Monday, August 08, 2016

Walking with Katsu!

Oh my I know I'm going to get LOADS of walking in this whole month! See Katsu is only 4 so still a puppy with tonnes of energetic activity in him and goes out for three walks a day at a good pace too. The morning and evening walks are usually longer as its cooler but as yet I've not gotten a full reading on my S4 yet, but my guess is close to my set goal of 6.5 km daily.

WELL after his morning walk I picked up Edna and we joined Prairie Pathfinders at Crescent Park walked around to Wildewood Park and back for a total of 6.94 km at 5.1 km/hr in lovely breezy weather. So definitely will be well over my target today!

Not sure what will happen this evening as we're supposed to have a thunderstorm happening. It never fails when dog sitting here! And Katsu does not like them either!!!

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