Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Feeling Energized!!!

Well today Katsu chose to head to PanAm pool n clinic area so thankfully the two parking lots were clear and we did two rounds there before heading home.  He still did not want to go in so into the back yard he ran picking up sticks and catching those I threw.  Then checked out some scents and under the sun room before playing tag with me then he ran to the door - enough I guess!!!  NOT!!!  Once inside he tore around the kitchen living room at least 5 times growling and barking - I stayed in the landing to stay out of his way.  Then he decided to run the hallway, jump onto the couch and repeat 5-6 times still.  I just shook my head at this.  I stepped out to clean the steps so mail and papers can be delivered and come back in to find Katsu zonked out - that's his red tag not his tongue as I thought he'd had a heart attack on me but he was breathing and opened his eyes when I called.  Scared the daylights out of me I sure can tell you Joan & Harold!!!

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