Monday, August 24, 2015

Starting My Adventure!

Well I finally departed on my trip with the assistance of Pat looking after my apartment and Angela basically taking me under her wing and getting me packed and calmed down prior to take off.  It was funny as I was having a major meltdown as the suitcase would not close and I was scared to force it.  Angela comes along and does her magic and VOILA  I'm out the door.  
Checking out my selfie stick.

I'm going to miss you and others too!

At checking my nerves kicked in again and all I can say is I'm glad it was empty.  My attendant is a handsome and very kind man - in his 50'S I'd say - he kept picking up my dropped items and the asked if he could simplify me things.  I said yes please with tears threatening.  He smiled, took my ticket folder from me, then I dropped my sweater, where's the hole to swallow me up I'm thinking.  He took out the check in tickets and the passport and put the folder with all the info away in my outer carryon case.  Said this is all you need until I pick up my suitcase in Perth, Australia.   WOW,  I wanted to just hug him and then my carryon started to shift off and he promptly showed me how it fits neat like on the cart and pointed me to security.  SHEESH the rest better be easy!

Well the trip to Vancouver was not smooth sailing  - could not play on my table so chatted a bit.  Can't say much for my 24 hr clock reading though!  See I panicked as it was a half hour walk to the International departures area and i thought my flight was leaving at 6:00 with preboarding starting at 5:00 pm.  So I stopped at Milestones restaurant and asked if I would be out in an hour, she said yes so I ordered their s Sticky Ribs and lemonade and thoroughly enjoyed both.  The ribs were great and the lemonade fresh squeezed - OOOHHHHH!!!  And as promised I was out of there in 45 min and rushed over to my gate, nobody there!!!  Then the attendees announces those from connecting flights to please check in for a new Air NZ ticket, so I did and asked where are the passengers?  He looked confused and said it was way too early yet.  HUH!  Duh my flight takes off at 8:00 pm and preboarding at 7:00 pm.  Relieved and annoyed at the same time, so I turned around back to that restaurant for sweet potato fries and a ceasar and to calm down.
Lovely aquarium
Sticky Ribs at Milestones
Just lovely!

Back at the gate and a number of passengers gathered, I made my last free phone calls to Sylvia and Florence before switching it ti WiFi and Flight Mode.
That's one mother suckered of a plane, took forever to get to my row and there was still like a dozen rows after mine.  And it's freezing COLD already.  Guess it's a good thing they provided blankets, pillow, and a headset and I had an aisle seat and no one beside me in the middle section.  There were free movies, music and lots of games, even books to read but I knew I'd not finish so didn't start and did not have to use my gadgets.  They had two choices for supper, a beef curry and a chicken pasta, neither my choice, but I choice the chicken and left the pasta, and free wine too!  Then I crashed and basically slept for 9 hours and woke in time for breakfast.  I chose the fruit and muffin but left the yogurt and had juice and coffee at 2:30 am NZ time - yowsers I'm so mixed up.  I'm changing my watch to match current times as announced.  So have no clue what time it is in Canada nor does it matter now.  Landing was smooth and like half hour early - that is 4:30 am.
My own seat flight progress!  WOW!!!
It said like --49C or something totally FRIGID!!!

Ok I'll stop here for now.  

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Great start to your trip! J