Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Feeling Pumped!!!

After picking up my door prize that I was lucky enough to win at the St. Peters Anglican Church Cookie Drive and Crafts Sale this past Saturday.   I didn't read what was all in there when dropping my 2 tickets into the bag - just saw the two bottles of wine that I like and something gold which I think was the candle items.  So needless to say I was totally surprised when I called to arrange pick up that I won the BIG prize and sure enough it was in a box along with a large gift bag.  WOW!!!

So here at home I'm checking it all out and find two awesome GCs too - one for Chamois that I use and the other for $50 DIY framing - coincidental as I have a hand made bobbin piece I've been told to get framed - plus two pass to the WAG!!!  There's lots of goodies to enjoy and maybe share!!!

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