Sunday, February 18, 2018


Talk about a relaxing morning and bringing back memories of my art past time!  The other day Monica from Aunt Monica's Attic asked Michelle and myself to colour a flag for the store.  These she'll string together and hang around her store showcasing her customer's and her own Doodlewart images.  What a great idea and naturally I started planning my trademark crazy quilted flag.  Let me tell you this was harder than with fabric which you can rip out and resew another piece in if you're not happy.  In the end I'm thrilled with the results and even hand quilted and beaded the flag?

My planning stage.

My personalized flag.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

2018 TIAS - Days 13 & 14

I'm out of ink again so used my tablet instead of a paper copy to play catchup.  It's a mermaid and the next and last step is adding her hair.  Hmmm!

Day 13

Day 14 with her tail!

A Busy Day

It was a busy day starting with a lazy brief morning.  Then meeting Edna at Boston Pizza for their nooner special which is just right for lunch and off to the Wellness Show.  There were a few interesting booths but too many 'stones' booths for my liking - like too many jewellery booths at crafts sales!  But I did come across an essentials oils pain relief spray and roll on which they let me try out on my aching hip and ankle.  She told me to keep walking around and most return to purchase - I thought eill see about that.  Well it didn't take long for the warming spray to start relieving my aches so before leaving the show I did go back to get it.  Will see how I do with it.  Then we went for a few groceries before heading home to make supper and relax watching the Olympics.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Great Day!

Good morning from Hamish and I.  He's such a great companion and I'm honoured to be looking after him.  Don't get me wrong he is demanding especially if he thinks he NEEDS fresh food sooner than I think.  🤣

Then Michelle picked me up and off to Regent location Sal's for a yummy lunch along with coupons!  Then we're off to visit Aunt Monica's Attic in Transcona.

Such a FUN AWESOME store and not just for kids.  If you want someplace for your child's birthday party please check out Aunt Monica's Attic.  And also lots of mind nurturing toys, games and so much more!  Go see it!!!!

And thank you Monica for showing us your new projects and promotional ideas.  I can't wait to get back home tomorrow to go through some fabric boxes and packing up pieces for you.  Not only will I be happy that there is a very good use for these but I'm also recycling to your local toy store's benefit!  Plus my girlfriend, niece and sister will be so thrilled to hear this, as was Michelle on the ride home!

Well I just finished my informational poster in time for the quilting guild meeting showcasing smaller functioning satellite groups.  Sorry but I forgot to take a picture of it - will do so tomorrow when home again.  With the help of Tami it looks like Aurora Quilters may have 4 new members joining us soon and hopefully into the future.  So happily after dropping all off at home I was able to catch the bus back to the museum and the short walk to the condo.  Promptly Hamish loudly greeted me at the door letting me know he's hungry and to hurry up!  Once fed he followed me till I sat down and settled in my lap.  Now to catch up on the Olympics.  What a busy ling day with visits in between with Hamish too!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Awesome DAY!

What an awesome day for a walk on the River Trail.  Edna was touching the foil one but it's aluminium and nearly cut herself.  It was lovely and we walked past Balmoral Hall a good distance and if it wasn't for my massage we'd have continued as far as we had a path or energy.  Now we're at Oakwood Cafe and Bistro having our borscht and cheese toast.

Happy Valentine's Day

Well it should be a great day for joining Edna at the Forks for a River Trail walk.  Then my massage too!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

2018 TIAS - Days 11 & 12

OK the only thing I know for sure is because of the colour scheme I've used, I am positive this is of the female species!

Day 11

Day 12


Ohhh while I was getting ready for Pat's visit I decided to take the pictures of two Ikea chairs I'm wanting to sell for $75 - cover includes.  Once I get the pictures developed this week I'll be posting the add in the lobby in case someone here wants them.

Lunch and Prize Unveiling

I had a lovely visit with Pat who brought lunch with her again.  She loves my Singer treadle too!  We also examined my prize box and she left with a Lululemon change purse.  So here's what was inside:

$100 value of 2.5 hours maid service
Plastic All Purpose hinged lid tote filled with Lysol wipes, Arm & Hammer wipes, Vim, Comet  Tub n Tile, Princess latex gloves, dishes handled scrubber, Dawn dish soap and pkg of Scrubber Cleans sponges
2 Lululemon zippered change pouches
Large black Olivia & Joy New York tote
Better Living zippered insulated lunch bag (great for grocery shopping)
2 baseball caps and 2 toques  (men)
2 coupons for Dominoes Pizza
And this perfect sign just for me
All in this Live Simply Stay Humble magnet lidded box I'm going to store my Christmas cards, list and stickers in.

Now to purge and organize enough to make use of this maid service offer and start entertaining once again!!!!!!!