Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pat's Gift to Mom & Dad

Well I was very impressed with what Pat has been working on since the Gimli Retreat in February this year.  See there was a class that we thought we'd like to take but then decided not to and just work on UFOs instead - WELL when we saw the end result we were a bit sorry we didn't take the class.  I totally forgot about this until Pat showed me the gift she was working on for her parents 50th anniversary gift!  AND I had to keep QUIET!!!

Anyways this weekend (a might late but she wanted to show them herself) she had them sitting at the table and then "unveiled" her Inukshuk torn-stripped wall hanging. Needless to say they were well impressed even drawn to tears!!!  
WOW that is just beautiful!!!
Checking it out up close and personal!
Checking the personal label too!
All are happy campers!!!

I too am very impressed with her creativity (definitely outside her comfort zone) and with the finishing of the hanger too!  Yeppers the parents were quite impressed.  See in their younger days they built their own at the corner of their front yard/driveway to the garage and even has that as their desktop image too! 

Along the highway in Ontario's rocky terrain, you will see many ranging from small to larger sized attempts, some way up there - not sure how either!!!

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