Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Bushed!!!

We are all pooped!!! Len's had some good days and even got out for some walks too!  I've not walked since the moose alert and for a good reason!  See the other day Sylvia and I went for coffee and met up with another female moose (older this time) and she kept looking back into the bush after she crossed the highway - definitely had a calf behind her we think.  It definitely is not safe to be near that on foot!!!  Then today at the restaurant I saw this black thing approach - YOWSERS! - it was a young wolf and not afraid of venturing into the parking lot at all.  Now I say what would I have done if I met up with these on my walks - not sure I even know!!!

As for Sylvia's Quilt Show n Sale - I can say this year was mucho better than two year's ago and naturally my sister did the best and beat previous sales total - WOW!!!  I did very well this year too and am able to pay for the lace retreat I've wanted to go to this fall so that is very good (even two orders for postcards).  Sylvia's friend Fran did not do as well and she has such lovely items too!!! Then my two friends', Michelle did fairly well with her tatted bookmarks which many were quite impressed with and Florence sold 4 or her 6 totes.  Pretty good for their first time with us.

I was working on a wolf panel while here but was not able to finish it as I was talked into doing lots more quilting to this baby than I initially thought I would but I can tell you that it's looking great so far.  Ann and Mike have been keeping close tabs on my progress on it and Mike even agreed with me to add beads to add sparkle to the stars and snow on the grass/ground and then Franny is stressing that I continue with more quilting and checking on that too!  Yep, maybe I'll get it finished for the next event!

Well Thursday we took down the quilts and then rearranged all her furniture again so this time she does not have to do it herself (last time I left right after the event). Friday we are resting and Saturday going into town with their friends for a ribs dinner and some shopping. Then Sunday I'm heading back to the city and getting ready for the next stint!!! Again, I bought myself some lovely abalone jewellry at Dutchie's (Hwy stop for gas/liquor/licence's/food) at very reasonable prices too!!!  And on my way up here I stopped into a gift store in Vermillion Bay and found this awesome rayon top for myself - it's just beautiful!!!  Yep a very lovely vacation I've had so far.

Awesome company, healthy food and even some exercise outdoors!!!  And soon I'll be back in Winnipeg to settle into my dogs/house sitting stint.  Yep an eventful summer!

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