Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Cleaning - What's That?

Friday after work Pat & I headed out to Ontario and around 9:00 pm we were cresting the hill into Vermillion Bay when I noticed this AWESOME sunset out the rear view mirror and told Pat to turn around and check it out.  WELL she said it’d make a neato strip-torn wall hanging and that’s all it took for me to pull over safely and run to the trunk to get my camera and snap a few shots!!!
Vermillion Bay, ON
Sun setting fast

Yes I am back from my weekend trip with my niece to my sister's/her Mom’s and boy did she ever work us two girls!!! We washed down the lovely pine fitted board walls and ceilings of the master bedroom (moved heavy furniture around), then started with my sister's clothes and filled up 4 large garbage bags and a box of shoes and purses. Her hubby BBQd steaks and Pat cooked corn on the cob and ceasar salad to go with that! I was exhausted and in amongst that we did up three loads of laundry.

Then Sunday we started the morning off transplanting hostas from under the maple trees to her flower bed and BOY were we all GLAD we did that before the guys came in and dug out that maple - they were having a tough time and not paying attention where they were stepping. Then we went in for lunch and my sister took a siesta and my BIL puttered around outside while Pat and I washed walls and ceilings in the second bedroom, bathroom and hallway - gosh that went lots easier than the master bedroom - but then lots less stuff in them too.

Then after that Sylvia pulled out her silk flowers and Pat and I filled her empty lonely planters all with these colourful blooms.  WELL even Len thought that was truly uplifting as he sits on that deck off and on and said it was nice to see the flowers without all the hard garden work - which neither of them can do anymore.

Pat - with tools???
Yeppers and she was doing a bang-up job too!!!

Done!!!  But sure a dirty job!!!
And here's it dressed up along with Len's willow planter.
Side door chair n planter.

Front door planter.
Front step planters.

Driveway shrubbery planter.
Second attempt to fix the leaky hose!!!  Not giving up!!!

I had put a roast with carrots, parsnips & onions into the oven and with that we had the beet leaf wrapped buns and a creamed cucs/tomatoes/onions dish - YUMMY!!!  Then after supper along with another load of laundry, we ventured back into the bedroom and Len this time purged his closet and we filled another 2 large bags and packed these off into the car so we could drop them off at the second hand store once we got back to the city (so they'd not have to lug them as they can't do that either) and topped off one large bag slated for the garbage and 3 large bags off to the local shelter mostly of t-shirts and sweatshirts.

WOW my niece was soooooo excited to help her parents clean their closets which will help later on if they happen to sell and have to move - plus her parents were very happy that we helped PLUS carted it away too! Then we vacuumed and washed floors along with washing up our bed linens and towels and Pat dug up the shrub they wanted out of that corner and we did manage to tuck it in along with the 6.5 bags and box of stuff for recycle. Needless to say our car was LOADED to the hilt and thankfully no flat tire on the trip home.

Yep it was a lovely sunny weekend and we all had a lovely visit with healthy yummy food too. Now I’m not sure that I’ll offer so readily for “spring cleaning” again but it was nice and fresh in there that is for sure! LOL!

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