Friday, July 07, 2017

July 4th - Keewatin

Ok breakfast is over with and now Janice, Loralie and I are off on the trail again.  Edna stayed back at the Garage-ma-hal.

OMGG thank you Janice Palmer for directing us on the long roundabout Tunnels Trail through your idea of an enchanted forest!  It was awesome 9.72 km hike and lunch about 3/4 around.  But a bit too chilly to swim there before heading back.  I managed to climb up the Windigo Spirit Resting Tree but when I jumped down both knees gave out and down I went on my but!  Then through the foresty part I tripped on some roots and fell into the tree with some downward force - probably have a bruise from this one - I was getting a workout and tired.  And around the dam naturally Mother Nature started spitting on us and promptly turned into a Tstorm with lightning and heavy steady rain till we reached the car.  Well naturally I earned a hot fudge sundae after that!!!

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