Friday, September 30, 2016

All Ready and First Day Over With!

OK we're all set up, had an early supper and now shopping before 5:00 pm opening to the public.  Here's the walk through from the whole booth and around closeups.

Sylvia's journals and my notebooks.
Sylvia's acrylic canvas and fabric thread painted landscapes.

My kitchen towels, pot holders and coasters.
My postcards, brooches, hot mats, mug rugs, coasters, oven mitts and needle cases.
Sylvia's and my quilts and wall hangings.
Sylvia's and my table runners and toppers.
Sylvia's placemats,  hot mats, aprons, ornaments and coasters.
Well the first 4 hr day went well and  we both did good.  Let's hope tomorrow's 6 hr day is better!!!  Thank you everyone for your compliments and wishes.

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