Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm Done In!!!

Well yesterday was a high when I realized I had one month left on my loan and also I was able to lock up more funds into RRSPs in one year than I've ever done and to top it I arranged for bi-weekly transfers into my TFSA!!!  WOW!!!

Then I'm sent in the opposite direction with this nightly trudge down this street in snow covered sidewalks with drifts, still more snow in the yard and the dogs need their nightly walks after the shovelling!  Well I'm not used to this type of exercise and for some some reason today these two girls decided to "race" home and there I was trying to keep up through this snow!  A couple of times I just started to laugh and told them to slow down but some times they just ran out of leashes as I just could not keep up.  Sheesh!!!

Then we get inside and naturally is a brisk towel rub down for them and today they are still wound up and Lilla who is usually the more subdued is chasing her tail on the couch and Molly is just looking at her!  FUNNY!!!

Glad curling is on - I can now relax for the evening.

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