Monday, August 06, 2018

Catchup Again!

Aug 3rd

I think this describes me and my always pushing to try things others say I'm too old to do anymore!  🤣

And a perfect end to the day with Angela watching Wonder Woman at the Lyric Theater in Assiniboine Park!   Nice weather too and no bugs either!  Thank you Angela for your garden produce - it's going to Ontario with me!

Aug 4th

Edna's over with me at the dogs and I just finished helping straightening both our bargello tops and we cut out her borders but she'll sew them at home.  I've some handwork with and hope it's nice to out on the deck!

Aug 5th

I'm so happy that I've finished my "Birds of a Feather" row robin for a private group project.  It's ready to be mailed off and might even get to the person sewing them together well before the deadline.  Now to get back to my tatting and other projects.

Itsy bitsy paper pieces removed with my tweezer scissors. 

Melissa I just had to share from your post - describes me to a "T"!!!!

And now I'm spending time outside hand stitching and appreciating the lovely flowers with the dogs on either side of me!  Life can't be better right now!  😍  Ohhhh forgot listening to the chimes in the breeze too!

I wish the we weren't so close too the heavy traffic as the birds are so vocal and some so musical along with the chimes and the occasional dog barks!  So relaxing!

These boys are so funny!  They won't leave my side - Zero is a shade person like me and Fred a sun worshipper!

Opening night with Edna at the Metis Pavillion of Folklorama.  OMGG music was so fast they had to stop a couple times!

Jerry Anderson is the horse dancer that Edna knows too, besides these performers!

Plus some trophies they've won and a piece of art I love.

Aug 6th

Well I drove straight through to Dryden as traffic westbound was bumper to bumper at a crawl.  Lucky though cause a doe jumped out in front of me, crossed the road in between the slow moving traffic!  YOWSERS!  Then on a passing lane I was close to being sideswiped by an SUV pulling a big boat that was a good foot over the dividing lines into my lane so I travelled over the chewed up warning strip to avoid a collision.   Now to relax for a week unless Sylvia has plans.

Friday, August 03, 2018

Aug 2nd - Rushing River

If it wasn't for the fact I love my friend Janice Palmer and nature in all it's glory, I probably would not endure her driving hikes!  First hike of the day at the Lower Rapids across from the park entrance.

After this section and before the highway we had to circumvent the collapsed bridge over rough terrain - just about my undoing.

I LOVE these and glad I finally got one closer up. 

The bottom two are of the Lower Rapids but for some reason my phone split it into two.

This trail I've not been on for over 10 years but only the Beaver Pond - not the Granite Knoll Trail which was marked difficult!

Beautiful scenery in the Canadian Shield!

Here we set a spell and had some healthy snacks.   It was so peaceful - just the sounds of nature around us.

Even the marshy areas too! 

The Rushing River Inukshuk Village. 

Yes very difficult and at least five times just about tripped over roots or rocks - twice would have been face plants into rock! 

After our just about 2-hr relaxation in the water again with my new toy, I finally crawled out and we headed for our picnic. 

Our table was right here!

We stopped at the Brewers Inn and Bakery for coffee to revive us for the return trip.

OMGG maybe I should have read this BEFORE starting the day!

Aug 02, 2018 - Excitement rises within you today like bubbles in a glass of champagne. Your spirits are high, even if there's nothing particularly exciting on your agenda. You just have a sense of 'joie de vivre' today -- the joy of life. If you can channel this energy into a specific project, you stand to make great gains now. But even if you don't, you should enjoy a delightfully spirited day.

B&B cont'd

Aug 1st

After our late afternoon lakeshore fun we asked to enjoy the sauna before going inside.  Well we were offered instead a pontoon boat ride - naturally we joined them and their guests for a very interesting and funny story telling ride along with nature facts of life!

Abandoned loon's nest with 2 eggs. 

Beautiful - plus beaver dam logistics.

Blue heron escaping from my camera. 

End to a perfect day! 

And an eagle way on top.

He's still there too!

Aug 2nd

Our breakfast - fruit crepes, bacon, OJ and coffee - plus two Australian guests too!

And unusually striking flower.