Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MPQ Table Centres are Finished!!!

Well I just snuck in an aquacise class before the temps dropped to bone chilling -27C temps and with windchill it was said to be -37C - YIKES.  Guess I'll be plugging in my BABE tonight when I get home!

So after my class I immediately headed for the sewing room and did some quilting on the 4x6 inch blocks which will be framed for the MPQ Quilt Reflections Banquet.  I'm very happy with them and will hopefully make up some postcards for the Selkirk Gallery to drop off on my way to the Gimli quilting retreat Feb. 2nd.

OK I tried some free motion but one I just had to "rippit" - it was awful - the rest I did as some friends suggested and followed the fabric lines.  They even showed up in the pics!


Aren't they just something?  Val W gave me some books of sample silks and I just used the family groupings and prepared the blocks and then embellished how I so desired.  Now some of the quilting is iffy but I don't think it is really BADDDD so I left it.  Now I can't wait to see what the framed items look like. 

So that's another project completed before the deadline and without staying up till all hours too!

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