Thursday, August 04, 2016

Leaving Lake of the Woods

Ahhh shoot our stay here is over already!  We again had lovely homemade blueberry pancakes wife fresh berries fruit dishes and yogurt if you wanted.  Afterwards Jan and I went down to the dock but decided it was too chilly to swim so took some final pictures before heading out.  On this "country" road we came across a deer right in front of us and also a bald eagle in a tree at the edge.  WOW!  We then stopped at the Brewers Inn, Broken Paddle for coffee and to check out their B&B units.  Lovely too!  Then back into Kenora as Jan wanted to check out the Brewery and buy a jug of Sultana beer.  Again a lovely place too!  Back on the road stopping at Falcon Lake for lunch but it was downright chilly near the beach so back to the shopping mall and found a nice protected picnic table and ate there.  Then off to the horse ranch and to treck the Canadian Shield at Falcon Creek.  I swear Jan was determined to break me into her down to earth hiking ways all in one trip!!!  This was close to the torture of the Rushing River trail but I survived even with a number of root or rock stumbles and some slick wet stones.  We just finished that walk and back onto the highway when it started to rain on and off with some strong winds and angry clouds!  Glad to be back home now!!!
We had a Minnesota couple joining us for breakfast. 

Neighbour's that own Dunn Wright Chicken from Winnipeg.   We swam over there and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW!!!
Lower half of stairs to B&B. 
Upper level of stairs.   Lots!!!
The there neighbour's home with attached deck to B&Bs. 
He just sat there for us!
This is at the Broken Paddle in Keewatin -  artist had burnt the wood for the decor - awesome. 

Falcon Creek trail.  This rock created the split in the trail.
Awesome terrain I had to walk over.

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