Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tribute to Gina Brummett

In my short tatting past I unfortunately did not meet Gina and I'm not sure if I came across any of her tatting patterns.  Unfortunately Gina has passed on and is truly a tatting goddess or maybe should be a tatting angel, but her patterns are still there for members to enjoy.

Some of her patterns were shared with Georgia at the Online Tatting Class for the Learning Centre at this site.  I have tried one of her patterns yesterday and was on the LAST corner and the LAST HALF of it when I made a mistake, split the threads unpicking it, shredded one strand and was attempting to pass it along with the working thread when I made ANOTHER mistake and my ring would not move.  At this point of unpicking I BROKE the thread - not good!!!

Guess I've learnt something from this attempt of a lovely pattern.  Yes it is NEVER attempt a new pattern with thread size you are unfamiliar with.  See I'm very comfortable with size 30 now and venturing into size 40 with a bit of difficulty but this was size 50 and I did not have my magnifiers on either.  So hopefully tonight, now that I have my nine crazy patch swap blocks finished, I'll relax and watch some hockey and try to tat this medallion once again.  I truly do love it and maybe someday will try other patterns by Gina Brummet - hopefully now resting in peace!

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