Thursday, September 01, 2016

Going Home!


Here I thought it's cooler we'll do a couple more blocks so I could tire him out some before they came home.  Didn't work so.  Well it was a bit hectic when Joan Lien came through the door.  Katsu was excited I had visitors but it took a couple of minutes before it triggered it's MOM home - then he got real excited.  Then he lapped up all the pets he could and then DAD came home too!!!  After a brief visit I left them to settle in and gathered my stuff to go and pronto he was at the door to go with me!  We had a bit coaxing to go back into the house so I could go out the door.  Left me a little sad now but I don't have late night walks anymore - until the next session.  I did tell Harold that he could give me a call and I could fill in the afternoon walk sometimes!  😊


Ohhhh I wanna go back to pet/house sitting - it's quieter there!!!!!!  Yes I crashed earlier as I didn't have the late night walk with Katsu and I even slept in too BUT ohhhh what a headache waking up to the screeching drilling into cement out my window!!!!!  They've been working on this parking lot for 2 months now and it's just a small strip and looks like another month or so before it's finished.  I'd hoped it would be over by now????

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Anonymous said...

Oh, ugh, on the parking lot drilling! I'm going to guess Katsu got to do some things with you that his owners don't let him do. =)