Sunday, August 06, 2017

Farewell my Newly Found Friend!

This is Tina's last night and I thought it would be nice if I took Tina up to see the sights from the Sky Lounge just at the revolving restaurant.  I was disappointed as years ago the lounge was just above the restaurant and was also revolving - now it's in a side room below and faces north only.  Anyways we went up to the restaurant Prairie 360 and asked if we could just have an appetizer or dessert with coffee so I could show my NB friend our city at night!  They said no problem and we had a great time before we walked back to my apartment to get the car.  On the way back to her hotel Tina too got a picture of the Legislative Bldg signage.

Tina with creme brulee and Spanish Coffee.

Me with croquembouche and B52 coffee without the Grand Marnier
- gave one pastry to Tina.

We both had fun picture taking
and FaceBooking!

The end to a lovely evening with Tina.

I spy a dancing teddy bear or hippo in the sky!

Celebrating the 50th Summer Games!

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