Friday, July 07, 2017

July 5th - Rushing River Provincial Park

WOW WOW WOW what an awesome day for a grueling 3 km hike and then an invigorating swim to cool down.  Afterwards Edna and I ventured back to the car and refreshments by the rocks and I climbed in, found a natural armchair and had a good half hour massage!   Then Jan and Loralie joined us and pictures taken.   Beautiful.  Maybe next stop is Falcon Trails but Edna and I will stay with the car not up to another hike.

Well I'm finally home after a quick stop at Shoppers for some much needed solarcaine spray to combat the huge itchy bites I've collected this trip plus the sunburn today.  One I think is even from a horse or black fly.  Had a soak and covered in awesome cooling spray and hope to sleep soon.

It was the most amazing weekend I've had and even with the bites I loved those nature trails full of wonderful things.  Again thank you Janice, Loralie and Edna for the bonding great time!

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