Monday, October 31, 2016

Onto a New Project

OK the three of us got together and packaged up goodies for 135 ghosts n goblins - it's drizzling so not sure how many we'll get tonight.

Now Sylvia and I are tracing out the kazillion itsy bitsy pieces onto heat n bond lite and then I have to trace the whole picture onto a clear plastic overlay.  THEN I get to cut out the kazillion pieces, pick out my 12 fabrics from the piles i brought with me and finally get to play and build the heron scene!!!  Wish me luck in getting it right and hopefully fused in place by Saturday so I can pack it up to head home on Sunday!!!!  Please, pretty please???

1 comment:

muskaan said...

Omg, will you be quilting that crane ? I can only bow to you and wait for pics :-). My good wishes are with you always :-)