Monday, December 12, 2016

My Thermea Spa Adventure

Well I started the day without my walk but picked up Pat and met Amanda at Stella's for an awesome healthy lunch.  Then my adventure began at Thermea Spa!

OMG MANY TIMES OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!  Janice Palmer you were right - I LOVE IT!  If someone would have told me I'd be walking out in winter temps in a wet bathing suit all afternoon and not be frozen through and through I'd probably tell them they were NUTS!!!  Never mind walking down 6 or 7 steps into a "freezing" cold water pool up to my chin (4 times not just once) after the wet orange scented sauna sessions and actually doing two laps in the cold temperate water pool (I'm comparing it to Childs and Blue Lakes of what I remember when Dad took us to the beach - never warm water there) before relaxing in the hot pool - I'd probably say they were certifiable!!!  BUT IT'S ALL TRUE!!!  At 3 pm I was fortunate to be present when a worker did the ritual of three different purification(?) scents in the dry sauna and I stayed and enjoyed the whole session but had to get out when finished and took another dip in the polar pool - last one for me.  I totally enjoyed it but next time have to bring my water bottle as there's only one hut to get water and they have little paper cups only - I was not buying a water bottle there when I have a few at home.  We regrouped a couple of times in the Relaxing hut and even read some there.  So I've decided I'll be going back there more times for sure all year round!!!  Soooooo relaxing and yet envigorating!!!  Thank you Pat and Amanda for inviting me to join you two!!!  ๐Ÿ’ž

The one thing I truly missed is not having my camera to take pictures of the frosted wonderland - didn't even mind the no talking, just whispering in pools!!!  I even checked out the menus and sometimes I'll stay and have an appetizer etc to replenish my energy levels.  ๐Ÿ˜Š

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