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Monday, July 25, 2016

Prairie Pathfinders

OMGG Edna and I joined Prairie Pathfinders today for a supposed 6 km walk to Norwood Flats and back this morning.  Well the route got changed and instead we walked over the Esplanade bridge and along the river towards the Festival de Voyageur Fort Gibraltar area and in behind some ways too.  My S Health informed me we'd already passed 4 km and no sign of heading back!!!  Shortly after that we did a loop and headed back.  Finally - my legs, knees, ankles and soles of my feet were all aching.  When we got back to the Forks my water was warm but I still drained it - another km to home yet!!!  So in the end it was just over 10 km (most I've done since last year) in 2 hr 3 min at a slower pace averaging 4.9 km/hr.  Needless to say we both went upstairs to wash up and get another water each before heading to Oakwood Cafe for our reward lunch of yummy cabbage borscht and garlic cheese toast and lemon water.  I think I need a nap!!!!

I'd say my 8 km walk yesterday and this 10 km today have knocked me for a loop-de - loop!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Today's WTF - as Barb says!

Well sure didn't feel as refreshed starting out this morning as in the afternoon!  I'd slept in (coolest time in my apt) so things just happened that I wondered if I should go for my walk or veg out.  LOL!

My knees and hips are stiff and sore - guess stopping the Organic Tart Cherry Juice may be beneficial diabetic wise but definitely not for my joints.  They've not been this sore for months since on it.

Got walking gear on heading out the door YIKES bad hair day - stuck my head under the tap and tried again.

Out the door and realized I didn't have my knee brace on - SHEESH - back in to do so.

Out the door again and my ear buds fell down still attached to my S4 as the door closed - yep auto lock so out with the keys again to open the door to pick them up and headed down and out again.

Finally on the walk but had to force myself to get into stride and stay with it.  It was HOT too and glad I had my water with me.  I thought I'd have to cut the route down or slow the pace to a stroll BUT about a km into it I started to loosen up and smile to my music and enjoy my 7.1 km walk in 1 hr 19 min - slightly slower than usual.

A lovely result after that start.  I'm definitely going to get up earlier so it's not so hot for the return part.  Ended with some shopping and my afternoon snack was a refreshing Fresca and frozen yogurt float - YUMMY!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Life Style Change Coming!

I've been called in to the Dr's office mid-June as my results showed blood sugar levels jumped.  He explained that they'd like to check them again in three weeks and also advised a visit with the diabetic dietician soon too.  Also not to panic as this was discussion time only.

So today I saw Kathleen and she advised I've had two results in the prediabetic range and we went over my lack of proper diet and was pleased with my walking regime.  We went over some of my favourite beverage labels and I'll be reading some more diligently in future.  I did tell her I DO NOT want to be on medication especially needles!!!  At this time both the Dr. and dietician are going to work on my eating habits and hope that is enough of a correction for now.  Maybe it's a problem with my liver which proper meds for it would control the sugar levels.  SHEESH!!!!  I told them both I have very bad eating habits - except this two weeks when food was bought for me and I'm feeling compelled to eat properly and not waste it - and especially my LACK of willpower!!!!

I'm back next week to see my Dr. and in 3 weeks back with the dietician.  I'm to try and eat more responsibly until then.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cat at it Again!

It's been sunny, overcast and cool to thunderstorms off and on.   I had just got in the doors when Cat sat in front of the fireplace and looked at me.  LOL!!!  Wally gave me instructions for this and I said I probably wouldn't use it.  She smiled and said oh I will as Cat will let you know when.  HUH!!

A few days later Cat asked for the fireplace by sitting right in front.  Once I turned it on she pawed the screen a couple of times until the flames filled the hearth.  😻  She's laid out snoozing now!  😊

Love lap snooze while she reads!
I'll be good if you please turn it on!
Thank you.
This is the life!!!
Quit bugging me already - let me 

Saturday, July 02, 2016

July 1st - Canada Day!


Here in Gimli, walking the waters edge on the beach with Edna and entertained by the Skidooer and Jets boots or whatever he's doing - attached by a hose - awesome!  AND stopped into Fabriculous and WOW I love it!  Here's the Row by Row - another I've bought - now I've two to stitch up! 

Stopped for lunch at Lakeview Resort Seagulls patio!  We started with Ceasars which included veggie snacks and grilled pickerel cheeks with mushrooms that we shared.   Then onto delicious pan fried pickerel fillets and steamed veggies. 

Afterwards we walked the shops at the hotel before checking out the pier to the end!  

After walking back to the beach, we checked out the local shops before getting a coffee and donut and then took the beach highway to Winnipeg Beach to show Edna the changes since she'd been there.   Again we walked the cement boardwalk with railings in the beginning - replaced the wooden one there for years. 

At the end we walked through the Provincial Park campground - WOW! - to see if my lacemaker friend was there but not, so back to the car to head home. 

WOW what an awesome day - low 20C, slight breezes and hot sunshine!  We finally got home 8pmish from 10am!

Well that was an AWESOME display of fireworks - even the lower ones were visible through the treetops - from my sixth floor living room windows.  Yep no mosquitoes, nor the irritant smoke drifts nor the crowds I'm not keen on in close proximity!  Lovely quiet end to my busy day.

June 28th - Cash, Ring of Fire

Photo from Rainbow Stage post. 

I'm here at Rainbow Stage with Pat and Jan!!!  Santa Lucia was awesome pizza for supper! 

This was an awesome evening and no T-storms as forecast for 10ish either.  It was nice to hear the mix of John and June songs but would have been much better if there was a stronger huskier male voice for some of Johnny's songs.  Still an enjoyable evening with some awesome Winnipeg talent! 

My photo before concert.

Photo from Rainbow Stage post.

June 26th - Quilts for Fort McMurray

I'm relieved to finally complete my donation comfort quilt for a resident of the Fort McMurray fires in two months!!!  Yes I had sewn the top from a picture of a kit seen in Keepsake Quilting and then had to piece together a backing as I didn’t have enough fabric and did find a quilter who volunteered her time and expertise, Alice Gibson - a big Thank You, and she got it back to me in two weeks.  This last weekend I finished attaching the binding and now it's ready to be shipped out to Fort McMurray, hopefully with Leslie's efforts of Keystone Quilts.  

Alongwith mine is a quilt donated by my sister Sylvia of Dryden ON for this cause too - it's hand quilted!

I'm pleased and hope they are appreciated when delivered!  BUT and it's a big one too - three twin sized quilts sewn from my swapped charm stash still has not depleted it much at all!!!

June 23rd - Comfort Blocks for Katie

I've finished my two comfort blocks for Katie, our List Mom of SewBuds group, so YEAH they'll go into the mail tomorrow to Susan for top assembly and hopefully through the Canada Post system before they strike or are locked out - whatever both sides aren't thinking clearly at all!

Katie was in a  serious auto accident with fatalities - she has major injuries and has weeks of rehab ahead of her before going home.   It was a few weeks before she was  able to let us know and naturally our small group was very anxious by then.   We later heard from her brother and will be kept informed of progress and deliver any mail to her too!  We all pray for a sure and possible healing process so our friend is back enjoying her life.