Thursday, June 07, 2018

First week of June - Busy!!!!

June 1st

Winnipeg Blue Bombers preseadon game with Pat (free tickets) and those ceasars didn't last long!  Not that I understand football but it was a nice evening out BUT could have done away eith the canon going off each touchdown!

June 2nd

OK we just came back from a 3km walk and he had started slowing down until he got inside.  Poor Piggy got a workout even to the point of knocking over the giraffes on the lower shelf and the floor speaker!  Now all's quiet for now.

OK looks like I'm the needed replacement third and going to Cuba in February staying in a suite for two weeks!  Will find out trip details soon once Iona contacts the travel agent and our $250 deposits are made.  YOWSERS!!!!!

June 4th

We finished our 7 km Prairie Pathfinders walk near Riverview Churchill Drive and now enjoying our usual for lunch at Oakwood Cafe and Bistro.   The two waitresses wondered what happened to us and both served us.

Relaxing in the sunroom!  Finally a lovely day for it!

June 5th

"This is the life!!!  Grab it when you can!!!"  Edna.  We'er at Gimli at Seagull's at Lakevuew Resort for supper.  OMGG it was delicious.  Both cleaned our plates!  We couldn't have asked for a lovelier supper on the deck!  Now for coffee and a walk before heading home.  And got back to Katsu 9ish in time for some rounds with Piggy (he's happy to see me) then out for a lovely walk to finish the day!

No scrapes for you seagull!

June 6th

I'm so excited that I'm going to Cavalia tonight with Janice!  But first I have to finish looking after Katsu, pack, clean house and move back home before supper time!!!!!!!!

OMGG OMGG OMGG!!!!!  We had gotten tickets with some obstruction $65 each and immediately at the gate were sent over to see an attendant and we were upgraded before stepping into the venue.  We are in the SECOND ROW in Section 4 pretty damn near middle stage!

YEAH RIGHT now I know why they upgraded us!  They needed someone in those seats for the horses to spray water on.  Yep in second row we got sprinkled!  First row was worse lucky they got handed towels!

Janice checked the price of tickets.  Gold, which was about 13 rows behind us are $149 plus fees. The first rows are over $200.  GO FIGURE!

Horse sculptures for sale!
Janice and I are going to ENJOY this!

I loved this one and yep now have a water splashing memory too!

Beautiful night!

It was a spectacular show and had me in clenched suspense most of the time, the rest was jumping and arms flying (guy next to me said I hit him twice and couple behind were chucking) and gasping from the death defying acrobats in air and on horses!

Then we finished off the night at Fionn MacCools patio - sharing Mini Yorkies that were DELICIOUS!!!!  A perfect end to a beautiful evening!

And to top it off as we waited for our bill another waiter came to us asking what wine we had as a rugby player from another table was buying us another each - we graciously declined.  I went over and thanked him nicely but declined as we'd had enough and were driving.  WOW that's not happened for ages!!!!

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