Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crazy Quilts are Quilts Too!!

Oh My I just had a lovely time going through the Competition Album and choosing the one entry that I just loved and spoke to me so much.  So if you are wondering what CQing can be there are some awesome examples in this Pigtales and Quilts blog.

And when you're done with that there are the various entrants' blog links at the top of the page and then various other CQers who are linked to this online event near the bottom. Have fun checking them out but ensure you have some refreshments nearby as it may take some time.

Again thank you Thearica for your visions and goals for crazy quilting!  Now for my own introduction!

Hello, I'm Rose Anne who has sewn since she was 10 on her Mom's old treadle Singer, from Manitoba Canada who has been quilting since the late 1990s.  More recently was introduced to CQing by my "Going Crazy with Quilting" wall hanging where I crazy patched the heart and appliqued it onto the white background, then passed it around to my fellow Aurora Quilters' members for their added rounds.  It's still on display over my computer and yes I'm very pleased with the outcome and then started searching for more information on Crazy Quilting.

That naturally led me to Crazy Quilting International, Crazy Quilting Friends, Chain of Hearts, Crazy Quilters Canadian, SewBuds, and recently World Wide Crazy Quilters  and my local fabric artists group Ravenesque where I can honestly say that my love of crazy patch has grown by leaps and bounds.  Here are some items I've worked on and I'll try and put them from beginning to current.

Crazy Quilters Canadian - bookmarks

Crazy Quilting Friends - bookcover

CQI - Faces DYOB - for Leslie - 3D view

CQI - Christmas/winter DYOB - for Karrin

CQI - Making Memories 2010 block donation

Chain of Hearts - Christmas heart swap

Chain of Hearts - DYOB 1 - my own block

Chain of Hearts - DYOB 4 - swap block

SewBuds - Susan's RR block
- my work white & yellow patches

Ravenesque - MPQ Quilt Refections 2008
- by fish badge - BenFi

For more on my crazy quilting or CQ embellishing just click Home and then scroll down to Labels on the right hand side and look for appropriate tag names.  This will resort the blog and bring up only those posts that I've tagged with that category.  Have fun but remember to have your refreshments handy.


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Great projects Rose Anne! I am loving visiting everyone's blogs from the quilt show and seeing all these gorgeous projects gathered together. Love your fish!

grbev said...

Beautiful work! I loved the Faces DYOB and Chain of Hearts with the dragonfly. Thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

Very nice body of work, Rose Anne. I was glad to see you in this quilt show. =)