Thursday, December 29, 2016

WOW Time Sure Passes!!!

OMGG this time last year was a very excitable and stressful day and remembering it brings some back but with relief too.  Thank you again Justin and Amanda for helping me then!


I just had a lovely visit from my niece - hemmed up her dining room curtains.  Then she dropped the bombshell on me and my heart and stomach are kicking up one hell of a fusssssss!!!!  OMGG OMGG OMGG!!!!   See Justin just accepted a silver 2008 Honda CR-V on trade and he's put my name on it as another staff person right away asked to buy it ASAP.  YIKES I thought it might take January at least before one is found.  Now I hope it's awesome and I can strike a deal!!!!   OH MYYYYYYY!

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