Saturday, August 13, 2016

Farewell Dale Anne!

The fibre art and scrapbooking world for sure has lost an awesome creative friend recently.  Dale Anne Potter you were a great inspiration to me in my quilting endeavors especially to forcing out my creative side.  She always challenged me to think outside the box and was pleased when I succeeded!   Our visits were few and far between but cyber world kept us connected.   She was the person who jump started me in achieving one of my dreams - a quilting and sightseeing tour to the southern part of Ireland.  It just was a tease and now I want to go back to realize that dream totally!  The next trip West I promise to make a side trip to the petroglyph area of southern Saskatchewan, a place Dale Anne felt spiritually connected to and a trip we talked about doing together, but unfortunately will not happen now!   I'm going to miss you lots lovely lady!  Hugs to all her family!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like she was more than a friend - or at least a very inspiring one. There are so many things we plan and never do. I'm thinking of starting to just do without a plan. =)