snowman she made from kids socks, then Edna gave me a blue necklace earrings set-magazine-vinatartta-Tim's gift card-and a lovely grey neckie/hoodie, then Barb gave the item I asked her to order for me from her friend-blue Jean stocking-and a cut glass base with blown glass angel-Snowman decorated ball-Tim's timbits Snowman ornament-and from her Toronto Bon Jovi trip she got me a Blue Jays keyring with the bat,ball,glove on it-love it, and just now my niece dropped off a pair of snuggly sock slippers and foot care cream to help clear up my heel cracks along with some cinnamon Chai tea YUMMY!!!!  Everyone has been overly generous and nice!  I've most of these items with me and added to the Joan's decorations - I think the giraffe is proudly showing off my stocking even if Santa can't come down this chimney to fill it for me!!!  Thank you.

OK back to reality and somehow tomorrow deal with my flat tire in the morning before my lunch with fellow retirees downtown.

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