Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Whirlwind Days

Well it's been quiet hectic this past couple of weeks, trying to get more done at work but yet not put in any OT as I had lots of craft/quilt projects that had to get finished up before my vacation.  Needless to say I didn't get everything finished.  But I did do major catchup at work and hopefully after my two weeks away there will be more to catch up on and maybe even finish off one major project then too.  I can hope!

As for my vacation well I escaped work at noon and packed up and head to Sylvia's in NW Ontario so I'd make it there before supper so I could unpack, refresh and join them both along with many of their friends at the local restaurant for some country entertainment by Mike Lynch and harmony partner Dave (shy guy).  It was a load of fun that evening and had my first experience of a "walking taco" - basically crumpled taco chips and then the fixings spooned into the bag and eaten out of the bag too - pretty good and less dishes to wash!!!  But after getting 4-6 hours sleep most of that week and then driving 5 hours, I can tell you that after 10:00 pm I was fast loosing steam and by the time we finally left at 12:30 I was totally wiped. 

Then we were up early the next day for a girls day trip up to Red Lake before coming back home and trying to set up my sewing machine and quilting projects.  I did finish off a postcard and stitched the binding on one baby quilt and the second one just about finished.  Then on Sunday the stupid power was shut off from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm so we slept in and then went to Anne & Mike's for lunch as they have their own power in the mobile home.  Once home it was back to finishing more items off and Monday I actually quilted the third baby quilt, just needs the binding and label now.  

Today Sylvia, Anne and I drove into Dryden for an appointment, groceries and other fast shopping along with a relaxed breakfast and lunch out - WOW!!!  Then back home to set up the family room ready to hang the quilts etc for the start of Thursday's quilt show-sale - contributions by three quilters and two other ladies along with Len's willow outdoor furniture.  It'll be a busy and tiring day tomorrow!  Let's hope the event goes well and we have many showing up - it's quiet "out of the way" but you never know!

Yes I've taken pics so far but not uploaded them as yet.  Will see what I take tomorrow after set up and then maybe Thursday will find time to post again.  Good night.


Isdihara said...

Oh my! You've been busy busy! But your post was a great read.

I'm wandering off to bed, so I must bid you good night.

Judy said...

So that's what you do with the broken taco shells!!
Have a good vacation, my dear!