Thursday, December 29, 2016

Yesterday's - Dec 28th - Feeling Concerned

This morning after our long walk, I had to deal with the snowplows high frozen ridge on the back lane!!!  So I used the spade to loosen the pieces and then slowly the electric snowblower - but it was hard work and I was getting tired and kept dropping the spade missing the ridge.  The neighbor came over to help me but guess he had more force and shortly the machine stopped.  OH OH NOT GOOD!  So I finished off with the spade - thankfully I was about 80% cleared.  YEAH IT'S CLEARED and I can go shopping and meet Jan for lunch.

Back for a nice long walk with Katsu down Grant's cleared sidewalk and not dodging vehicles on the road!!!  This time we came home via the back lane and I could have CRIED!!!  The plow had gone by again and everyone was out trying to clear the ridges again!!!!   I deflated from the good vibes while walking in the sunshine.  But thankfully the same neighbor came over with his big blower and took care of my ridge for me so I could go check the apartment.  Now to see if the machine just overworked - if not have to ask Randy to maybe have his neighbor check it out before the next dump.  🐞

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