Thursday, October 27, 2016

Back to Normal!

OK I've finally straightened out my stupidity today by getting my Dr to fax my high blood pressure prescription to a Dryden pharmacy and after 2.5 days without meds (probably on my kitchen counter???) I'm starting to feel more relaxed.  👍  Sylvia and I spent the past couple days getting our Bargello "stratas" ready for our class we're doing this weekend plus finally hung up their living room curtains and valance.  Sylvia sewed them - she's one talented lady.  Now to relax before heading to our quilting retreat tomorrow morning.   ☺  At least we get to come home every evening and return to the centre which is nearby in the morning.  Lunches are provided for us along with coffee and water.  Also there are SEVEN vendors there - good thing this one is very very very reasonable!!!

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