Monday, January 15, 2007

Sandie & WISPs

Sandie asked that those of us participating in the WISPs (UFOs) Challenge to post a message from her to let you know what's happening. So here it is!

"I am still not able to use blogger, and have waited over a week to get a reply from them re my problems in using blogger. I am at my wits end with it all and need to find another blogging service which is reliable and doesn't have these problems. Anyone else still having troubles??

I am meant to be doing the UFO WISP challenge and can't make one post in relation to it. This is all driving me barny, but will survive ... JUST! LOL

Can the girls who do have blogs, please place a post onto your blogs, that I am unable to blog at this stage ... until I can form a new blog - might save people wondering where I am. Which of course will take time. Think I will email Sharon B as well, as her blog seems to be where everyone reads with updated news.

No stitching here...... still. I'm in week 8 of my 13 week study period,one more exam to go in early March.

Off to go see if I can leave posts on any blogger now .......

Hugs to all.

Just a note that since I was switched from the Beta Blogger back to the regular BLOGGER I've had no problems with uploads of messages or pictures. Nice and fast too.

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