Monday, August 29, 2016

Dog Happenings!

Sheesh Katsu is more and more excited upon my return from being out, jumping up at me even scratched me and not listening to my "down" while opening the door.  To jumping back up the stairs to get his toys for me to play with him etc.  To today letting the excited guy out till I got my brace on and all the walking stuff tog then headed out to leash him before exiting the gates.

My mistake of having the leash over my arm as we went BUT his excitement was way over the top and he yanked forwards and some how my hand got smacked by the gate even unhinging my watch bracelet!  That stung!  Then to add insult to injury he practically RAN up the street and around the corner before slowing down a bit.  Not much!  SHEESH!

We did a good 2.6 km walk - after my 8.6 km Pathfinders walk this mirning - on the way back he barely walked, more dilly dallying with crawling speed.  So I thought yeah I've tired him out!  HUH jokes on me.  ☺  Once inside he ate and drank and then RACED around the house with his toy for a good 15 minutes - I just sat in the armchair with my feet up as I didn't know which direction was next.  Then he zonked out but not for long before he jumps up to join me!

He's so funny and wearing me out.  😪  I sleep good nightly.   Good thing I'm staying put tomorrow or who knows what he'd have in store then.

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Anonymous said...

I think I would be afraid to go out the door with that whirlwind on a leash. =) Be careful. Not worth a broken bone or hip!