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Sunday, October 19, 2014

PayPal - Users Beware!

OK I have no idea how this happened - but obviously these scammers/tricksters/dishonest individuals are lots smarter than the average bear!!!  I was not on my computer Friday (except for defragging) and after shutting down I was away at a Lace Retreat and didn't check it until 10:00ish Saturday evening.  WELL you could have knocked me over when I saw this transaction in my Inbox from PayPal:

Rudi Nugraha  (NON-U.S. - Verified)
$170.00 US (equals $196.73CAD)
for Repair PC Via Teamviewer
Oct 17, 2014
7:51:37 CDT (CA)
No Shipping address provided
Instant Transfer
from my chequing account (not used for purchases at all)
description just his name

Needless to say I did click on PayPal's Resolution Centre link at the bottom and reported it as an unauthorized transaction and they are STILL extracting the funds from my account while investigating this complaint.  NO, that is not right, there should be a stop payment on it immediately, WHY should I suffer losing $200 while they sift through some emails and IF I don't watch the days PayPal can close the transaction and it can't be opened for dispute again.

I'm not sure HOW this could happen and now I'm left holding the bag while this dishonest person is probably laughing and making up a new account to rob the next person!  So just letting others know that is now happening WITHIN PayPal (probably has to others before me), not just banking machines and CC transactions etc.  Can you image what these individuals could make of their lives legally if they put their minds and energy to HONEST WORK!!!  What a shame! 

Not sure if I'll continue using this system or restrict usage of online purchases - I maybe do five a year - go figure. 

Guess there is something to be said for buying locally and keeping your money in your community and your pocket!

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Busy Weekend!

OK I didn't get much done in the reorganizing part but I did do some - there's more floor space visible and some loose items boxed for filing later on.

Saturday, I did work lots on the embroidery of my OMAs South Beach Retreat tote and washed all purchased fabrics and even started figuring out Alan's retirement Celtic Table Topper.  Then I planned out the setting on the computer and now to figure the block sizes, topper size and then which blocks to use.  Hopefully one of the projects I'll get finished at the Oct 25th retreat.  

Red one is mine from Ireland trip.
Blue/green is the planned one for Alan's gift.

Then I organized into a larger binder by month, four years of MPQ photo releases for the pictures we've posted - lots better than stapled and loose.  Then I picked out some fall and Halloween fabric postcards and clipped them to my new frame from Michaels - looks pretty good.  Just fall ones on display at work right now.  Halloween ones month end!

Also while going through the UFOs box the other day I came across some landscape backgrounds I'd put together at a class at Gimli Retreat with Heather Lair (now deceased) but never finished them.  Well I have another retirement gift to make so decided on this baby, not sure I'll get it finished this week but will try. 

So today I stitched the binding by machine instead of hand stitching it in place and WOW it's pretty good if I say so myself!  The best I've done so far and saved me over an hour of hand stitching.  I've always thought that for most charity quilts it is more durable machine stitched if it can be done so it looks good and no misses etc.  Then I decided to update the Aurora Quilters Comfort and Charity Quilt logs and realized I was way behind so had lots of picture searching and uploading with descriptions.  While doing this I needed a proper picture of this finished quilt and postcard frame so off to work I went - more room and better lighting there.
Made from swaps of 6.5" charms
Haven't made a dent and 3 twin sized tops later.
OK I'm taking it easy now - tomorrow is another day!  Ohhh and I was catching up on dishes too!

Monday, September 29, 2014

August Ontario Vacation

Well since I'm on a roll guess I'll see how far I can get!  LOL!

So August was my usual couple weeks vacation at my sister's in NW Ontario and our sporadic quilt show and sale.  This year I tried to finish off various items for this event but with my Western Canada vacation in June I was behind!!!  Naturally a good 90% of these items were Sylvia's projects, I had some smaller items (seen in previous blog entries) and some of the smaller items along with my friend Michelle's items.


This year I also got to enjoy some awesome fall weather, some folk entertainers at The Whiskey Jack restaurant along with taking part in their garage sale before heading back to Winnipeg.  I did stop in to visit with Adeline and Bill in Kenora and they took me to a local fundraiser is a nearby community.  I totally enjoyed my vacation!!!

Not only was I having a good time but Adeline's friend from Kenora was too!  I sure hope I have that much VAVAROOM that she enjoys life with!!!

Quilting Projects Update

Yes I've accomplished some items this past summer - not as much as I wanted to but at least some.

ABC panel with borders added and then quilted.

2013 OMAs Retreat project.
Completed in time for this year's retreat show n tell.

Back view - made from a recycled man's shirt.

Flannel panel cut apart and reassembled
with sashing, bordered and quilted.

Flannel backed with flannel inside.

2 Easy Design Head to Toe
Bed Runner made into Table Runner
Fantastic Fan Placemats - Karine Designs
Made with veggie/fruit fabrics collected on
Western Canada June vacation.
Fantastic Fan Placemats - Karine Designs
Made with veggie/fruit fabrics collected on
Western Canada June vacation.
 10 Minute Table Runner and Gift Bag
10 Minute Table Runner - RGA design

10 Minute Table Runner - RGA Design
fabric bought at Carola's Quilt Shop - Gibsons BC

10 Minute Table Runner - RGA Design

1st GFG project completed
Fabric bought at Kajta's Quilt Shoppe -Kamloops BC
All hand stitched and quilted.

Quick & Easy Table Runner Kit
Creative Quilting & Gifts
I changed the fabrics a bit.

PHEW that was a lot accomplished this summer.  Now to keep going completing some of the large stash of UFOs piling up.

Visiting Lanna - June 2014

OK now I'm on the roll and found some more pictures from my June Western Canada return trip that brought smiles and good feelings for me again.  Yes visiting Lanna whom Sylvia and I met on our trip to Ireland last year was something I was truly looking forward too as I missed my chance at the start of my trip so I was not missing it now - even with bad weather!!!

Don't get me wrong, trying to get to Lanna's home in SW Saskatchewan I had to "detour" off the major TransCanada Hwy onto gravel and smaller highways thankfully in the same directions I needed to go.  BUT seeing the ditches full of water was not that scary BUT coming upon fields for miles of rushing water lapping on the road edges (high winds and pouring rain too) was very intimidating and then coming upon two patches where water was a good metre over the highway in the low areas was downright scary!!!  BUT I kept calm and even with being made to retrace my way at least 30 kms and getting lost once (thankfully it was still daylight) I finally made it to the area for Lanna to come and guide me to their farm!  I was very relieved and enjoyed my tea or coffee before turning in for the night.

Anyways here are some pictures of two of Lanna's loving hobbies (some of these dolls Lanna has made herself and some from her travels) whenever time permits from family and farm responsibilities.  

These are my favourites!
Even though I love them all!!!
I can see the impishness in these two!

Love the carriage!!!

The bride is for her daughter's marriage.

Lanna and her longarm.
And now some of her lovely quits!!!

Good use for the leftover scraps!

And finally the one I slept under!

So Thank You Lanna for the chance to visit with you again, meet your family and most of all enjoy all your beautiful dolls and your lovely quilts.  God Bless and keep enjoying life!