Thursday, December 15, 2016

MPQ Donation Quilts to NICU

Last night at the Manitoba Prairie Quilters guild where an unbelievable number of charity quilts for newborns were shown and donated.  Here is a blurb from Canadian Prairie Quilters FB by Susan Moxley Cote reported on the event.

"I belong to a group called Manitoba Prairie Quilters. At a meeting last evening, the group prestented 72 beautiful 40 x 40 inch quilts to the NICU at Chridren's Hospital in Winnipeg. Next week there is a parent's luncheon for the parents of babies currently in the NICU. Each family will choose a quilt for their baby as a Christmas gift. The NICU nurse at the meeting last evening said she thought she might receive 20 quilts and hoped for maybe 30. WAY TO GO, MPQ members!! The quilts were part of the Fold, Snip, Rip, Drop ,Pass and Repeat President's Challenge."

Sorry there wasn't a "share" button so I quoted it - hope that is OK.  And here are close ups of all the quilts plus my participation in this President's Challenge.  Once pictures are uploaded to the guild site I'll share my complete quilt and the group I was in.  They all are so unique from the same fabrics shared.  I even used my new Brother quilting sewing machine and with the help of my ruler was able to do some fairly even quilting.  Love my new baby!

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