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Monday, August 29, 2016

Dog Happenings!

Sheesh Katsu is more and more excited upon my return from being out, jumping up at me even scratched me and not listening to my "down" while opening the door.  To jumping back up the stairs to get his toys for me to play with him etc.  To today letting the excited guy out till I got my brace on and all the walking stuff tog then headed out to leash him before exiting the gates.

My mistake of having the leash over my arm as we went BUT his excitement was way over the top and he yanked forwards and some how my hand got smacked by the gate even unhinging my watch bracelet!  That stung!  Then to add insult to injury he practically RAN up the street and around the corner before slowing down a bit.  Not much!  SHEESH!

We did a good 2.6 km walk - after my 8.6 km Pathfinders walk this mirning - on the way back he barely walked, more dilly dallying with crawling speed.  So I thought yeah I've tired him out!  HUH jokes on me.  ☺  Once inside he ate and drank and then RACED around the house with his toy for a good 15 minutes - I just sat in the armchair with my feet up as I didn't know which direction was next.  Then he zonked out but not for long before he jumps up to join me!

He's so funny and wearing me out.  😪  I sleep good nightly.   Good thing I'm staying put tomorrow or who knows what he'd have in store then.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tatted Snowflakes

Well I realized I'm remiss in posting a few finished snowflakes recently and the last one I just tatted tonight.   I'm glad I've found my rhythm back again.  Hopefully I'll have an assortment for the upcoming sales etc.

This is a second one with problems resolved with reading the pattern.

One from an antique pattern book with hard to understand steps.  Largest so far.

A pretty one and smallest so far.

This one was easier.

Tonight's and it too is pretty.

UFO's Completed

Here's two UFO's completed today too.

Set of 4 in coasters.
Hot matts with silver heat resistant backing.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sewing Frenzy

I must say these past two weeks has been quite productive getting a number of "mug rugs" completed for the Sept 30th Christmas Craft sale in Dryden sharing tables with my sister Sylvia.  Any left over will be available for the sale table at our lace retreat mid-Oct and again the vendors sale at the MPQ November meeting.  Depending on what goes, I still have supplies to make more of these up.  Now maybe onto some hot mats and pot holders and sets of coasters.

Oriental 6 in squares
Coffee signs 5 in circles
Dresden Plate 6 in.
Sunflowers 6 x 8 in.
Poinsettias 6 x 8 in.
Ornaments 6 x 8 in.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Relaxing - AWESOME!

Well I've seen Sylvia and Len off after breakfast at McDs and picked up their TV Stand and NOW relaxing in the lovely sunroof watching the Olympics.   OH and I'm back to tatting and maybe venture into the sewing room today too as I've a few crafty ideas going through my head!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Farewell Dale Anne!

The fibre art and scrapbooking world for sure has lost an awesome creative friend recently.  Dale Anne Potter you were a great inspiration to me in my quilting endeavors especially to forcing out my creative side.  She always challenged me to think outside the box and was pleased when I succeeded!   Our visits were few and far between but cyber world kept us connected.   She was the person who jump started me in achieving one of my dreams - a quilting and sightseeing tour to the southern part of Ireland.  It just was a tease and now I want to go back to realize that dream totally!  The next trip West I promise to make a side trip to the petroglyph area of southern Saskatchewan, a place Dale Anne felt spiritually connected to and a trip we talked about doing together, but unfortunately will not happen now!   I'm going to miss you lots lovely lady!  Hugs to all her family!

Back at Tatting Again

While watching the Olympics I tatted this snowflake and probably more to come.  This is "Tatted Snowflake" by Darlene Polachic of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan found in March/April/96 Crafting Traditions.

Yes I'm very thankful I've met and got to be friends with Dale Anne Potter (who passed away recently) and I pushed to finish off this challenging tatted snowflake today (at least for me) and will find a way to tag it "In memory of Dale Anne".  I have many seasonal ornaments out all year around so will hang this up too!

I will definitelybe tatting both these patterns again!  Lovely.