Thursday, August 04, 2016

Day in Kenora ON

After the awesome day we had a bite of leftover pizza and headed back into Kenora for the evening cruise around the island but no sunset because of the clouds!  It was mighty tricky heading back here in the dark but we made it safely.  I even joined Jan out on the deck and watched some of the lightening before it got closer and the boomers could be heard.  Then back up to our room just in time as it started to pour and storm shortly after that.

Mural on a shop wall.
Sun diamonds as Jan calls this.
So many islands.
More trees!
How'd I do this?
This was the longest bridge on the Trans Canada
until PEI built there's. 
Some of the many mansions found on these private islands.

And I have many more!  This I'll be thread painting!

We even saw Bald Eagles and loons too!
Just about back to Kenora.
This is neat.

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