Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mamma Mia @ Rainbow Stage

Feeling excited that tonight I'm going to Mamma Mia at Rainbow Stage, hopefully with my friend and niece.  I know it's overcast and raining but there is a roof over the theatre and viewing so hope the show goes on!  I don't think I've seen it or the play so another first in my life this year.

After a delicious meal at Santa Lucia with Pat and Barb we made our way to Rainbow Stage.  Now I've always parked outside of the park for events to be on the outside.  Well Barb thought I was crazy to do so and she guided me to the parking lot.  HA HA THE JOKE WAS ON US!  As we pulled in - there were two extra long lineups visible and as we drove into the parking lot there was another - seems even longer!  Then three rows in there's cars parked in the middle between the rows.  Now they are parking them like at the long stay airport parking.  OH NO THIS IS NOT FOR ME!!!  I quickly exited the lot - there was no way I was parking like this.  I did find a spot on the road on the way out and hope I'll beat the mass out!  MAMMA MIA is righto!!!!  Barb said, "That was just ridonkulous...thats gonna be a gong show when people go to leave....Mamma Mia".

Ahhh second song in and I lied as I've seen this movie with Meryl Streep as the Mom!!!!!  Go figure.  The three Dads were hidden in the loft or attic me thinks.  OH MAMMA MIA this is ABBAlicious!!!!  Ohhh my but that was entertaining!  I'm glad I got a discount price so I could treat Barb for her birthday - but this is one event worth the full ticket price.  All actors did an outstanding rendition in singing and acting!  We even drove out of there with no problem at all.  If Grease - The Sing Along - is half as good as tonight's event I'm going to be one happy girl enjoying an evening out with my friends!

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