Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Lake of the Woods B&B

OMGG this B&B is just WOW in my books!!!!  At first I wondered where in the world Janice Palmer was taking me too on these narrow hilly and winding roads that said 50 km/hr but I thought should be more like 20!!!  Then it changed to gravel and said we were on an Indian Reserve and the houses etc looked very rugged and the speed did lower to 20!!!!  Then it switched again to private cottages and WOW we arrived.  This B&B is beautiful!  So we ate our pizza, shared a Pepsi, then a glass of Chardonnay before filling up again and sitting on yhe dock a bit.  Then changing back into a  wet swimsuit for me - Jan brought 2 smarty pants - and down to the water with our flotation matresses.   OMGG it was heaven in the water even if I fell off a few times and thought I'd be a gonner!!!  We stayed out there for a couple of hours and even rode the waves from passing boats.

Janice Palmer showed me some awesome pictures of me on and off that dang flotation matress.   Tomorrow I'll try the pool noodle and see if I have better luck!

All I can say is hiking, first time swimming in deep water since Sept in Cairns Australia, then back into the lake for a longer stretch is pooping me out royally!  Janice Palmer kept urging to do more and more and I finally said you're gonna kill me on the FIRST day - save some torture for tomorrow!   We laughed so hard this evening I could barely get out of the water!  Especially when she said "who needs a boat when one has a float" - gosh honest we maybe had 9 oz of wine that's all!!!!

Entrance with beverages for us.
Guest's dining and living rooms.

Three quarters of this is ours.  Good thing we are the only ones here!
The White Pine Room.
My bed.
Up 2 stairs to our own bathroom with shower.

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tattrldy said...

That place looks wonderful! Glad you had such a great time there!