Monday, May 23, 2011

Taking a Breather!

Well I've sure lost some valuable "cleaning" time but then I gained some very very very valuable "relaxation" time with family and friends!!! 

See my Saturday started off with Harold coming over and measuring my closet for my new more convenient shelving unit and installing my ceiling fan in the sewing room - yeppers I can now see it becoming such a room and not the "spare room" as I refer to it lately.  Then I zipped out and got some colour and cut muchly overdue!!! 

Afterwards I had a very pleasant supper with Linda at the Wok Box - my first visit and let me tell you it won't be my last that is for sure!!!  It was yummy and not long to wait at all!  Then we both zipped over to Michaels and I picked up a couple of things, then home to relax some.

Well Sunday morning I was off to my nieces and she made breakie for us both - the "boys" won't eat anything besides the basics and she made us asparagus/mushroom frittatas???  It's like an egg omelet - and YUMMY!!!  And naturally coffee too!  While there she helped me sort through about 5 years of 6" cotton charms swapped within the CQS group so I could use some of them in the Slave Lake block request project for the June Sylvan Retreat in Alberta.  Now they are all sorted and just to start stitching.  Thank you Pat!

Then I zipped home, switched bags and headed out to Darlene's for an afternoon of stitching and visiting!  It was to be morning and afternoon but she had a Dim Sum and I just didn't rush my breakie so it worked into an afternoon and evening session with a yummy chicken supper!!!  AND after supper instead of stitching Darlene taught me to play the online version of Hearts, Spider Solataire, Bejewelled 2 Deluxe (oh no now I's hooked!!!) and then the Never Ending Bejewelled until I was just about cross eyed and exhausted!!!  And no wonder as we'd played for like 3 hours!!!  DARLENE!!!  But I loved it totally and guess what??? 

Yeppers when I got home I just did not feel like cleaning nor stitching so I downloaded Bejewelled 2 Deluxe free 1-hour game and that was not enough so I found Bejewelled 3 (not like the graphics on this one) and played that for an hour too!!!  YOWSERS I was tired when I finally crashed!

THEN about 3:30 am a STUPID mouse woke me scraping at trying to get out of the trap - so it was nearer 5:00 when I finally zonked out again and naturally I slept in today!!!  So off I rushed to Tim's for breakie and coffee before heading off to Pat's (Ravenesque group) for an afternoon of stitching with the ladies (Dianne, Val W, Roberta and Ann-Marie).  BUT I had it in my head that we were to arrive anytime after 10:30 and leave before 4:30 - hmmm not sure where I messed up but apparently didn't read the notice that said 1:30 - and I made the calendar reminder???  Oh well Pat graciously let me stay when I got there at 11:30 and Dianne at 12:30 - WHOOPSIE sorry girls for messing this session up!!!  It was a very nice stitching session even if Dianne insisted to "check out" Roberta's project (traditional Japanese cord making) and got her hands slapped for messin with it!!!  I just watched as it looked to involved for me and there was some type of counter weight for balance etc.

Thank you Dianne and Pat for sharing some of your goodies with me too!  AND I stopped at Dollarama and picked up an orange/red pack of sequins but not like you mentioned three to a pack.  That's OK now I have some stash for my works and will try to remember to bring them to share with you too!  OK guess I should get some work done here or it'll really be a jam packed week for me!!!

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Linda Mullen said...

I just love the Wok Box. Looking forward to next weekend.