Sunday, May 01, 2011

May 1st? - are we sure?

OK I could not believe my ears/eyes when I heard/saw the "blizzard" warnings for SE Saskatchewan and storm conditions reaching into southern Manitoba yesterday!!!  Are they kidding!!!  Nope they weren't!!!  What is this world coming to with all these "inclement" weather conditions and disasters?

So I ventured out after breakfast and took some pics of my area which in normal weather this intersection is what I call the "stupidity corner" as no one really pays any attention to the STOP SIGNS or other directional signs on Assiniboine Avenue and naturally the City of Winnipeg crews are continuously replacing the knocked over posts!

Out my back door - blowing in again!

Assiniboine Ave revamped and a nuisance!

City crew cutting down a huge tree in background.

No payground fun today!

Sure hope they CLEAN off totally
before driving away!!!

The buds are out - will they survive?

I have a Lacemakers meeting this afternoon - wonder if my car will let me venture out or not - guess I'll find out soon enough!  A fellow tatter from Grenfell SK was to venture home by Greyhound yesterday mourning but she called and her bus did not leave Winnipeg as the TransCanada was closed in SE Saskatchwan and probably today into Manitoba.  She's glad she has her Mom here so she is relaxing but not sure when Greyhound will be on the road again.  So lucky girl she gets to come with me to the meeting this afternoon!!!


Joy said...

I saw again that you guys were getting snow - enough already!
We were very lucky and had a beautiful sunny week-end but rain is back tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hey, someone needs to let the weather monitor know about the calendar!