Saturday, June 09, 2018

Awesome Walk!

I LOVE this kind of day for my walks!  We headed to Kings Park and enjoyed ourselves. Overcast and low 20's with a bit of breeze and though I didn't have any of my friends with me I had Tuco and he was very well behaved.  LOL, I think this was the fastest pace recorded this year!  😂 🤗  The good thing was I sprayed Biofreeze on my three sore spots and WOW what a difference that made for my endurance!  I decided that we'll do this again in the mornings if weather permits and shorter evening walks!

He's so well behaved for me I allowed him some freedom - but still hung on!

What a cutie! 

I LOVE this shot!  He was watching the antics at the off leash dog park! 

He sat so patiently waiting for me!

Beautiful too!

Just shy of my goal of 6.5 km - but I'll make it with tonight's short walk.

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