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Saturday, January 24, 2015

TIAS 2015 - Day 7

So far things are going well, maybe my button is a bit too big or my tatting too tight, but it's still good.  I think my windmill guess is out; still might be a ballerina; but it sure looks like a TOOTH right now! LOL!
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Lucky Bamboos Revisited

OK I again took my camera to work and retook pictures of my office desk Lucky Bamboo.  I think it's just lovely and can't wait to see what it's offspring grows up to be.
This is the top half of the 24" (more like 30") bamboo shoots that I bought - way too tall for a desk plant.  So I had researched and also asked The Green Scene florists how to cut it down and so far it's awesome.  As yet no further offshoots on these but there's good root development and the growths have fresh new leaves!!!  Barb my coworker talks to and touches them often!  I just smile and gaze on it whenever thinking things through.
These are the cut off lower sections of the bamboo shoots and as you can see two of the three have two offshoots each growing.  Periodically I keep checking to see if the shorter one is showing signs of any offshoots but as yet nothing.  BUT today I see on the two taller ones a lower node on each has another tiny bump just below - wonder if it'll keep growing into an offshoot?

TIAS 2015 - Day 6

Hmmmm I'm still sticking with my first idea - a windmill - and the pelican idea I'm scrapping.  But as I look at this picture, I see the legs of a ballerina on her toes!  HMMMM!!!

Guess it's still a wait and see game!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

TIAS 2015 - Day 5

OK looks like my "windmill" idea is still there but just maybe.  So I'm now thinking it might be a "pelican" with a larger pocket lower bill and a skinnier upper bill that we see around our lakes and rivers.  Guess it's wait and see.
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Lucky Bamboo

Finally after admiring my coworkers plant for a while now, I decided it was time I had one.  So beginning of December I bought some shoots but they were 18 and 24" in length with the top four inches with growth.  DUH I did not like this.  The florist shop where I bought it advised I NOT shorten and try to prompt new shoots - leave it as is.  Well that's just not sounding right.  So I googled this plant and there it was in black and white how to propagate these shoots and also The Green Scene told me to either bring in my shoots and he'd cut them for me (they do it all the time) or proceeded to tell me how to do it myself.  SO off I went and prayed all goes well.  As you can see so far so good for the bottom shoots - the plant at home!!!  The shortest one still need offshoots but there is one slightly more swollen joint - maybe!!!
And the top half at work has new leaves on the established offshoots and all have new roots growing like crazy but for some reason I don't have a picture and I KNOW I took one.

TIAS 2015 - Day 4

Well this day's installment was easy!!!  It just took two days to get the pic uploaded!  DUH!!!
Still don't have a clue unless it's the first blade of a windmill?  Will have to wait and see.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

TIAS 2015 Day 2 & 3

OK not sure what happened that I didn't blog Day 2 when finished on Sunday - totally weird.  Anyways here's Day 2:
This went smoothly too can't wait till I can provide a guess on what it'll grow up to be - definitely my "turtle" idea does not seem right!   And here is today's Day 3:
I think I like the button I chose, guess time will tell if it is appropriate or not!