Monday, April 23, 2018

More Catch Up!


The first picture was what was chosen from online examples and then I found the free online pattern and gathered my fabrics for Taunya's choosing.  Pattern can be found here Patchwork Bliss

Then the fun began measuring her Grandmother's wool batts and adjusting block sizes to fit - hope I did it right!  So tonight I finished sewing up the wildlife blocks - Canada ones completed earlier - then sorted the two types of blocks for each quilt.  Then played laying them out on the floor for picture taking for the first layout.  Now I'll pack them up and take to my sister's this week to attend the Dryden Quilt Show and visit with more sewing.

The chosen from online simple quilt photos.

Free online pattern - link found above.

Work in progress.

Canada 1st block layout.

Wildlife 1st block layout.


What a beautiful day for my 6.25 km walk around here and then relaxing out back.  The dogs are laying in the sun or walking the yard with occasional bird chasing.  Fred did bring the tennis ball to throw a couple of times and off both went to fetch.  Now with FIVE balls in the yard they wrestle for one!!!!  KIDS!!!!

WOW!!!!  Today I'm mixing Ukrainian perogies and Asian stirfry for my supper.  But this time I saulted more garlic to add to my sauce and it tasted lots better.  But not yet the yummy sweet Mongolian sauce from Wok Box!

Now relaxing watching hockey and will maybe sew a couple notebook covers.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Some Excitement!

Congratulations adding a baby girl to your family Meaghan and John!  All the best to your family and I can't wait to meet her!

"John, Jadon, Landon, Mason and I are excited to announce the newest addition to our family. Addyson Elaine Heather joined us on Monday, April 16 th at 10:33 p.m. She weighed 8 lb 11 oz and was 21.5 inches long.  We are so in love already. 😍", says Meaghan.


See Edna has been trying to get me to go to some old time dances the sisters attend but so far haven't succeeded.  Then she's tried to get me to go to some of the Asham Stompers events again stuff interferes.  WELL finally at her sister's 55+ apartment the Mini Stompers were performing and I was free so off we went.  TALK about entertaining and I totally enjoyed all performers with a couple as far as Dauphin participating.  I'm not sure but I don't think I've seen tgem before so possibly another girst since retiring!  They have a festival out at Ready Creek in September and again Edna is trying to include me - will have to see as I'm SUPPOSED to be travelling.

They've won world competitions - should have made note of details.

These are Joan Pearson's grandchildren.  What a surprise to know Edna and Vernie know the family - I worked next door to her - small world. 

Apparently these three were on Canada's got talent and won the event!  WOW!!!

Arnold and Vince. 

Celebrating residents' birthdays.


OK I'm totally pooped out!  It's warming up out there and even if the sun is not reaching the shaded deck the eight inches of snow n ice are lifting off the deck enough to slide the shovel under and scoop it away.  Slowly but surely this too will be all gone!

Now I'm asking your help to please share my request to sell my two tickets.  Thank you.

Menopause the Musical
Mezzan Row G
Club Regent Event Centre
Friday,  May 11th, 2018
8:00 pm
Asking $90 for them.

If tickets are scanned on the eventsby 8:30 pm at the show it includes a $10 free play in the casino after the show.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

It's Spring Me Thinks!

It started off with a pounding headache so after feeding the boys I went back to bed AND so did they!  Afterwards Edna and I walked part of the Yellowribbon Trail (8 kms) along the airport in the lovely sunshine - both overdressed!  Then to Tim's for coffee before I returned to the dogs.

We were outside to keep them from begging early supper!  😁  I did a quick yard scooping as Edna said it might snow or rain tonight.  And I've been every few days gently slipping the metal shovel under the deck snow and chipping away at the snowbank.  And with today's sun and 14C temps there is now a clear 4 ft strip from door to steps today.  YEAH!  The boys were dodging my flying snow/ice chunks and avoided them very well but still walking around.  After that I relaxed on the chaise till suppertime!

Now listening to my audio book with the hockey playoffs on too while cutting out the wildlife blocks for the second duvet cover.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Weekend Catchup!

Saturday I assisted my travel agent who volunteers with the Bravestone Centre selling fundraising raffle tickets at the Indulgence Show at the Assiniboine Downs.  Afterwards we shared pizza and salad at Sorrento Pizza before I returned home to cut out the blocks for the Canada themed duvet cover.

Sunday I'm just having a lazy day with the dogs waiting for Scoopy Doo to arrive for winter clean up.  Then back to cutting out my Canada blocks and catching up on missed curling games.  AND  the Jets-Wild playoff series too!

Pets are so funny!  They get you up as early as they can so they can have breakfast.  Walk around some and back in to SNORE some more!  Wish I could go back to sleep!

Right now their yard is getting it's SPRING cleaning so soon we'll lay fetch out there too!  Scoopy Doo to the rescue.

Relaxing with my wine.  Jets 2 - Wild 3 halfway through second period.  Guess that weather travel delay played havoc with their game!
Lost this one Jets 2 - Wild 6!

Monday, well it started out as one of those BLAH days where I didn't want to do anything but once Edna confirmed we were walking and got me out I sure enjoyed the day.  It was 9C on my car reading but felt lots warmer.  We again walked Assiniboine Park and into the Forrest some  before stopping at Sargent Sundae and this time sat in the courtyard in the sunshine.  Then when I got home out I went with the dogs to do some cleanup, tossed the tennis ball a couple times till Fred wouldn't come back so stretched out on the chaise and read while they laid out on the grass.  Yes a lovely day!  It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow so maybe more snow will go.  I can't believe all the snow in this area and yet other places barely any snow at all.  GOSH Zero sure snores and he's beside me!

Tuesday basically relaxed before joining my stitching friends on another short road trip to Cedar House before enjoying coffee and a visit. Taunya, thought you'd like to see what the yard looks like today.  It was 9C by my car readings and it was open roof and windows while driving around.

Also it's hockey time tonight so GO JETS GO!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Catch Up

WOW Wednesday evening's Winnipeg Jets Stanley Cup Playoffs was exciting.  It seemed to me that I shouldn't have been watching as the Wilds kept coming back to tie it up and whenever I stepped away the Jets scored.   Thank goodness it ended Jets 3 - Wilds 2.  They won with 5 chances on an empty net without scoring!

The Donald St outside whiteout party!

The arena whiteout game party!

Thursday morning I guess Fred was just as disgusted with the whiteout ground cover as I was!  No amount of coaxing would convince him to finish his breakfast.  Oh well that's a first in what 2 weeks?  Thankfully the fresh snow was gone by supper.

So here's two of my friends over today after a walk around Assiniboine Forest maybe 8+ km and picking up an awesome supper at The Greek Market on Corydon and Niagara.  My friends love Taunya's place and her boys too!

Well it wasn' a late night as I had an early wakeup and had to ensure the dogs were fed before leaving.

See I was headed to Sand Hills Casino with Mary on a bus trip.  It was awesome being greeted with songs by Tom Jones and Elvis.  Yeppers I'm here with Mary once again and hopefully a good time ahead of us.  OK I started out with $70 ($5 for bus bingo) and took another $20 ($5 for bus bingo again).  I cashed in $82.50 in collected tickets plus $2.85 I used in the gift shop from my points I would have lost if not back in a year.  For a total of $85.35 from $90 and a chance to win at bingo yet.  We did get some free play monies plus an awesome free lunch buffet!  Not bad entertainment for the day.  HEY I won $10 at bingo so now $95.35 in winnings so $5.35 to the good in gambling.

So not bad for a day from 7:45 am pick up and returned back to the dogs 6:30 pm.  Naturally they got fed first, then me and downstairs to watch Game 2 of the Jets-Wilds series!