Sunday, September 17, 2017

April and I

Ok there were other pictures uploaded but I really wanted these separate.   Thanks Doreen for taking the full shot and April for the selfie!  My goddaughter - April's wedding day.  I decided to crop the full image and I LOVE it best as a close-up.

I LOVE you April!

April and Brennan's Wedding #2

Finally home and relaxing after a lovely and entertaining niece's wedding!  Too bad Mother Nature did not continue her warm fall temperatures three days longer!  Oh well a good time enjoyed anyways.

Mr. & Mrs. Brennan Willis on their acreage.

Yellowhead Centre - Neepawa

Bride and Groom reception introduction.

First dance before dinner.

My brother Jim and Doreen, parents of the bride.

Parents speech defaulted to Mom!

Bridal couple's speech - shared!

Father and daughter dance -
April caught him tearing up right off!

Then music stopped, April hooked up her dress and off they were - no time for tears!

Parents dance.

April and I.  Just love it!

Bride throwing her bouquet - #1



Groom retrieving the Bride's garter for his turn - #1.




Party time - butterfly dance!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

April & Brennan's Wedding

All ready to go to the acreage and the ceremony!

Well back at the hotel trying to warm up when I realized I forgot my expensive silver water thermos bottle on the bus.  Ok here's the very very chilly wedding ceremony photos taken at the Willis acreage.  Rosie was totally wound up with so many people and things going on!  She was a close second to the bride and groom that is for sure!

Sisters Elsie, Florence,  Sylvia and Len,  Erlene and Ray, Wayne with sin Jason and Shannon.

Doreen, mother of the bride April.

Groom to be Brennan and their dog Rosie.

My brother Jim and daughter April.

It was windy out!

Exchanging personal vows.

Auntie Florence with April.

Just love the neck decor, bouquet and bridesmaids' lanterns they carried.

Grandpa trying to run off some of Rosie's energy.

OK more reception photos tomorrow.  Good night.