Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Rushing River, Ontario

It's been years since I've visited this place and walked the 3 km trail and all I can say it's more beautiful now than I remember it!  AND I didn't even make the 1 km mark and I wanted to return to the park are and sit down.  It is all up and down either small rises or stairs - total killer on my legs.  The 3 km too just as long as my city 7 or 8 km walks.  Then we got our lunches and sat under the trees before heading to the beach for a cooling swim.  Oh correction we jumped off the dock and swam (me tried to dog paddle) across to a large rock island further away from my usual beach area.  Then we headed back to Kenora for a bit of no-luck shopping, picked up Boston Pizza, bought our tickets for the evening cruise tomorrow and headed for our B&B.

OH there are lots of pictures of me but on Janice Palmer camera.  She'll be sending then to me or FBing and tag me!

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