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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Back to Normal!

OK I've finally straightened out my stupidity today by getting my Dr to fax my high blood pressure prescription to a Dryden pharmacy and after 2.5 days without meds (probably on my kitchen counter???) I'm starting to feel more relaxed.  πŸ‘  Sylvia and I spent the past couple days getting our Bargello "stratas" ready for our class we're doing this weekend plus finally hung up their living room curtains and valance.  Sylvia sewed them - she's one talented lady.  Now to relax before heading to our quilting retreat tomorrow morning.   ☺  At least we get to come home every evening and return to the centre which is nearby in the morning.  Lunches are provided for us along with coffee and water.  Also there are SEVEN vendors there - good thing this one is very very very reasonable!!!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Walking with Friends

Walking with Prairie Pathfinders (63 of us today) over the Esplanade from the Forks into St. Boniface and along the Seine River pathway.  Beautiful day.  Michelle and Edna both joined me and Edna had lunch at Sal's with me too.  Then back home to do laundry and repack clothes and change sewing projects for the next retreat in Dryden ON this coming weekend and an extended stay sewing with Sylvia the week after!!!  Even get to join Sylvia and Len for her birthday supper this year!!!  πŸ˜Š

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Retreat Pack Up!

Well here is Sylvia's finished kids quilt and my blocks minus sashings n borders.  Also Sylvia's blueberry table runner - her second project.  The first project she's not happy with her fabric choices so it's not finished.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Having a Blast!

And some aren't quilting at all - playing Cards Against Humanity!!!  But having loads of laughter that's for sure!!!

Getting Things Done!

While waiting for this retreat's Fold, Snip, Tear, Drop, Pass It project to start I sewed up the pincushions that I cut out late last night.  They all will be stuffed with wool from Egli's Sheep Farm in Oxdrift ON and finished off with a button on both side in the centre to give it some indents.  Then after lunch Charlene and CornΓ©, the organizers,  presented Adina with the quilt made from blocks the October ladies group stitched last year along with a photo album signed by each contributor.  It's just awesome and many a pair of moist eyes around, not just Adina's!!!  In the second last picture you'll see my block - the bowler trailer that they have and intend to camp with.  In the last picture in the bottom row, third from the right is Sylvia's block.

Finally after lunch the 7 of us who brought our one metre kid friendly fabrics played the fabric game and now we're all stitching like mad!  This completed quilt has to be returned next year and all such quilts from the other retreats will then be delivered to the hospitals for their nurseries and or neonatal areas.

Feeling Relieved!

That we have another day here at South Beach Casino as I can barely see across the parking lot to the highway or the trees or the buildi2ngs there!!!!  Breakfast next then back to sewing.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Feeling Relaxed at South Beach!

Sylvia and I are at Adina's (OMA's) quilting retreat here this weekend.  AND honest we are sewing mega more than gambling!  But yesterday we did go in and play for $25 our money and $10 free money - after about 45 minutes playing I still cashed out with $46 - so I'm still ahead of the game but not really comfortable playing long - would rather buy fabric.  πŸ˜†