Saturday, August 05, 2017

Friday - Row'd Trip'n and Movie Night with Friends

Tina is visiting the Canada Summer Games here and fitting in some Row by Rowing with Manitoba friends.  Today I gathered Tina along with my quilting friends Edna and Dianne for some Row'd Trip'n as Tina calls it.  We first stopped off in Niverville and Audrey took our first group picture.

Then off we went to OMA's in Grunthal.  We had a bit of a holdup and I totally forgot to arrange for a picture outside the shop!
Tina's photo.

Then we headed across southern Manitoba to Winkler for our first stop for refueling at Gingerwood Lane for awesome healthy homemade food even down to the bread!

Then to Fabricland here which is somehow different and more appealing than the Winnipeg shops.  After that to Road 17 N for quilt shopping!
Tina's photo.

Now a short jaunt dodging rain showers to Quilters Den in Morden.
Tina's photo. 

And luckily as leaving Morden the heavy clouds opened up pouring behind us on our way to Kathy's Fabrics in Carman.
Tina's photo. 

Thanks Kathy for showing this. 

Then back into the car for the last leg of the roundabout trip to Winnipeg and supper at Olive Garden.  As we sat down it started to rain again but not for long.  Apparently they are not out east and Tina was very glad I suggested it.  No problen as I LOVE and crave their salads!

I then dropped off Tina and Edna and Bruce picked up Dianne at my place as I was a might delayed for my Movie night at the Lyric at Assiniboine Park with Angela and Bruce.  Thanks for the popcorn Angela!  La La Land was an OK movie, loved the music, but got scared a number of times that I screamed and jumped too.  Angela just chuckled.  HMMM!  Then finally 11:30 pm heading home exhausted.  As I passed the Legislative Bldg I saw for the first time the projected sign.  So out I ventured for a walk to take a number of pictures.  I'm definitely going to have a lazy day tomorrow!!!!!

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