Thursday, May 30, 2019

Summer n Sewing!


OK I picked up Edna and Jeanette and met Dianne at Sal's on Regent for breakie!  Took a bit of a break from sewing - well it was supposed to be!!!!  Yeppers I missed the 205 corner just outside St Pierre and just about drove to VITA - SHEESH!!!!  But like Jeanette said there were 4 pairs of eyes and none of us saw the sign - enjoying our RIDA like my Dad used to say whenever he was up for a road trip!  Anyways we made it to OMA's finally and both Edna and Dianne got their backings 30% off and Jeanette and I bought a few pieces etc.   The quilts on display are from the local quilters Adina knows.  Plus had lunch compliments of Adina and George before heading back home, didn't get lost this time!

Back to the condo and the accent pillows to finish off.


YAHOOIEEEE!!!!!  I completed the 6 wildlife accent pillows for the retreat weekend's silent auction prizes and even delivered them half hour before the ladies were departing (so free delivery for me to Austin). 

I'm very pleased with them and hope to do more and other items in future to help out April in fundraising events.  Now I'll relax a couple days then get back to finishing a door prize for Aunt Monica's Attic special event this next week.

When I got back to the condo I'm greeted by an insistant meowing Hamish, as if I'm starving him!  He ate all his breakie 7ish, 1/4 tin of Y/D his thyroid food before I left 10ish and now 1ish got treats and he's again demanding more?  I think not Mister!  And now Mom confirmed he's to wait closer to supper for more Y/D food or treats.  Guess he's checking if he can win me over to his wishes!  Good luck Hamish!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019



Dang it!  Dang it!   Dang it!  I knew I shouldn't have been out and about May 17th, even if I needed food and my prescriptions!  I was feeling feverish/coughing and drained with a last stop for groceries, but on a different route when I realized as I was passing the school going 50 that I might be in trouble!  Yeppers it came in today's post - not a nice way to end my birthday weekend!  And this is my FIRST school zone violation and I don't care if I'm late for whatever, it's going go be my LAST!!!!


Well I've found out, if these pillows are finished tomorrow, I can deliver them to the MB Wildlife Fed Winnipeg office by noon Thursday, they'll deliver them to April for her weekend workshop!  OK, I've done with the hard part tonight, so tomorrow is the easy part of sewing the pillow covers and pillow casings, stuffing them and VOILA finished!  Hmmm how long will that take I wonder?  That leaves prepping a care label plus my info incase of future orders!  I'm very pleased with how they turned out!


I'm picking up Edna, Jeanette and Dianne for breakie and then heading out to OMA's for her birthday sale!  If you bring in a finished top she has a special sale on for finishing up.  Then back here to Hamish and the condo for a sewing marathon afterwards!   I sure hope the rest goes as smoothly as the tops went!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Lovely Weekend Closing!

What a lovely end to my weekend! First was my gathering of the Northern Lights Lacemakers and friends.   Then lasagna supper with Pat and Randy and a lovely "Summertime" preformance with the Divas and other talented musicians at the Fort Garry United Church!

And then look what I spotted on the way home. Glad there was a break in traffic, zoomed in so I got it uninterrupted!  I just LOVE and appreciate old beauties!!!!

My Day!!!!

I slept in and missed much phone action but will catch up soon!  Thank you all your birthday wishes, Google and a rose greeting from Elianis from Cuba too?  Even Dianne beat me for pick up to go to Aurora Quilters gathering where I sewed up my 6 pillow tops. Looking great!  Now at Memorial Park for Solidarity Forever outdoor concert (featuring 100 years of the Winnipeg Strike) with Janice and Marilyn!   And soon off for supper with Edna!

Edna was chuckling as I've been talking about going here for my birthday since Taunya gave me the GCs at Christmas.  Thank you Taunya! And when Fionn MacCools on Regent closed I was very concerned we'd lose out totally.  I tell you the mini Yorkies were scrumptious!  Now waiting for our entres!  I let Edna off the hook this time and she took my picture!  And now Birthday dessert of ice cream and English Toffee sauce!

Now WAY OUT HERE on Ness Ave at the 4th Line Pub & Grill with Janice's family and friends to listen to her son Nick playing with Adam, The Pairings.  What a day!   Friggin' freezing to be outside!  Glad we moved inside right after I arrived!

I'm feeling loved!  My heart is full of warmth and joy from all the many Birthday wishes via cards, phone calls, emails, both messengers, Facebook and in person!  Thank you so very much in making it extra special! 

I realized my friends worldwide seems to be increasing and I had to go through and make note of who and from where!

Canada - outside Manitoba: Truro NS; Fredericton NB; Quebec; Ontario; Dryden, ON; Carseland, AB; Medicine Hat, AB; Edmonton, AB; Tofield, AB; Sechelt, BC

USA: Lucas, TX

Internationally: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia; Northam, Western Australia, Australia;  Colombia;  Holguin, Cuba;  Marseille, France;  Avenhorn, North Holland, Netherlands;  (Missed many locations from fellow quilters in a couple FB groups too.)

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!   I wanted to mark these places on a map but am too tired to fight with computers right now.   Maybe next week I'll give it a try!

A Special Day!

Well this is a before and after picture of my new doo!   Just in time for a visit to Keystone Quilts with Edna and soon an evening with Angela for Spotlight, a ballet!  Thank you Adele, I just love the new brown lowlites with my two month old blond hilites mixed with my grey!  Now just need new glasses, soon that will happen too.

Thank you Linda and Patrick for the front and centre tickets for RWBs Spotlight at the John Hirsch Theater.  So far I'm enjoying it immensely, especially the youngsters with a performace similar to Ukrainian dance music! Awesome!  Pictures are from their website. And in the drizzle I asked Angela for one more picture!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Sewing Ironing Goof-Up

Well I've #1 pillow top sewn up and I like it very much. BUT after 2 hours of trying to fray edges on that muslin piece I decided today to get some other looser weave fabric or this idea will not grow as I perceived! Then I melted something on my iron which stained the new fabric I was ironing after washing it, so had to retrace my steps plus clean the iron. So that's it for today folks!

Day of Reminiscing!

What a lovely day so far! Started with a much needed massage to repair my sleeping sitting up aches n pains. Then finally got out to have lunch with mostly professional retirees today at Astros on Pembina! Awesome to see some years gone by bosses, Gerry and Craig, plus many departmental coworkers! Yep Nestor with the ladies!

Now don't ask for the names as many are ooopsie I've forgotten or not sure of due to age differences!

Left side.

Right side.

Now back to sewing my pillows!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Awesome Wednesday

Ohhhhhh this tastes so good!  Edna said "See she can still eat"!  That's not been an issue with this cough/cold, only at the beginning with the sore throat!

Awesome idea for those with patios or balconies especially with so-so views!

Yeah I've finally finished #19 of my CQA weekly blocks.  I'm happy with my new fabric purchases today to continue this hodge podge of Canadian fabrics project.  And another full row of blocks together.

I had to make up my mind sooner than later on whether or not I drive to the west coast visiting friends!  See my trip to Cuba was last minute and awesome but also costly.  I've also planned to attend a tatting conference out east along with visiting Yvonne and John this fall.   I just can't make ends meet for both trips so one had to be postponed.  And the price of gas is scaring me too.  I was sooooo looking forward to this summer trip West but not this year.   πŸ˜’  Hopefully in the future!  🧚‍♀️ πŸ™ πŸ€—

Now back to sewing more patchwork pillow tops, aiming for month end finishing for my nieces workshop door prizes!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Sick of Being Sick

I've been trying to lay low to get rid of this cough/cold but dang it two weeks is too long for me.  I'm feeling good except if I get too warm or talk then the coughing starts up!

I have been busy sewing 3.5" squares together for a new project developing plus tried out two new tatted snowflakes.  One was no issue at all but the swirled one was πŸ‘Ήish, but after four attempts the fifth turned out good!  Now to remember the right interpretation of the diagram instructions!   Those I am not fond of at all.  SHEESH I'm in trouble for sure with my bobbin lacemaking as its all diagrams!   πŸ˜‚

Lovely when blocked.

Easy peasy.


It's also nice to see spring well on it's way too!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Rushed It?

Today was a rough unexpected day. See I thought I felt lots better, that is until I ventured out for my prescriptions, household items and food I had run out of this past week or so. Made two stops and wished I was back home, but had groceries to get - UGH!!!!! Needless to say I was drained and glad I'd planned an easy supper that gave me leftovers!

Finally a descent meal I prepared!