Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Feeling Proud!!!

That I did it!!!  See I can shovel in small doses but this dump needed LOTS of shoveling here when my strength petered out.  Harold said if I got someone to clear there was the electric snowblower to use.   Well I gave up waiting for that guy I asked across Grant and ran out to ask four guys cleaning across the road but they said they have too many already even if I offered cash.  I understood and wished them well before heading for that machine checking out the switches etc and thought OK here goes nothing.  "You're probably saying nothing to it and I should have used it from the start" BUT I  never was allowed near the snowblower at home.  I pushed it to the gate, plugged it in and away I went being very careful of the cord!!!  WELL I DID IT!!!  Yep the front sidewalk and the front door walkway (have to shovel near steps yet) in the same time as shoveling the side door to front sidewalk.  That's it Joan Lien I'll be using this from now on but make sure I leave Katsu inside.  I'm resting till walk time then the last bit of shoveling.

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