Monday, July 17, 2017

Back with the 'Crew'

My Saturday entertainment laughing at the antics of Wheeler the young pup and the patience of the mature Bella while Griffin the "toddler" is relaxing.  After some wrestling of the young pups they've all settled down for a nap and Murphy the cat is outside sleeping on the deck chair.  No walking this crew either!!!

Well the young ones are playing while Murphy and Bella are napping ignoring the kids.

OK this picture lasted like 5 minutes.  Glad  I grabbed the camera.

Chewing on the same antler.

Horsing around which 15 minutes later still at it.  You can tell they are pups yet!  LOL!!!

Well didn't last long.  There were a couple sharp yips and then a louder one as in someone bit too hard and they split to separate sides and all's quiet.

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