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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Being Creative Lately

November 30th

Feeling festive and creative at the same time. I tried something new and can't stop making them both for myself (sure can guess which is mine) and gifts. At the same time using some stash that I'm not sure when I'd use up too!!! Snowflakes!!! I forgot to get a picture of the red one I gave away tonight! Michelle will send me a picture I'm sure.

December 1st

Well today I started out with a 7.8 km walk in 1hr 21min at 5.7 km/hr (beat my speed record), finished off the snowflake for Barb Bednarski (but now know fabrics need stiffness to hold the finished shape), then dropped into the offices I retired from to drop off some Christmas Cheer, then met Florence in for the Jets game and pass on a kitty gift from a friend.  THEN home to finish off more gifts that I'm hooked on!!!

I'd given Michelle the first red one which is the same as this one also a gift, the green one is mine and then the other two blue and white are now joined by another for a trio gift.  Now to decide if I'll make some smaller ones for sale or not.  I'm too tired now to think or do anything more.  LOL!!!

Now to have supper, put my feet up and watch the Jets and read.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Tatted Maple Leaf

Hey I just finished my center embellishment for the Crafts Museum challenge art quilt and I just LOVE it.  Next is to search out my other ideas and tat them over the winter.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tatting n Sewing!

My first order is completed and ready for mailing.  Hope they all like their gifts when given.

Then at today's Lace gathering I met Gerdine who knitted these LOVELY little angels - much to my dismay she does not sell them - only as gifts.

Also I started the tatted embellishments for my Red and White Art Quilt for the Canada 150 Quilt Challenge Fundraiser in support of the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library.  I can't wait to see the end result but a long way to go yet Melissa Marginet!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Feeling Energized

Oooohhhhh it's such a beautiful day outside - just don't believe it's the latter part of November in Manitoba!!!  Considering my down mood this week I gave myself a talking too upon waking, had breakfast and out the door I went.  I was determined to make 12 kms today and enjoy the sunshine!

Well I actually walked 12.32 km in 2 hrs 21 min at 5.2 km/hr - which actually BROKE my longest distance record walked at one time.  WOW!!!  I just need to learn how to answer my phone with the ear buds intact - poor Jeane Gaiennie got cut off in my fumbling attempt.  😉

Friday, November 25, 2016

On the Home front!

Woke today feeling more motivated than the past few days and after getting ready for another round with my dietician this afternoon I weighed myself just to see.

WELL earlier this week I'd finally dropped off my month long plateau and was nearing the weight I'd be happy at and still enjoying my favorites in moderation.   What a relief!

THEN today I've dropped another 1.5 lbs and now am just below that hoping to reach target.   Wonder if this will continue some more?  WOW that would be awesome for me.

This week's Dr followup from lab results saw my A1C sugar levels GREAT, my blood pressure lowered, but my bad cholesterol was still up there and I'm eating more fish and taking Omega 3,6,9 too - AND now my thyroid is registering high whatever!!!  Dang it I thought I was doing so good.  So back in a month and if BP is still lowered then he'll stop one med and see how I do and then another test to see what else changes.   SHEESH!!!