Thursday, July 20, 2017

Retreats Disappointments

First off our Keystone Quilts retreat is cut short by one night at South Beach Casino - probably some big Whig wanted a block of rooms so we got cut!  I'm still going as it's been paid in full months ago (partial refund coming) and I'd passed up on pet sitting for this weekend and too late to change with 3 days notice.

Then I get an email that due to renovations at South Beach Casino OMA's October 2017 quilt retreat is totally cancelled.  She is offering us first dibs on the May 2018 retreat and that too is disappointing but can't be helped.

OK things happen in threes - what's next????  Please nothing earth shattering!

1 comment:

Jane McLellan said...

How disappointing when it was booked months ago and your arrangements are all made.